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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 20th 2019

I have had a wonderful and relaxing few days with Reni and Gerhard at their holiday home but today it is time to continue my European adventure. Reni and Gerhard see me off at Gmünd station which is just on the Austrian side of the Austrian/Czech border. If you look at the atlas you will see just how many countries do border Austria! I used to become quite tearful when saying Goodbye, but these days we tend to see each other at least four times a year, so it isn’t too bad. In fact, I shall be heading back to Vienna in three weeks time to celebrate Reni’s 60th. I cannot believe that she is that age!! I enjoy a pleasant train journey through the Czech Republic. The first train, a local stopper, is quite full. ... read more
Beautiful stained glass windows in St Vitus Cathedral
St Vitus Cathedral towering over the Castle area
St Vitus Cathedral Tower

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 8th 2019

By now we had sussed out the trains so we anticipated a bit of a melee getting our seats , but this time it was a far more luxurious train and although the seats weren't all together we were in an open carriage so could easily move between our allotted seats. We discovered Dresden to Prague is a very scenic train ride, most of the time the tracks follow the river Elbe and through some very scenic gorges , with some great cliff and rock formations. This was my first visit to Prague but Chris had been a few times and as our Airbnb apartment was not too far from the station we walked and were greeted by our host to find that we were in a great location right behind the newly renovated National Museum ... read more
Old Town Square
Streets of Prague
Jan Hus Memorial

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 26th 2019

The weather in Prague today was gorgeous, with mostly sunny skies and a high temperature that reached 75 degrees by mid-afternoon. Dee was in pretty good spirits this morning and pronounced herself "fit for duty", so by 11:30 AM we walked to the metro station for a ride into the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. We had spent some time in this area during our guided tour earlier in the week, but did not have time to visit the interiors of the synagogues or the Jewish cemetery. Our plan also included an ascent (via elevator) to a viewing gallery at the top of the Town Hall tower, from which vantage point there is a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. After exiting the Staromestska metro station, it was but a short walk to the Jewish Museum's ... read more
Names of Jewish Holocaust victims
Old Jewish Cemetery
Spanish Synagogue

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady May 25th 2019

Yesterday's activities were most assuredly not planned as part of this year's itinerary; however, given the circumstances, it could have been worse. In our experiences over the years, nothing has been more unsettling and stressful than finding ourselves in a foreign country with a medical issue. In 2014, Dee developed shingles while we were in the south of France, which required a trip to the ER in Aix en Provence. The following year, while in Paris, I went to the American Hospital there with borderline pneumonia. Then in 2017, during our around-the-world trip, I succumbed to a nasty intestinal infection for which I sought treatment in Athens, and subsequently in Nice. Last year we came away unscathed, but this year we've not been as fortunate. A few days before our departure, I strained, tore or severely ... read more
Flower bed in front of Canadian Medical building
Just what the doctor ordered!
Church of St. Ludmila

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hradcany May 23rd 2019

Our guide and driver, Marek and Karel, met us at 9 AM this morning for the second part of the Prague tour we had booked. The weather here yesterday was miserable, with rain and gusty winds most of the day, but the forecast is for improving conditions later this afternoon. Today we are to visit the Prague Castle, a castle complex dating from the 9th-century. The castle is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic, and has been a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, occupying an area of almost 750,000 square feet, at about 1,870 feet in length and an average of about 430 feet wide. The ... read more
St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral
St. John of Nepomuk's Tomb

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town May 21st 2019

This morning, under cloudy skies but mild temperatures in the upper-60s, we embarked upon the first of two guided tours of Prague booked through a local agency. Today's itinerary focused upon the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) and the Charles Bridge. Our personal guide, Marek (along with a friendly young driver named Karel), turned out to be an impressive guy in his 40s who speaks nine languages--incredible! Throughout the tour he exhibited an encyclopedic knowledge of Czech history, while setting a pace that was easily manageable for us. The driver dropped us off in the vicinity of the Jewish Quarter, a three-block area in the Old Town that has been home to a Jewish community for a thousand years. Jews first came to Prague in the 10th-century, where they were allotted the least hospitable ... read more
Old-New Synagogue
Astronomical Clock
Týn Church, Old Town Square

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Vinohrady May 19th 2019

We lost our sea legs early this morning, as the Serenade of the Seas docked in Copenhagen around 7 AM, and we disembarked from the ship an hour or so later. After departing Helsinki this past Friday, we'd been at sea for almost 36 hours, and except for some dense, "pea soup"-type fog for most of the day yesterday, the weather and sea conditions continued to be very calm. In fact, the entire voyage was remarkably smooth, much to our surprise and relief. The past two days we concentrated on taking it easy after the exhausting 3-days we spent in Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. We decided to forgo the shore excursion when the ship docked in Helsinki, and from what a few of the other passengers told us, we did not miss much by staying ... read more
Copenhagen to Prague
Crew celebration event
Dee's first rock climbing lesson

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague April 22nd 2019

Last time I wrote I was on the train travelling from Poland to the Czech Republic . Having WiFi as one travels is good idea . Fortunately there were no roaming charges involved . It was an easy train ride . Tomorrow it will be a 4 hour journey to Vienna by private vehicles...comfortable vans that we used today . But I am getting ahead of myself. Thank you for the notes you have sent . It sounds like everyone in enjoying the holidays and the spring weather . I do believe we were 'all real tired of winter . I must admit I have day dreamed a litle about plants showing themselves in my Back yard . I will be into that when I get home but now I am enjoying spring in Eastern Europe. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 9th 2019

Here comes another March Break - here comes another travel escapade with the kiddos. It's a smaller group this year, only 20 which is nice. And they are a super sweet group. They were funny to watch at the airport - we got there super early so some played cards, some were playing this super weird game on their phone - we were cry-laughing it was such a dumb game. They really are a lovely bunch. They are not a well traveled group (for the most part) which is exciting because they take such joy in the little things that you tend to overlook when you travel a lot. For example, it was so cute watching them just before takeoff - a bunch of the girls were waving goodbye to someone down on the tarmac. Adorable. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 17th 2018

Early up for quick walk into main square before the tourists arrive. 2 brides having photos. Fantastic to have to myself with nobody much around, just people going about their own business. After breakfast joined the Top 30 walking tour with Renata, just 6 of us from the hotel. Driven up to Prague Castle to start the walk through of the palace. First St George basilica then through the palace grounds, most buildings still used for state government work. Today was a reception for some Chinese delegates. Then out to the gardens and down the terraces to Mala Strana district. Past St Nicklaus church and lunch at Lokal pub. Nice lunch then across the crowded Charles bridge then past the Astronomical clock to the crowdedain square. Past Jewish synagogue, St Agnes convent then home. Lots of ... read more
Old town square
Gates of Prague castle
Inside St George basilica

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