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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 2nd 2014

Hello again! This week me and Greta sadly had to part ways, because she had a plane ticket to Australia, and the plane was fully booked. However, we had a great time together partying in Amsterdam , and we've talked about maybe meeting up again, in a few weeks or so. After she left I decided to take the bus to Kinderdjik, a beautiful little village an hour outside of the city. It was a bit touristy for me though. There I had dinner at an overpriced vegetarian restaurant, Grand Cafe buena vista, not even comparable to Terra Zen! After dinner, I went straight to the hotel and then to the train station. I hopped on a train to Berlin, and on the train bathroom I found a wallet! I looked in it and there where ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 27th 2014

Som två sanna äventyrare galopperar vi genom den tjeckiska höstnatten. Jag på min stolta Nazgul och Steven på sin något mer modesta packåsna. Hösten börjar bli kärv och vi har under morgonen och förmiddagen häckat i tältet för att vänta ut ett regnväder. Därför är vi sent ute men har ändå siktet inställt på att nå Shangi La och varmt myspys istället för ännu en natt i det fuktiga tältet. Vi har en adress och karta på datorn och utanför en tjeckisk liten håla går vi runt med ficklampor för att lokalisera detta buddhistiska himmelrike. Vi blir mycket besvikna när vi står utanför en igenbommad litet hus som knappast kan rymma 25 kursdeltagare + boende och en guru. Trötta rider vi tillbaka till byn och in på puben för att fråga om vägen. Det visar sig ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 17th 2014

Well... this visit to Prague was actually a stag-do, so there is not overly much to say (well, I can say)... but I wanted to add it so it gets attached to the map, lol. Our apartment was right on the river Vltava. The attached picture was that awesome view (albeit from my old phone, which doesn't take the best photos in the world). The architecture was incredibly ornate and plenty of gargoyle style edgings to buildings. So many colourful bricks used as well. I really wish that I took many more photos, with a decent camera as well. Part of me does wish I could do a quick weekend there again one day. Must admit, it's a pretty decent place to drink, 15 drinks for the equivalent of 18 Euros is not bad at all. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady October 15th 2014

Vi fortsätter att hålla goda matrutiner. Vi lagar stora portioner av ris, pasta, grönsaker och linser. Vi lagar i princip veganskt även om vi genomgick en fas av betydande ostkonsumtion. När vi äter ute stöter vi dock ofta på patrull. I Polen och Tjeckien är definitionen av en vegetarisk rätt att man helt sonika tar bort köttet, vilket förstås är oacceptabelt för grabbar som oss. Jag har försökt diskutera tallriksmodellen med dem, men lönlöst. Efter en fin helg i Dresden och ett kärt återseende med min gamle vän Johan far vi vidare längs Elbe mot Prag. Byarna längs Elbe är sinnessjukt pittoreska vilket gjort att de lockat till sig horder av pensionärsturister som såsar runt och kollar på klocktorn och broar. Det är lite synd. Men man kan inte klaga, sträckan är storslagen med mestadels perfekta ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town October 8th 2014

By luck we chose the right time for a rest day in the beautiful castle town of Cesky Krumlov. We stayed in a B&B in a 500 year old house built into the rock with a magnificent room overlooking the Vltava River, which winds around the old town there, way upstream of Prague. It poured rain for much of the day, but we did not have to ride the bikes, and everything in town is within very easy walking distance. We enjoyed the castle, touring only the Baroque theater, which is only one of two in Europe that still has the old mechanical mechanisms for changing sets and creating sound effects, very interesting. We also enjoyed the ambiance of the old town and the tour of the Josef Seidel house and studio, which provided an interesting ... read more
Josef Seidel's photography stuio in Cesky Krumlov
Example of Rural Baroque architecture in Komarov, south of Tabor
Kathy, St. Vitus, the Vltava, and Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 29th 2014

Day one! Prague was our first stop. Must say that the cobble stone roads, mixed era architecture and the complex sound of multiple languages was sensory overload. We walked around town a bit then met up with Jean and Adam at our little air-bnb. We all decided to just explore the town some. Saw some of the main square and wandered across the Charles bridge. We also paid a visit to the very interesting astronautical clock. The clock really does not look like much and actually a little disappointing; but I guess for its time it was pretty advanced. Climbing up the clock tower provided some pretty good 360 views of the city at night. Closed out the night with a few cold ones at Prague Beer Museum. Not too bad....(Most selections pretty much taste like ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 20th 2014

Things I now know about Prague include: 1. Prague lies almost perfectly in the centre of Europe and it's history is long and rich. 2. It is very beautiful. It is very beautiful because, as an old European city, it is still intact. It survived major damage during WW2 because Hitler wished to retire to this city. It's Jewish quarter is still largely intact because he also wanted to create a museum of an extinct race there. With only about 5000 Jewish people now living in Prague and the tourist hoards descending on Josefov every day, he kind of succeeded. 3. The beer here is cheaper than water. 4. There are extensive verdant spaces in the city which provide respite from the milling crowds. 5. There are far too many tourists in Prague. (I am not ... read more
A lino cut
The ballroom
Walking to another museum

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana September 19th 2014

It's a Friday and we are having a comparatively early night. We started the day with a visit to the Convent of St Agnes which was broodingly still and quiet in its Gothic serenity. Unlike so much else in Prague which is ornately decorative, the church was solemn in it austerity. The collection of Medieval and early Renaissance art was extensive. I saw a wooden statue of an expectant Virgin Mary, a first for me. We did a little river journey which gave us some views of the city from a different perspective. Heading back up to the castle precinct, we returned to the Strahov Monastry which we first saw on Monday. Here there are two monastic libraries covered with frescoes and the most wildly ornate bookshelves; Mark was drooling when he saw them. We then ... read more
Still swooning from the Mahler
A view from on the boat
In a pensive mood

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady September 17th 2014

So, we like to do walking tours. Walking tours that travel writers have written up in travel books. Sometimes, those instructions can be a little "loose" and we forget which way is east. This always leads to vigorous discussion and debate. Mark says all the navigating through twisting, turning streets is good for our brains. I say, "But is it good for the relationship"? We did a walking tour on Wednsday (happy birthday Stella!) starting at the gorgeous summer palace and then meandering through all sorts of huge parks, gardens and eventually streets. We stopped about halfway for lunch at the Veletrzni Palace. We decided to go see the modern artworks inside. We had tabouli and mezes and was it especially nice to eat something other than the Czech fare. Here, they love their meat, potato ... read more
Me and the holiday shack
The Orangerie
Veletrzni Palace

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 16th 2014

I should have known this would be a day for some unusual experiences after finding the broccoli at breakfast, near the baby sausages and baked potatoes. What is a girl to do in a situation such as this? I took some. It was very good and complemented my little egg and sliver of bacon. The next unusual thing that happened occurred after our crossing of the famous Charles bridge. We stopped for a coffee (may I just say, there is no good coffee to be had on this continent except for Italy, of course) and decided to visit "la terassa". We wondered what the view would be like. We were surprised to find that our view was of the internal void of some buildings. In other words, no view. Wonder why they decided to put in ... read more
M on the bridge
The bridge seen from the tower
Climbing the tower

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