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Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck July 6th 2010

I woke up to it raining, well there goes paragliding. I went down for breakfast which was in the pastry shop. they brought me a bowl or cornflakes, 2 buns, jams and spreads, coffee and even a slice of cake, yup cake for breakfast num num. I'm glad I brought my raincoat because it came in handy ALL DAY. I popped in and out of shops which was a bad thing because then I wanted to buy things. I did buy another journal which is really neat, well to me it is. I has a blood splatter on it and the end of the page marker is a bloody knife. After wandering around most the afternoon I caught a bus to the Swarovski crystal museum (mom are you jealous?) It was way better then I thought ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Innsbruck July 5th 2010

I caught the train with the girl from Korea, we went to Munich together then went our seprate ways as I was going to Innsbruck and she to Salzburg. I love having this Eurorail pass, not only can I go then and where ever I please but I get to do it while sitting in first class if I want to. Which was wonderful on this train because I found a 4 seat compartment that was as big as the 6 seater but very roomy and when you close the door the air condion kicks in. I shared the compartment with this guy who was heading home to a place about an hour outside of Venice. He confirmed to me that Italy will be very, very hot at this time and thinks it is a good ... read more
Seafood Risotto

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen July 4th 2010

A lady from Japan and the girl from Korea and I got together to go check out the castle. We catch a bus up tp where the ticket office is then we had to catch another bus up to this bridge that has the most amazing view of the castle. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen thus far. I bought a small picture that a man had painted/drawn of the castle, he is very talented. The next part was to walk down a steep hill down to the castle, I am not looking forward to the walk back. The castle is really great on the outside but the inside is a work or art literally. Every inch of the walls are covered in some sort of art. It's sad that the king only ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen July 3rd 2010

The homesick thing was hitting me hard the last 2 days. I did some thinking and decided not to go to Italy and Greece. I think it would make me really sad being in such romantic beautiful places without Aaron, as well I think it would be way to hot for me there during this time of year, it would be better to come back in the spring or fall. I have not yet decided what I am going to do with the extra days yet so where I end up with be a suprise to you as will be to me. I got on the train to Fussen feeling alittle sad and discouraged. Once the train got close to Fussen my spirit lifted a bit and was very glad I pushed on. Looking out the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 2nd 2010

We woke up around 10:00 am and concluded that we would head back into the city where we would walk around and just relax since it was suppose to get to 38 today. Yes it did get that hot and walking around getting drenched in sweat was not fun so we headed to a river and laided by it relxed and maybe slept abit. Once we had cooled off we headed out back into the sun. We made our way to the old sqaure where I finally was able to try weisswuerste which is a tradinal Barvaria breakfat. It is a white sauasage that you dip into a sweet mustard, very delisious I might say. There was a tower that we could climb the many stairs and then there was another tower that you could take ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 1st 2010

I catch the train at 7:17 am this morning to make my way yo Munich. I had to switch train three times again but I was able to sleep alittle bit here and there. Once in Munich I made my way yo where Maren works (my next host) by taking the U-bahn. Transportation here in Munich is very expensive, I spent so much money in this city just getting around. I dropped my bag off with Maren at her work while I went and explored alittle while I waited for Maren to get off work. I made it to MarienPlatz where the old sqaure is. There is also the famous glockenspiel tower where the little figuers come out and do kind of do a play.I love these old squares but I hate how crowded they get ... read more

Europe » France June 30th 2010

I fianlly was able to sleep in. I woke up at 10:30. Jerry was not going to be back until 12:00 so I had time to catch up some blogging. We set out to France today, It was about an hour or so drive. We drove up another winding mountian where our short hike was to take place. The hike was rugged, short but nice. We hiked to this picnic bench that had an amazing view. This is where we had out picnic that consisted of a bagette, munster cheese, cherries wine from the region and some very good desserts. We picked this sutff up at a market in Munster. We then drove down to a lake where we pretty much relaxed and slept alittle bit.... read more

I caught the train at 6:58 am, I almost missed it because I missed a turn and had to double back. I made all my connections thank fully and pulled unto Bleibach at 12:32pm where I saw the whole Clark family waiting for me. We went to thier house so we could figure out our next move. My room is thier livingroom but with a door, it has a huge couch that you can decided which way to lay. I had a roommate in that room, it was an Igauna, who had a floor to ceiling cage. They also have four cats which one is called Zombie because we they think he is 16 years old but are not sure and he is losing hair and just zombies around the house. They have a daughter named ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rothenburg ob der Tauber June 28th 2010

Last night I got talking to a mother and daughter who were from Hamburg. We ended up playing Rumikue or whatever it is called. It is a games we use to play all the time as kids. The little girl Zoe kicked out asses three times in a row. I got the train at 8:31 this morning and exchanged train three times before getting to Rothenburg ob de tauber at 12:30. I started walking the direction I thought was the right way, I even asked a few locals and no one knew where this hostel was. Some one finally pointed me in the direction of the tourist office. Rothenburg is layed out so that is looks noramal when you first arrive but then you get to the center of the city and go through the old ... read more
Drunk tank
trio of meat

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach June 27th 2010

I said my good-byes to Katja, I will miss her she is an amazing, fun person. I was going to catch the train with only one switch to Bacharach but the train was going to be late 30 mins so I would not be able to make my connections, so I caught another train that was direct. It was longer but that's okay. I meet a mother and daughter from Californa who were going to Bacharach as well. When we departed I said "Might bump into you guys later". From the train I made my way to the information office. The lady there told me the hostel was just up some stairs just aorund the cornor. Up SOME stairs my ass, try 500 of them with a huge backpack on in really hot weather. I barely ... read more

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