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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 9th 2019

Here comes another March Break - here comes another travel escapade with the kiddos. It's a smaller group this year, only 20 which is nice. And they are a super sweet group. They were funny to watch at the airport - we got there super early so some played cards, some were playing this super weird game on their phone - we were cry-laughing it was such a dumb game. They really are a lovely bunch. They are not a well traveled group (for the most part) which is exciting because they take such joy in the little things that you tend to overlook when you travel a lot. For example, it was so cute watching them just before takeoff - a bunch of the girls were waving goodbye to someone down on the tarmac. Adorable. ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town January 31st 2019

From Trafalgar, keeping in mind they are a travel tour operator, so consider the source. Travel it seems, may be losing a bit of its luster for some globetrotters. As part of a new, thought-provoking survey from Trafalgar, 89 percent of survey respondents said travel is enjoyable but stressful (It can be, I agree) and difficult to plan. What’s more, 49 percent said that “real” travel experiences didn’t actually feel that real – that travel is becoming a common tourist trail (it depends on where you go!). Additionally, 37 percent of those surveyed felt they didn’t see any “real culture” on their last trip and almost half of the participants said if they did, the experiences were not unique. “The results were surprising and somewhat disco... read more
Public transport is better or meeting people!
Try some new food?
But don't forget the sites!

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 17th 2018

Early up for quick walk into main square before the tourists arrive. 2 brides having photos. Fantastic to have to myself with nobody much around, just people going about their own business. After breakfast joined the Top 30 walking tour with Renata, just 6 of us from the hotel. Driven up to Prague Castle to start the walk through of the palace. First St George basilica then through the palace grounds, most buildings still used for state government work. Today was a reception for some Chinese delegates. Then out to the gardens and down the terraces to Mala Strana district. Past St Nicklaus church and lunch at Lokal pub. Nice lunch then across the crowded Charles bridge then past the Astronomical clock to the crowdedain square. Past Jewish synagogue, St Agnes convent then home. Lots of ... read more
Old town square
Gates of Prague castle
Inside St George basilica

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 17th 2018

Early rise for sunrise morning walk with Pio. Visited the Charles bridge and placed a rose for Connie. Even at that time there were some tourists, photographers and wedding couples. Back for 8am breakfast, perfect again with great food selections. Pickup 10am by Phillip, for Strahov monestary visit. Amazing library with vaulted painted ceiling witj wall to wall books. Then walked (climbed stairs) to Petrin tower then elevator for views over Prague. Pio climbed down the stairs while we caught the lift. We ate cone donuts filled with ice cream, sweet & yummy. Caught funicular fown to catch tram home. Unfortunately track work we were told so couldn't catch tram home. So we had long tiring walk back. Having a break then dinner at the local backery. Tomorrow we leave very early (4am) for Milan.... read more
Rose left for Connie on Charles bridge early morning
Charles bridge
Charles bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague October 15th 2018

After we disembarked from our ship we had an early morning flight to Prague. Up at 4.20am for 9.25am flight. Spent lots of time walking the terminal to check in bags, flight delayed 1 hour. Arrived 2pm then we strolled to a local restaurant for a late lunch, Aldente Italian. Paula at Agnes recommended it. Perfect pasta and risotto. Just cannot believe the beauty of this lovely town. We have all fallen in love with it, such historic grand buildings everwhere. The stréetscape is gorgeous. We have a lovely quiet boutique hotel to stay in for 3 days. Very attentive service by Paula and staff. Tonight dinner at another recommend restaurant. Tomorrow a local guide will show us the highlights of the city. ... read more
View from our windows

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Josefov September 8th 2018

Our last day in Central Europe arrived way too soon. Our third day in Prague, and our third disappointment. This time it was entirely our fault. We had been traveling too long, I guess, and forgot what day it was. We made our way to the Jewish Quarter, looking forward to visiting the synagogues and cemetery, only to realize it was the Sabbath and everything was closed. We had to be contented to walk by Maiselova Synagogue, now a museum, Spanelska Synagogue, and Staronova Synagogue without going in. I particularly wanted to see the Old Jewish Cemetery, but it was not to be. So, what else can one do? We decided right then and there that it was the universe's way of telling us we have to go back to Prague. Whether combined with the German ... read more
Obradni Sin, Jewish Ceremonial Hall

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana September 7th 2018

Our second day in Prague started with the usual battle in the shower. I don't know why, but both the bathrooms in Vienna and Prague had a miniscule glass partition in the shower that didn't even cover half of it. It was a daily struggle to take a shower whilst making sure that water didn't flood the bathroom floor completely. Try as I may, it seemed the darned optional hand held shower head would point to the corner, which wasn't properly sealed. Then we set out on a mission! We had been told to make it to the Castle District by 11 AM, or we would be waiting in long security lines. There are three entrances but, truthfully, I'm not sure which one we went to. Our trusty google map led us through some of the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 6th 2018

As it turned out, the departure from Vienna was a lot less painful than anticipated. I had been terribly intimidated about my ability to find the right platform and the right train but, happily, it's a well organized machine if you only know how it works. Our helpful taxi driver explained it on the way to the station, and the well organized station was easy to navigate after that. First, 50 minutes before departure, the correct platform is shown in big screens like in an airport. You look for your train number and destination. Then, once you get to that platform there is a map showing you in which area of the platform your train compartment is going to be at. We were in first class, towards the front of the train, so we had to ... read more
The astronomical clock

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 1st 2018

I apologise if this is a bit out of sequence; Rach is still working on 'Berlin #2' and I have agreed to write this whilst she catches up. What's the bets that I post Vienna before Berlin#2 sees the light of day! The train journey from Berlin with my parents was not the best. We had not yet worked out that first you book the tickets then you pay extra to reserve seats; we had only done the former. As a result, Rach/me and my parents ended up in separate compartments for half the journey. We were eventually re-united after we crossed the German/Czech Republic border and we all shared a compartment with some poor bugger who had to endure Rach and I coughing/sneezing etc. Our first real jaw dropping moment of the holiday happened on ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 5th 2018

Prague is the love object of my desire. Did you ever have a love interest who was so beautiful yet you know you could not live together? For me, that was the relationship I had with the most beautiful city in the world. I also feel a sense of freedom in Prague and the Czech Republic, an escape from Republican regimes in one's own country, no matter which century, with laws that are less Puritanical and oppressive than in the New World. The Czech Airlines flight hinted of things to come: the Czech personality and diet are there for you to observe before you land. Ask only once when you request something. It will be done eventually. The Czechs do not forget. I had a good travel agency that took care of all of my ... read more
Impressions of Prague 2
Impressions of Prague 3
Architecture off Old Town (Stare Mesto) Square

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