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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana September 19th 2014

It's a Friday and we are having a comparatively early night. We started the day with a visit to the Convent of St Agnes which was broodingly still and quiet in its Gothic serenity. Unlike so much else in Prague which is ornately decorative, the church was solemn in it austerity. The collection of Medieval and early Renaissance art was extensive. I saw a wooden statue of an expectant Virgin Mary, a first for me. We did a little river journey which gave us some views of the city from a different perspective. Heading back up to the castle precinct, we returned to the Strahov Monastry which we first saw on Monday. Here there are two monastic libraries covered with frescoes and the most wildly ornate bookshelves; Mark was drooling when he saw them. We then ... read more
Still swooning from the Mahler
A view from on the boat
In a pensive mood

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady September 17th 2014

So, we like to do walking tours. Walking tours that travel writers have written up in travel books. Sometimes, those instructions can be a little "loose" and we forget which way is east. This always leads to vigorous discussion and debate. Mark says all the navigating through twisting, turning streets is good for our brains. I say, "But is it good for the relationship"? We did a walking tour on Wednsday (happy birthday Stella!) starting at the gorgeous summer palace and then meandering through all sorts of huge parks, gardens and eventually streets. We stopped about halfway for lunch at the Veletrzni Palace. We decided to go see the modern artworks inside. We had tabouli and mezes and was it especially nice to eat something other than the Czech fare. Here, they love their meat, potato ... read more
Me and the holiday shack
The Orangerie
Veletrzni Palace

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 16th 2014

I should have known this would be a day for some unusual experiences after finding the broccoli at breakfast, near the baby sausages and baked potatoes. What is a girl to do in a situation such as this? I took some. It was very good and complemented my little egg and sliver of bacon. The next unusual thing that happened occurred after our crossing of the famous Charles bridge. We stopped for a coffee (may I just say, there is no good coffee to be had on this continent except for Italy, of course) and decided to visit "la terassa". We wondered what the view would be like. We were surprised to find that our view was of the internal void of some buildings. In other words, no view. Wonder why they decided to put in ... read more
M on the bridge
The bridge seen from the tower
Climbing the tower

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 15th 2014

Praha: two walking tours with the very simpatica Spanish Laura. Morning - Old Town. Afternoon - the Castle. Too many tourists in the old town, the castle area is quieter. Gorgeous views of the city! Sore feet, happy heart. This is a real tourist mecca. I am looking forward to hitting those quiet alley ways.... read more
The Main Square
The square
A modern building architecturally sympathetic to its neighbours

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 6th 2014

The castle is the official residence and office of the president of the Czech Republic and we saw his guard protecting the palace. Similar to the guards on San Marino they stood rock solid still even when people stood at the side of them taking silly photographs of themselves saluting. Not a grin crossed their face. They looked grey. From the palour of their skin to the moleskin grey of their uniforms. All that seemed missing was a large Russian style ceremonial hat and they would have looked the part . We walked through the gates into the castle courtyard around which was built the Baroque palace which housed the parliament and residency and the payment desks. We parted with 700 crowns which gave us access to the castle, the church, Golden Lane and the museum ... read more
Charles Bridge
T'other end of Charles Bridge
the cathedral

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 2nd 2014

What a night!. The rain which normally lulls you into sleep last night kept us awake as it drummed and thumped on Suzy’s roof. Despite the wine we found ourselves unable to sleep as the thud thud sounded as if the roof was going to cave in. Amplified it thumped and thudded all night with little respite. As we woke for breakfast it had lessened and was now just a gentle pitter patter but it was rain nevertheless. If we were intending to stay a few days we might have snuggled back under the duvets and planned Prague for tomorrow but with a tight schedule it was today or not at all. And you don’t come this far out of your way to go away without seeing the place. By the time we were ready to ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 1st 2014

To the Czech Republic – a new country We woke relatively early to the sound of ducks outside paddling and puddling in the deep puddles formed overnight by the heavy rain. We picked up our bread order from reception and very nice it looked too. Kathrein acted up yet again staying upright despite telling us emphatically that she was in the parked position. Those following our blogs will know the sorry tale of the dish that really enjoys acting up particularly in the rain. Whilst we waited to leave we watched a Thomsons cruise liner ambling its way up the Tauber. How on earth we wondered do they navigate what looks like such a shallow channel? Our journey was to take us for a few hundred miles on the autobahn which was much busier today that ... read more
On our way
mmmmm all those zzzz 's and lack of vowels
Another EU sign

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 29th 2014

Our 2014 Central Europe adventure began when Kathy and I arrived at our hostel on the castle side of the Charles Bridge in Prague late Wednesday afternoon. We were both weary after our separate, but equally sleepless, transatlantic flights from Boston. The plan for the next six weeks is to go to Regensburg by train after a few days' rest in Prague, cycle down the Danube to Budapest with a several days' stop in Vienna, spend some time in Budapest and environs, train back to the southeastern Czech Republic, and cycle back to Prague on the Vienna-Prague Greenway. We'll be back by the Vltava River in early October and after a few more days in Prague head back to Seattle and home. As usual, it will be interesting to see how closely the reality matches the ... read more
Old Jewish Cemetery.
St John of Nepomuk statue
Municipal Hall with Powder Gate on left

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 24th 2014

Sorry for the late posts. Our internet has been out for the last day or so. Anyway, the bar crawl last night was wonderful. We all had a lot of fun, and it would be incorrect to say that we went to bed early. As such, we didn't really get out and movinguntil noon today. We first went to get food, which, for the second time in 2 weeks, ended up with a full fish on the table in front of me. To be fair, it was trout. And delicious. After that, we headed up to Prague Castle, which is one of the most important parts of Prague. Partly because the various countries and empires that occupied this region have been ruled from there for several centuries. It has a huge cathedral, along with a village ... read more
Inside the cathedral
The rose window
The Great Hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 23rd 2014

This city is truly gorgeous, I have to admit. I found that out even more by waking up at 5:30 for the sunrise from the Charles Bridge. After going back to bed for two hours, we headed to our tour, which took us around the city for 3 hours. We hit every section of town, from the Old Town to the New Town to the Lesser Town (rough name). We toured with the same company that I toured with in Barcelona, and it was entirely worth it. Not only was the tour spectacular, but we got some great food advice. Our guide mentioned a place called the Beer Museum (which is actually a bar), where you can try a flight of five different 0.2 liter beers. He also recommended a few foods to try, especially svičková, ... read more
More sunrise
Astronomical Clock tower
Astronomical Clock

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