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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Josefov August 8th 2015

So what makes something survive, revive and create? What is in the DNA of a city that vibrancy is so strong that it is almost as if you can feel the spirits of past generations pouring energies from above. Prague ! The 3 hour drive from the Vienna airport to the Czech Republic was actually rather boring, we drove through a non defined geographical area that didn't impress and what i would describe as nothing. You couldn't be prepared for the sudden change, the oasis of buildings with beautiful designs and unique colors, the cobble stones or the red roofs decorated with gold shining in the sun. We landed on Thursday morning only to arrive in Prague at 5 pm planning to put our baggage down in the room and then walk the streets for a ... read more
tomb stones and more tomb stones
how many stairs?
In side one of the synagogues

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 6th 2015

Well, here we are in Prague but more on that later. i need to finish the bike/boat trip first. So, on the Wednesday we woke to rain and mist so Di and Pam decided to give the ride a miss and Warwick and I took off for a ride of about 40k. As it turned out the weather improved quickly and we enjoyed a fairly nice ride which we decided to do fairly quickly so that we could enjoy some time in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The boat had moved down stream to here. By this stage our itinerary had changed a lot as the boat was having engine trouble and also the Danube is very very low in water flow at present. this meant that the Tour Director had to adjust and improvise a ... read more
A Roller Coaster Bridge.
The Danube.
Sunflower Fields.

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 29th 2015

Another local tour, first in the coach around the local streets with George, our local guide form last night. He is more subdued this morning, but we hang off his comments for his subtle jokes to kick in. Don't have to wait too long, as we drive around the more affluent area of Prague, he drops a few pearls of wisdom about his wife, mother in law and daughters. Thanks for thone George. We drive to the top of the castle hill and then walk around the castle and church area. Impressive place that has lots of history and is also being restored at the moment so lots of scaffolding and workers wandering around on the roof, no safety harnesses here..... Walk over and back to the coach where we are taken back to the old ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 28th 2015

Up and at em again. Bags out on time and down for breakfast Then on to the bus. Lynne gets on the bus and wisles us all well, giving an update on Peter's situation. No change from last night. we all wish her luck And then we go. Drive today is to Prague via Dresden. Rolling along when Kari Anne wanders down to see how we are all going. Oops, forgot to mention that our rotation has us in the naughty seats today, right down the back. Reckon these might be the best seats, 4 across instead of 5 and even more legroom..... Anyway, she asks if we have any questions, I say yes, she looks worried. I ask who won the trip arrival guesstimate contest. She is now happy as she had forgotten and I ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 18th 2015

Friday 17 July: We managed to get onto our train about half an hour before departure last night and found our compartment. We had 3 bunk beds as well as some storage space and a sink. It was all very cosy! The top level wasn’t that easy to get too and a bit squashed but we weren’t putting Zachary up there and if Heather had gone up there we would still be waiting for her to get down again with the state of her knees! Our steward, who I think was working in his school holidays, was very nice and quite onto it. We got ourselves changed and into bed. Tickets were checked and we tried to get off to sleep. Zachary was quite excited as you can imagine and he did well to not take ... read more
Looking towards the Prague Castle complex. St Vitus Cathedral looms large.
Looking down the Vltava river at the Charles Bridge.
Catching bubbles.

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Smíchov July 17th 2015

What does it mean to be a tourist? Of course, there is not one definition that summarizes the concept with any finality. I recall watching a documentary about the James Bond film phenomenon where the narrator explained that the first films from the 1960s tapped into an emerging phenomenon of middle class Americans traveling overseas in larger numbers. A curiosity about other places and increased earnings created a new breed of traveler. The movies that showcased exotic locations that Americans might visit whetted their appetite for such adventure (seeing Sean Connery as Bond didn't hurt either!). Yet even today most Americans do not have a passport. It seems to me that it is possible to be a consumer as a tourist in much the same way as one can consume other sorts of products. To be ... read more
The Suburbs
A Typical Lunch
Doctors Offices

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 3rd 2015

So here is an attempt at a brief run down of our 9 days, 10 nights. After day one, Thursday where we tackled the Charles bridge, astronomical clock and lovely gardens on the west banks with the thick crowds of tourists we decided on day two to do the same walk but much earlier in the morning. We mostly retraced our steps setting out about 7.30am but Prague Castle was added to day two itinerary. It was 9.30am when all the bus tours started arriving. They engulfed every location and we had done most of our exploration by then. The sun was also quickly heating all the concrete and stone. Beautiful views from absolutely every angle on all our walks. The camera kept clicking all week. We returned to our apartment for lunch and then went ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 29th 2015

We decided to stay in the locality of our apartment on Sunday so headed back "Into the Woods" where we discovered that many locals do exactly the same thing. But it's such a lovely area, so peaceful and such a wonderful way to enjoy the natural world that there's no wonder the place is so popular. In the grassy area surrounding the Hvêzda Summer Pavilion there were lots of family groups either picnicking or frequenting the café there. And this time, with no weddings utilising what is also called the Star Summer Palace, we bought tickets to explore the place and attend the exhibition which was celebrating the 50th anniversary of 'The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year' competition. Not being able to read or speak Czech we couldn't really work out what the books ... read more
Downstairs Reception area
Narie Jansova scanning the books at the exhibition
Scanning operation

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 24th 2015

Stepping out, it's just a short walk from our apartment to the main road to catch the 119 bus - coming from the airport - which terminates at Nádraží Veleslavin and from where you catch the Metro into Prague. Because so many people arriving or departing on the 119 bus are carrying suitcases, someone is employed to carry suitcases up or down the stairs which lead to the Metro escalator. This, we feel, is a a very impressive service; well done! We began Wednesday's traipsing at Prague's main station following which we did a bit of wandering without really knowing where we were going. While we did end up at the Old Town Square again eventually, on the way we passed the Jerusalim Synagogue (a very interesting building) as was the Municipal Hall where we ate ... read more
Jerusalem Synagogue
Municipal Hall
Plizenská Restaurant in the Municipal Hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 22nd 2015

We arrived at Prague airport very late in the evening so were very pleased to be met by Magda and Dalibor - the couple who stayed at our house with their two children earlier this year as part of a Home Exchange site we both belong to. Thanks Magda and Dalibor, it was greatly appreciated and very sweet of you both. Magda, Dalibor and their two gorgeous daughters arrived the next day to give us the run down on the apartment which was very helpful. Practicalities over we all walked to a local restaurant for lunch which was full of other families doing the same thing, lunch being the main meal here. After Magda, Dalibor and the girls left Kev and I decided to go for a walk, which Dalibor had told Kev about, encompassing parklands ... read more
Kev taking a photo of me taking a photo of him!
Elderberry Flowers
Wooden Sculpture seen on our walk

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