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July 10th 2010
Published: July 17th 2010
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I left early again so I had plenty of time during the day at my next destination. I found the hostel in Bad Goisern really easy but there was no one there when I arrived so I left my bag and went out to find food and check out the town. I know it's always the same, early morning train, find hostel then find food.
I picked the first place I came across which was a small pizzeria where I ordered a garlic, mozzarella, bacon yummy goodness pizza.
I walked around the TINY town and I now know where everything is even Cathy's hostel. I went back to my hostel and found the owner were there. They did not speak much English (The older lady spoke none and the young man spoke very little) but they tried their very best, the lady even did actions for showing me where the shower was my pretending her hands were water pouring over her head. When I had settled in I noticed that there was no one at the hostel yet. I like that because then I can pick whatever bed I want which was the only single bed in the room that was not a bunk bed and very close to the windows which I always try to get because the night breeze it the best after a hot day.
I asked the lady if she had a blanket that I could lay in the grass which, and she found me one right away. I spread the blanket out and started writing postcards which I did not get very far on before falling asleep. I woke up 2 hours later and I just relaxed did some writing and enjoyed doing nothing. I went on the search for supper and I found this place right next to the train station that served Austrian food. This is the last time I am having schnitzel I just had to try the pork kind in Austria to compare it to Germany. Germany's is way better because it is not as dry and greasy at the same time.
I went back to the hostel and just relaxed in the grass again before moving inside because I was next to the river and the bugs were coming out.

When I went into the hostel I realized I was the only one staying the whole hostel, I had the entire 77 bed place to myself which on this point of the trip I really enjoyed it.

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17th July 2010

Do they ever have food available at the hostels; or is it just a place to crash? What happens if you can't find food; do you carry some in your bag just in case?
18th July 2010

If there is a kitchen I do buy food and cook. There is always a resturant or market store open because I always get into the towns-cities early in the day.

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