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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town April 27th 2015

Looks like bad weather is now going to fit into this trip, after all... But before I get into that, I'll say that I had probably the easiest train ride of the whole trip this afternoon. Erica and I had a final lunch together in the Dresden New Town before parting ways around noon. She had a bus to catch at 1, but my train didn't leave until 3. So I went to this junk shop called Theresienhof, on the lookout for any cool memorabilia. I mostly found East German communist party badges, and there were a lot of them. I just didn't find them as appealing as I had thought, so after about 30 minutes of junkin', I headed to the train station. I got my own compartment for the whole ride to Prague - ... read more
Wenceslas Square
Cool cinema from the 1920s
Looking along Wenceslas Square

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague April 21st 2015

Arriving in Prague around 5.30pm we set off on a walking tour to give us an idea for the following day. We then checked into the hotel, had dinner and then headed into town. The next day was a free day - a group of us visited the palace, basilica and golden lane within the complex. This took up the morning then we headed back to the Old Town for some lunch and shopping. Early evening we went on a river cruise and had a buffet dinner and after that went on a haunted walking tour of the Old Town.... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 31st 2015

My alarm went off last Friday morning, on the chair next to my bed. For the first time in a while, I wasn't plagued with exhaustion, but with excitement. We were going to Prague. We rented a van, nine out of ten of us who went to Prague this past weekend. Wut? you say. You rented a van? Yup. Our friend Ben, who basically was our Dad the entire weekend, drove us over 9 hours each way to Prague. Through Germany on the autobahn all the way to Prague. Ridiculous would be an understatement. Seven Americans, one Colombian and One Dane. What was our purpose for taking a road trip to Prague and staying basically only for 40 hours or so the entire weekend? Well, we all went for an Erasmus Social Gathering, which is a ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town March 24th 2015

We arrived in Prague 6 days ago after a long but uneventful flight from Melbourne via Dubai. We left home at about 6:30 pm after depositing our dogs with friends David and Alena, drove to the airport and then spent ages waiting in various queues to check-in our luggage, go through immigration, get a refund at the TRS. Eventually we had time for a beer before boarding our flight at 11:30 pm. We flew out on a Qantas A380 and after a pretty mediocre meal managed to get some sleep. Next stop was Dubai where we had a 2.5 hour turn-around. I had thought that would give us enough time for a coffee and visit to the duty free stores before our next flight but that was not to be. On arrival we were bussed to ... read more
Astronomical Clock
View from Old Town Hall Tower
Prague Underground

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 18th 2015

Prague is like a sea of red roofs and towering buildings with golden spires. With a huge history and beautiful architecture with-standing very little natural disaster or war, Prague is stunning. I'm not sure what I expected when I knew I would be travelling here and I was impressed. The streets are clean and you feel so safe wherever you go. The people are friendly, welcoming and very hospitable. For this trip I was accompanied by my mum. She deserves a weekend away and was really pleased she agreed to come away with me. One thing about my mum is she likes to look up... a lot... Especially when walking in crowds! We are walking along and she will just stop, never mind the hundreds of people behind her, she will just stop and start pointing ... read more
Inside cathedral at Prague castle
Changing of the guard

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 30th 2014

It's definitely time to leave. This place is treacherous........ It wasn't snowing but at -6 degrees the pavements stayed iced up from yesterday leaving no traction, boots or no boots. Add to that wall to wall people. What a recipe. What are they all doing here? If you can imagine a popular football match and the crowd going to it, then this what it's like here. I wonder if there is a quiet time. We headed first to the New Town Hall and made our way down to the river and across over the island. On the other side we walked up to the monument that was a memorial to the end of communism and totaliterianism. It was a strange set of sculpted partial, then to whole figures. We continued along the canal to the Charles ... read more
The city seen from the Royal Gardens park
John Lennon Wall grafitti
The domed ceiling of the Spanish Synagogue

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 29th 2014

We woke to a drifting down of large snow flakes and a covering of snow everywhere. It looked chilly so we layered up accordingly and set off for a morning of shopping leaving the walking for tomorrow. Walking on the cobbles was trecherous as they are mostly small and smooth. With a layer of snow they had iced up or turned to slush and it was too easy to slide over. After yesterday's cold we had put on several layers of clothes and soon realised that despite the snow it wasn't as cold as yesterday and we were soon sweltering and carrying our outer wear in the shops. We were looking for some tramping boots and maybe some glassware. The boots we found and headed quickly back to the hotel to shed some layers. Regarding the ... read more
Street musicians
All rugged up on a cold Prague day

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 28th 2014

As the title says, it was freezing in Prague today and looks likely to continue. It was -7 out of the wind and -15 in it and we were in it most of the day. That was without it snowing to plummet temperatures even further. We were met at 11 am by a Prague City tour company and eventually grouped with others for the tour. There were 19 of us and all could speak English so our guide, Eva, spoke only in English. The first half hour was in a minibus where we had an overview of the old city and on up to Prague Castle on the hill where we were left to do the rest of the tour on foot. What we learnt on the tour is too much for this blog and it ... read more
St Vitus cathedral
The angel inlights
The Old Town Square at night

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town December 27th 2014

It is really, really cold today, like I have not experienced before. It was -11 degrees in Eisenstein with more snow falling over night. The skiers will be happy. While we were waiting to leave for the train we heard brass band music out in the street. I investigated to find the band moving from house to house. When Ulrike arrived she explained that this happens every year and can be from 8.30 until 22.00 over 2 or more days as they cover the whole town. It is to wish good luck for the New Year. It is of course interspersed with alcohol to keep them warm. They must have been absolutely freezing standing out in the snow all day. And so we said farewell to Ulrike, Bavarian Forest Holidays, Bayerisch Eisenstein, The Bavarian Forest, our ... read more
The border Czech side at Eisenstein

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 18th 2014

DAY 1 We reached Prague about an hour and a half late from our early morning bus ride that started in Munich. We encountered a lot of traffic and rain on the way so we were a bit irritable, hungry and tired when we reached. Not a great start to this wonderful city. On reaching our hotel- Hilton Prague, we quickly checked in and had some lunch and tea. With our stomach’s full and energy back up, we took the 20 min tram ride into the Old Town (the main town square of Prague) by about 4 PM. It’s a wonder how we figured how to get to Old Town and even buy tram tickets, since almost nobody knows any English here! Even carrying a pocket language guide would have probably not helped because Czech is ... read more
Old fashioned streets
Coffee & Cake stop
St. Vitus' Cathedral

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