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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town July 6th 2017

Prague is a city that we were very comfortable in and could easliy spend 3 or 4 days just wandering about. Did the hop on hop off bus of course best way to see any city and the tour guides are the best to tell you all kinds of little stories about their city, which they are very proud of. The boast about the best beer in ALL of Europe, they say it is far more superior than German beer( not sure if the Germans would agree). We did all of the touristy things you do when you only have a day or two( should have allowed more time). We stood in front of town hall with all the other hundreds of tourist waiting for the Prague Astronomical clock to put on it's display. We wondered ... read more
The Vitava River that divides the city
Many day or hour cruises offered
Beautiful Viberant main square

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 6th 2017

So where do you look for a place to stay in a city, the city of Prague offer many, many different accomodations, but if you are looking for something a little different at a reasonal price, let me tell you about where we chose to stay. Can you imagin that only 2 mins from the city tram and just outside the city limits you can find yourself staying at a 1000 year old monastery. Well this was quite a find, beautiful old buildings surrounded by extensive gardens and a small lake to stoll around. There is an excellent restaurant on the grounds right beside the hotel, with outside area for a cold beer or a full meal for very reasonable price, I believe our full meal was about 24 euro with drinks. The Adalbert Hotel is ... read more
Hotel Adalbert
Front gates of the Monastery
Buildings on the grouds to visit

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana July 5th 2017

Mosaic House is a very nice hostel which is well worth the slightly higher than average costs for a 4 bed en-suite (a bargain at about €35pppn), it's very modern, has great bathrooms and has a good vibe to it. It's clearly been recently renovated and they have probably spent a fair bit of money doing so. They should have pushed the boat out just a little further and sprung for soft close doors! It sounded like a building site outside our room this morning thanks to the hallway door slamming off its hinges ever 30 seconds! Apparently our hungover roomies didn't mind as he were still soundos, so we showered and packed up quietly and popped down stairs for another decent brekkie. We also, finnaly, got around to booking an AirBnB place for Barcelona where ... read more
Tram at the Bottom of Petrin Hill
Entirely NON traditional Czech Treat
Nice Ferrari

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » New Town July 4th 2017

We awone reasonably well rested so we had no mystery room mate barge in during the night, so headed down to Mosaic's buffet breakfast. It was pretty decent and included bacon, sausages, scrambled and shakshuka eggs! Only down side was the tiny plates, but we filled our lots regardless. We browsed through the Prague section of my Lonely Planet guide book whilst we ate and made a plan for the day. We started by walking across the bridge to Petrin Hill, at the bottom there are some morbid statues of people in varying states of decomposition, he Statues are dedicated to everyone who has died or suffered in some way due to communism as part of Pragues past (I'm not too up to scratch on that history, so I took the signs word for it). We ... read more
Prague from Petrin Hill 1
Mosaic Hostel and A Man with Umbrella
View from Charles Bridge to New Town

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 17th 2017

Up early and heading down to enjoy breakfast with dad and see him off. Today he travels back to Canada and Anthony and I begin our second leg of this epic trip (at least for us it's epic!) From Prague we will fly to Rome and pick up our rental car and then head to Siena, where we are looking forward to a rest and lovely dinner in time to enjoy a Tuscan Sunset. We have loved our time in Prague, definitely come back to this city and explore some more. Miroslav, our new friend and cab driver will be here at 9:30, excited to move on. We have arrived in Rome!! Anthony is in his glory as he can finally understand everyone, his "peeps"! He starts his renewal of his Italian by flirting with the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 16th 2017

Today was a simple day to explore the alleyways and shops of Old Town Praha. We quite literally spent the day walking around in various circles and eating. Our initial plan had been to go to the castle, but I knew that was not something that Anthony really wanted to do, after all I'm the one that fantasizes about living in a castle. Since it's the beginning of the weekend, we watched as the city came alive, in the middle of the old town square, a HUGE stage was being set up, the amount of tourists had at least doubled. There were teams and school groups everywhere. Street performers were out in droves, and the number of beggars also seemed to double. The weather has been spectacular all week, the sun is shining and it's a ... read more
St Nicholas Church
Prague 2017 06 16
Prague 2017 06 16

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 15th 2017

Today was a little more relaxed, how could it not be?! We had a plan and we managed to execute without feeling like we were on a "mission". We made our way down to breakfast, it's included in the room price, but to be honest, you can only eat so many European hot dogs and half cooked pieces of bacon before wishing there was something else! Nevertheless we muddled through, coffee is always good and for me there are Mimosa's to start the day, and when I'm on vacation that's always a must have. We wanted to visit the "New" Jewish Cemetery, which is where we have plots for both my Grandfather's family and my Grandmother's family. Most of them are not actually here in Prague since they were killed in the Holocaust and never recovered, ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 14th 2017

Today was probably the most difficult for me emotionally, I love history and especially medieval history, so Prague is a perfect fit for me. But today we ventured into the past in a way that I haven't done. I know many people who have and I believe that because I know the stories, I can handle it. I'm strong, I'm rational (most of the time) and I know what I'm walking into, right? Not so much! we hired a driver, the same one who brought us to the hotel from the airport, he has become my dad's number 1 fan, just loves him and his stories. He takes us to Terazine, for those who don't know, Terazine was a work camp during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. ALL Czech Jews were processed through that camp, and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town June 13th 2017

Well today we all felt a bit more rested and ready to face the day. The weather has been beautiful and promises to continue to be all week. This morning we headed out to begin our day on a walk through the old Jewish Quarter. Dad was once again the ultimate tour guide, as we made our way through the Old Town Square he talked to Anthony about living there and explained the massive statue even "googling" to make sure he had the dates right! We managed to take our own tour of the old synagogues and learned about their histories. We started in old church just of the square where my father and aunt were baptized in 1937 as my grandfather grew concerned about what he was seeing coming out of Germany. My grandparents made ... read more

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