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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 25th 2014

Prague has most definitely become my new favourite city. Part of this love comes from the volume and quality of extremely cheap beer the city has to offer, but mostly I just can't get over the absolute beauty and splendour that is prague. It is a city that was mostly untouched by the war, so many of yhe buildings are very old, but restored. The hostel that I stayed in (Jay stayed separately) was called Adam and Eva hostel. It is a small hostel geared towards backpackers who don't necessarily want to party. It was very tidy, quiet and definitely adequate kitchen space. The only downside was that it wasn't right in the center of the city, but it wasn't very far to walk to the old town. Plus it was close to the castle, and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 21st 2014

Set off at allocated time with the extra stop at the cow bell shop think the owner was pleased to make a 20 euro sale at 9.10. Passed through some lovely towns on way to motorway but hit traffic problems on the a8 putting an hour onto our journey. Realised along the way we needed a toll sticker for czech but we can get at services -:you can hardly see out the front window for stickers. Weather is at 34 degrees and it is extremely hot queuing outside at services for toilets. Czech motorways very quiet once we escaped roadworks in germany. Sat nav took us straight to hotel door . We were allocated room on 14th top floor in executuve suite air conditioned suite with 2 mini bars 2 40 inch tvs bed that would ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 21st 2014

Laze in bed this morning after long drive yesterday although we did get up for breakfast in between. Research using free wifi creates plan of minimum walking as possible seeing as much as possible whilst watching all relevant sporting events. So tube to old town ice cream in shade , photos taken in shade , found required underground irish bar with f1 and golf . Stayed here till rory m made us our spending money for prague! Ventured out at 7 once the heat of the day had gone except it hadnt particularly next plan trip on boat for an hour to see the rest of the sights - including todays record prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Had been hoping to seek out david cernys political sculptures but too hot at ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 20th 2014

We started off our day with a stop in a the café across the street and had coffee and cake for breakfast, and then made our way to the river. It was a pretty hot day already, so we meandered across the Karlův most(Charles Bridge), which turns out to be a nice pedestrian-only bridge with great view of the river and the castle. We dodged gawking tourists, buskers, and hawkers, stopping occasionally to get a selfie or a photo of the castle, and got to the other side, and it turned out there was both a Starbucks and a tram ticket machine, so we stopped for iced lattes (did I mention it was a hot day?) and bought some tram tickets. After a while, we decided to head on up to the castle (Pražský hrad) so ... read more
Katedrála svatého Víta from afar
Mucha Stained Glass
Found Still Life

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 19th 2014

Today we slept in a little bit, missed the pension's breakfast hours, and so we took our time getting ready, and went in search of breakfast or lunch or something. We stopped in at one of the touristy restaurants (I think it was the one at U Prince), and got lunch, which turned out later on not to be what we wanted; the day was very hot, and instead of fueling up for the day, we should have done something light, and then something light later on. Lesson learned. We wandered around Prague's old town just looking at stuff. We stopped at the Týn Church, hoping for a peek inside, but it was closed to visitors, so we stopped and took a look at the concert flyers to see if there was anything of interested (I ... read more
St. Nicholas Church at Dusk
Týn Church From the Square at Dusk
Staroměstské náměstí at Dusk

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 18th 2014

Today, we leave Dresden and travel to Prague. Dieter told us "no alarms", so we set our alarms for an hour later than usual, and got enough later that we're pretty sure we satisfied him. We had the usual breakfast, and then went on a driving tour of various other things he wanted to show us, the most important being the "milk shop". We drove around, and he told us all kinds of stuff, most of which I don't remember because I mostly wasn't all that awake (Cheryl may have more details on what we saw from the car). But we eventually ended up in the Äußere Neustadt of Dresden, and we stopped and parked so that we could step into Pfunds Molkerei, or the "milk shop". Sadly, they did not allow photos, so I didn't ... read more
Church of Our Lady Before Týn
St. Nicholas Church

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov July 15th 2014

It's my last day in Prague, well official last day and then I jump on a plane tomorrow and head back home. I am genuinely excited, Prague has been an eyeopener and an amazing experience but I miss the little things like hearing Aussie slang and the little traffic we have. On Sunday Tamar and I checked out Prague Castle, I had seen it during my time here but never thought much of it, really once a castle always a castle. It was only about 45 minutes outside of Prague by tram but the weather was stinking hot making it almost unbearable given how stuffy it was. I have been reading the Belgariad series by David Eddings and I will admit I found my mind wandering and imagining the hall of the Rivan King, to the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 15th 2014

Prague. The city of aperol spritz, phlegmy dialect and pork knee ribs. And where after the realization that I had seriously maimed myself where I thought I was to spend the remainder of my holiday with one knee, no clean socks and eat myself into a coma every night with pretentious sounding bread rolls until a flight became affordable for me to board. What started as a minor bump in Berlin mutated into a lump the size of a small smart car over the past 72 hours. I was on a high on the day we arrived here. Though still delirious with fatigue from the Berlin shenanigans the adrenalin that comes with arriving at a new city worked as a placebo effect for the first day and I've been ignoring my limp by laughing it off ... read more
Soldiering on
Hilarious aren't they

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town July 14th 2014

We woke up this morning in Berlin and Hannah was meant to be going to France to start her job as a horse trainer. Which is why she originally came to Europe this summer anyway. I had different plans for her however. After a good solid 12 hours of drinking, waving flags, befriending Germans, losing Germans, Befriending new Germans, Abandoning Germans, getting involved in fights on public transport which I think we were accidentally the cause of and just generally being the epitome of whan an annoying tourist is after half a glass of becks I decided she should come to Prague with me this morning. Leg is a very interesting shade of teal. Which is strange because when I fell lastnight I would have bet my first 7 born children that I landed on my ... read more
Clever men with helmets.
Our Dutch friends.
Good morning Geraldine

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 11th 2014

I've mentioned my dad a lot in my blog posts, I think it's because of the trip to Prague he took and I think after nearly 4 years I realised he is never coming back. And I have accepted this. I know how incredibly proud he would be of mum and I and of me on this trip but it doesn't change the fact that as of late I have wanted him back. Not the way he was before his heart attack or even during the time mum was sick but the way he was in the months leading up to my 17th birthday and before I got my license. He would pick me up on a Wednesday out the front of my college with a battered sav or fish cocktails or a scallop or something ... read more

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