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Published: July 23rd 2010
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What a long train ride, happy that I did get to sleep a little bit before Arriving in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rupbulic.
I arrived in Ceske Budejovice where I had a one hour wait before my next train. I was hungry but all I had was Euro's so I figured I needed to get some Crowns. I found out from a lady that 25 Kc equaled about 1 EUR, so it does seem that things are really expensive but here they are actually really cheap. There was a piercing store in the train station *EVIL* that I of course had to check out. I found these neat earrings that were painted a cool design, I have never seen anything like them before back home or anywhere. They were 300 Kc which comes to 12 EUR, which I think they would be 60-70 EUR back home.

I bought a small lunch of a little pizza, some kind of cream puff dessert and an ice tea which came to 85 Kc=3.50 EUR. When I get on the train I thought what a piece of crap, hope it does not break down and it was really hot inside of it. We all put the windows down and it was still hot, I went to the front of the cart and found a window that pulls down so I can sit there and stick my head out and get a wonderful breeze, but be careful when sticking your head out because you might get hit in the face with a tree branch *OUCH*

Once in Cesky Krumlov I took the bus to the city center where my hostel was, well almost in the middle of it and right on the river front. I once again was the first to check into my room so I called dibs on the bed with the sky-lite, it also had a small cubby area next to the bed where I could store all my stuff. After I had settled in I went to find the hostel that Cathy stayed in when she was here because she forgot to leave her key when she left and since I was coming here I could easily drop it off for her.
I found this restaurant that was on the river side and it served bohemian dishes and I finally was able to order rabbit. The dish was an array of many different things. Smoked rabbit, millet, potato cake, dumplings, potato, sauerkraut and salad. I though I would really like rabbit but it did not really appeal to me, maybe it was the way it was cooked or I just don't like rabbit. It had a really strong wild taste to it that was over powering. Once again Sauerkraut in Canada sucks!

I didn't do much after but just wander around and hung out at the hostel.

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Top and alittle bit to the left: Rabbit, Saurkraut, Dumpling, Potato cake, Millet Potato, Ham?

24th July 2010

A bed with a skylite; sounds delightful..

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