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Overstaying shengen zone and entering uk

Overstaying Shengen visa and entering the uk to work. Neep help!
13 years ago, September 29th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #120010  
I know you have probably heard this many times before but I want to get as many opinions as I can as I\'m in a situation where I just want to try and get into the uk and start work. The reason for my overstay is because its just taken me too long to find a job because employers would not be bothered helping me to gain a visa, all they wanted was EU candidates. (I was told differently before I even left for Prague) I was confident I would find work soon after my TEFL course.

So right now, I have a cz work permit. I am waiting on a visa specialist to lock in an embassy date to organise a cz visa. Currently, my tourist visa has expired by 5 days. I have an appointment to apply for uk tier 5 visa on Tuesday so will this be a problem at this point?

By the time I enter the uk border, I would have a uk working visa, job, accommodation, enough funds, a return trip back to prague as well as a return trip back home to Australia. The only problem is the overstay and I\'m hoping they dont deport me..ahh! What are the odds of this happening?
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