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Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Bad Gastein August 1st 2010

I had an early morning bus to catch to Vienna and from there I take a train to Bad Gastien. While waiting for the bus these drunken people came along who were still drunk from the night before. When they saw my Canadian flag patch on my backpack the one girl overly excited and started asking me a lot of questions and Canada, and if I like Slovakia and such, it was pretty funny and she was helpful in the end letting me know when to get off the bus at the bus station. My bus ride was only an hour long so that was good. On the bus there was a Jewish Rabbi sitting in the seat across from me. Not long into the trip he stood up took out his huge shawl/blanket, some leather ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 30th 2010

July 30th Sad, Sad day my last day in Zdiar, Slovakia. Going to miss the Moneky so much and all the ones inside of it. July 31th For the first time in 12 days I had to set my alarm to "early o'clock". I paid my bill and got my free t-shirt for staying way to long (but no long enough) and said my sad goodbyes. I had missed the bus but it was okay because I left alot of time before my train. After waiting half an hour another one came along. The train ride was uneventful as was the hostel. I went and ventured into my first Tesco which kind of sucked but I did find some leggings and all the other stuff on my list. I was very tired so I made a ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 28th 2010

Today was the day I fianlly decided to take on the XXL pizza challenge, wellin the end I didn't have much of a choice because I told Martin I was thinking about it then he went and told EVERYONE that I was doing it. I eat a decent size lunch at 3:00 pm knowing that I need to strech my stomach out a bit to prepare for it. After lunch I just chilled out reading and watching movies because once again it was raining. The time has come to go to the pizzeria, thank goodness it took them an hour to finally bring my pizza because by then I was so hungary. I did awesome on the first half but then my mind caught up to my stomach and I slowed right down. The last slice ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 24th 2010

A group of us decided to go rafting on the more rapid course today, we set out around 11:00am which we should have left earlier because the best decided to come half an hour after it was suppose to making it so that we missed our connection at the train station in Poprad. We weighted out our options and found a bus that we could catch in an hour. As soon as we were on the bus Lauren (Texas) passed right out. We woke just in time to get off the bus; we had to catch two cabs since there were 8 of us. Once there the instructor handed us our wet suits ha-ha *fits like a glove* wow very tight all over, we were then giving helmets and wet booties to add to our attire. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 23rd 2010

Today Tom and Dan left which was sad because they were great fun. I went to the post office and mailed some postcards. I wandered around the village checking it out and found a market where I bought some food as well as red hair dye. Kate was excited to dye my hair, it turned out awesome really bright and just the way I hoped it would turn out but it but I hate that red washes out so easy. The whole hostel got together and went out to the nicest resturant in town which was still pretty cheap for the amount you get. I ordered a potato pancake stuffed with chicken, pork and liver. It is such a neat thing to do and a great feeling when we all get together and do somethinglike this. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 21st 2010

Today was an amazing fun filled day. It started off when the four Ginger Monkey workers(Martin the Slovak, Jess the Brit Manager of Ginger Monkey who is with Martin, Troy and Bevan the Kiwi's) and I piled into a car and headed an hour away to a place we can go on a nice seanic rafting ride. The driving trip was fun going fast on a winding Slovak road. Where we were rafting was on a river that was right between Slovakia and Poland. We suited up in a life jacket, helmet and paddle grabbed the raft and was off. The guide only spoke Slovak so it was nice having Martin with us to translate. He told us about the mountains and stories behind them. There were a few parts that were rough but nothing to ... read more
Calm rafting

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 20th 2010

I don't really remember the day part of day expect Troy from New Zealand who works at the hostel asked if I wanted to go and have some Golash. It was just up the road from the hostel at this little hut, you have to knock on the window and the man opens it you tell him you want Golash. He does not really have anything else there expect frozen pizza that he puts in the microwave. It was very good and filling and got to know Troy, who was only working at the hostel for a few weeks while the owner (Jimbo) was away on holidays. For the evening we all went to the pizzaria and ate num num pizza and some beers, we came back to the hostel to chill and watch movies. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras July 19th 2010

I woke up at the right time and caught my train to Zdiar, well I caught the train to Poprad then I would need to take the bus to Zdiar. I first had to take a train to Bratislava, my Eurail pass does not work in Slovakia so I was allowed to sit in first class until we got to the Slovakian boarder then I had to move to second which was very full so I just sat on the floor in between carts since it was only about half an hour. My connecting train to Bratislava was late thank goodness since my train was very late getting in and I was very happy that I did not have to wait another 2 hours to catch the next train. This train was very full as well ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Brno July 18th 2010

My plan was going to up to get up at 8:00am or so and be on the train at 10:38am. That plan did not go to well since I was feeling crappy, I ended up sleeping in. I finally caught a train around noon and ended up getting into Brno around 16:00 which sucked because most things closed at 17:00. I checked in to Hostel Fleda and once again I was the first person in my room so I can select the best bed in my mind. My room was split into two rooms and later on a guy from China came and was in the other room so we both kind of had our own rooms which was wonderful. I was uber hungry and just outside the hostel the was a kebab shop where I ... read more

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