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Mel James

We woke up and gathered our stuff up so that we could head out directly after breakfast. The hotel included breakfast, it started at 7:30, and our ferry reservation was for 10. The dock is around an hour drive from the hotel, and we wanted to get there about an hour early (we'd read that if you're not at least 40 min early, you can lose the car reservation). We decided we'd drive a different way than we originally came, to see a bit more of the island. Timing-wise it looked like it just took about 10 min longer than the other route. Unfortunately, there was no way for us to see that half of the trip was on dirt roads. Poor Gertie! She had already been such a trooper with all the bumps and ruts, ... read more

We got up and ready to head out. We're just taking overnight bags, and leaving the rest of the stuff at the beach house. Sylvia was a little delayed in getting ready, but we still had an hour and a half to do a drive that should just be an hour, so we figured that was plenty of padding. The drive out from the beach house wasn't nearly as bad as the drive in. It was much easier to see the bumps in the road in the light of day, and navigation wasn't nearly as difficult when we'd already been on the road once. In about 25 minutes, we were already getting off the dirt road that had held us captive for probably an hour and a half when we had initially arrived. Phew! The rest ... read more

Our second day without going anywhere in Gertie (the car). We'd been told that the beach to the south of us, Maderas, was a good surfing beach, and easy to walk to along the shore as long as the tide was low. It looked like late afternoon would be a good time to go, so in the morning we went to the closest beach. We got some boogie boards from the caretaker, but it wasn't really my thing. Waves are beautiful to watch, but I don't like being pummeled by them! In the afternoon, we walked over to Maderas. The shore was really pretty, lots of flat rock slabs, and tons of smooth stones, shells and driftwood. When we got over to Maderas beach, the waves weren't very high, so there was no one in surfing, ... read more

A new day dawned, and I woke up feeling refreshed. From the house, you can hear the sound of the surf, so I decided to walk down and take a look at the beach. Sylvia was still in bed. I wandered down, and saw another couple coming out of a house just in front of ours, with their 2 dogs. They were also heading to the beach, and we talked a bit. They told me about the other beaches in close proximity, just a short walk away. I took a walk along the beach, and saw that we weren't as 'in the middle of nowhere' as we thought we were. There were several restaurants, and lots of little houses that looked like vacation homes. When I came back to our place, Sylvia was up. We decided ... read more

We woke up and met with Cherry for breakfast, then headed to the bank to exchange some money, and have a wander around town. We checked out the sights of Leon, then came back to gather up our stuff, say goodbye to Cherry, and continue on our journey. We had decided we'd do a couple stops on the way to the beach house- at Masaya to see the volcano and market, and at San Juan del Oriente to see pottery. From google maps, it looked like we had about a 5 hour drive, so we thought we could do a few stops, and still make it to our destination before dark. Masaya was great. There was a museum with some interesting information, including a little video clip of someone crossing over the volcano on tightrope just ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Lake Yojoa November 11th 2021

After a good night of rest, we woke up and headed to the hotel restaurant for a caffeine fix and breakfast. We got on the road around 8:30, and knew we had about 8 hours of driving ahead of us, plus a border crossing, but were hoping we'd be able to make it to Leon before nightfall. Today, the weather had cleared, it was sunny and beautiful, and the traffic was pretty light. We were feeling good about the time we were making. We did a short stop for photos by Lago Yojoa, and then continued on. We were getting near the border by around 4, and knew that Leon was still almost 2 hours on the other side, but were still hoping we wouldn't have to do too much driving in the dark. We had ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » La Ceiba November 10th 2021

I woke up to the sound of rain teeming down. 'My umbrella is in the car' was my first thought- the car which was already shipped over to La Ceiba. Fortunately by the time I got up and had breakfast, the rain was already done. I sent a quick message to Sylvia and Cherry, making sure they were both up, then finished getting myself ready to go. I got Auri up to say a goodbye, then got a message from Cherry that the taxi had arrived. I headed down with my backpack and purse, and we had the taxi take us over to pick up Sylvia. Once we had Sylvia, we had to double back for a minute to grab her spare car key to have, 'just in case', and then we were on our way. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 26th 2019

Finally got to see my friend Jamie again, after 16 years! It's amazing those kinds of friendships, where it can feel like it was just yesterday once you finally get together and catch up. We had a relaxing day on our own Wednesday, just playing badminton and relaxing at the pool, and then Jamie and her family arrived back from their trip on Wed night. Yesterday we spent the day together- drove up to Cypress mountain, and then to a park by the beach. The kids all played frisbee (he kids are close in age to mine), and Jamie and I went for a walk. Spent the whole day talking, getting up to date on 16 years of life. Today we fly out in the afternoon, so we'll have the morning together, and then our huge ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 24th 2019

On Sunday, we went to Cathedral Grove, a beautiful wooded area with trees up to 800 years old. In the afternoon, the boys and Bob took out kayaks and went fishing while Cathy and I relaxed in the backyard. They caught several rockfish but released them as they hadn't looked up in advance what the restrictions were for size/season. They had a great time. We watched a movie after dinner. On Monday, it was time to move again, but just a short move, to visit my friend Carley and her family, who live about a 20 min drive from Bob. We went to McGill together for 1st year university, that's where we met. Carley went on to med school and became an emergency room doctor (and I left after 1st year and took off traveling). The ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 21st 2019

On the 18th, we woke up early, and Dave took us to a nearby McDonalds to find our poparide driver, Tricia. I had been researching ways to get from Calgary to Vancouver. I really wanted to include Vancouver on our trip, but we're on a pretty tight budget, and flying, train and bus all were too expensive, so I was looking up ride share options. There were several different spots I posted on (kijiji, a Facebook group), but the site that I found our ride was poparide. You can post both looking for a ride and offering a drive. Drivers can't be looking to make money, just to be covering their fuel costs. They post the trip date, time, seats available, room for luggage, pick up and drop off points and price per person. For our ... read more

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