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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 26th 2010

I am so glad I decided to stay another day in Köln with Katja, I got pretty drunk last night and ended up sleeping in until 11 am. It was a very relaxed morning as we slowly got got ready for the BBQ. we set out with our bags full of everything we would need for the day. Katja had found this special spot right in the river side and under and big tree for shade, it was perfect. I´m not sure if we can do whar we there back in Canada. She had a little charcoal BBQ, we had three blankets set up on the ground, she lit the BBQ and we waited for the meat to show up. Her friend got there which I do not remember her name. She brought the meat with ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dusseldorf June 25th 2010

The weather here in Europe has been amazing. Every country and city I go to the locals keep talking about how lucky I am for getting such good weather while I am here. I guess it can still get crappy and cold during this time which is normal anywhere. Today was an especially nice day very hot but enought that I can handle it. I set out this morning to hunt down the chocolate muesum. It was not that far of a walk, I just need to cross this huge bridge and wala I was there. The muesum was kind of neat, they take you through the whole process from how the get to cocoa nuts out of the trees all the way to how they ship it. The next room was the Lindt room where ... read more
This was outside the Olympic Musem

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 24th 2010

Having a slight homesick day. I though being alone would be easier then is has been, it seems I repel people and that sucks. I got on the wrong train today, it was going to the write place but I need a reservation for it. The lady was really nice and gave me two choices: Get off at the next stop and get on another train or buy a ticket which would have been €50. I of course got off in Leige, Belgium. I had a hour wait before my next train came so a grabbed a sandwich and sat on some steps and waited. I was weird hearing french in Belgium but that is what they speak in parts of Belgium. I finally got on the right train so I took my seat in first ... read more

It was a hot beautiful day, Gin and I went to find a canal cruise tour. We did many detours getting there because Gin needed money and it was not easy finding a cash machine. Somehow I am having a hard time spending my daily budget which is really good, I think I might have only meet it once and that was in Amsterdam. Gin and I have the same budget of €60 a day and that includes our accomadation and somehow she spends it everyday.We did stumble across the alley that had the huge case of close to all the Belgium beers and there glasses. Next to it was the biggest beer shop in Europe, it was two floors just full of beer and glasses to buy, Aaron would be broke when he came out ... read more

I went to bed early because I was feeling a little down, missing home a little. It feels like people are ignoring me completly at the hostel. It is weird since my first five days I always had someone to talk, laugh and enjoy the city with. I know I wanted to come on this trip alone but I didn´t think I would get like this this early. I set out into Bruge at 10:00am, I made my way to one of the old entrance gates. The only way to get into the city was for someone from the inside to let you in. If the person who let people in let the wrong people in then they were a traitor and they need to be disposed of. On this gate there is a bronze replica ... read more
Traitors skull

I woke up at 7:00 am so that I could get my stuff together because I really don't want to leave anything behind and having Aaron saying 'I told you so'. We want to try and find a market store so that I could get some Nuttela and Stroopruafels before I left The Netherlands because I need them and when Ingebord or Emiel come to Edmonton for a visit they better, hoping they bring me some...Hint hint. Breakfast consisted of left over pizza and a small Mcflurry that we picked up on our way to the train station. I got on the right train to Brussels and said good-bye to Ingeborg. I switched trains in Brussels and was on my way to Bruge. Once I got there I need to to other walk across town or ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht June 20th 2010

Okay I know I said I would never do this but we had breakfast at Mcdonalds but it was Dutch Mcdonald breakfast. You get a crissont, egg mcmuffin, coffee and apple juice for 4 EUR, and the apple juice is double the size we get in Canada. After we slowly made our way to to the fort where we we would be taking a tour in Dutch so Ingeborg was going to have to translate for me, lucky her. The fort was on top of the highest point in The Netherlands, it is their mountian it is a whopping 900m high I think. They are very proud of their mountian. The tour was really neat, it took around the fort that use to surrond Maastricht as well we went under the fort that had the canon ... read more
One of the three muskeetrs
This is weird art in a park

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht June 19th 2010

I woke up early because today I am saying good-bye to Emiel and getting on a train to Maastricht where Ingaborg will be meeting me. I got on the wrong train somehow but I think it was the train station fault because it did say it was going to Maastricht. It was not a horrible mistake, I ended up in Haarlen and I just switched trains there and it only took me 20 mins to get to Maastricht from there. I had to wait for Ingaborg for a little bit because of the mix up but once she got there we were off to her brother's place so I can dump the load. First we stopped at a tourist shop so we could book our tour for the underground caves tomorrow. Her brother lives in a ... read more
I wish this was not beer because I want to drink it all the time
A church that was turned into a library

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 18th 2010

Emiel and I decided to get out of the city town and took the train Koog-Zaandijk which took about 15 minutes to get there. It is a small town that has many windmills. There is one called "De Bleeke Dood" which means the Pale Death, must say this was my favorite windmill. We walked along the river where there were about 7 windmills in a room. I went into one for 3, 00 EUR, it was pretty neat, this particular one use to make paint. Oh yeah did I mention the town smelt like chocolate yes that is just pure heaven, there is a chocolate factory there but we could not find a shop that sold it. The weather was a little gloomy while we where there and rained a little bit but it cleared up ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 17th 2010

I woke up at 6:00 am and just layed in bed looking out the window watching people start there day from the apartments across from me, they are a rock through away. I had a croissant with cheese for breakfast before heading out to concourse Amsterdam alone. I first headed to The Anne Frank house which was not far from where I was stayed plus we walked by it yesterday so I knew where it was. I only had to stand in line for about 5 mins which was not as bad as some stories I’ve heard about waiting half and hour. You were not allowed to have cameras in there so sorry no pics. The lay out of the place was done very well. You learnt about Anne and her family going through each room ... read more

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