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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 16th 2010

I can not go on enough at how much I love the difference here. Even from just riding the train through the small towns. The apartment building, yards and farm land. I arrived in Amsterdam at 11:25 so I had 2 hrs to kill before meeting up with my host Emiel, so I got myself acquainted with Cenntral Station. I first went on a hunt for a bathroom where I had to pay .50 EUR to use it. You put your money in a slot and the door opens. So far the only difference of the toilets is there are two buttons on the wall, one small and the other big. My guess is the bigger button for the bigger flush. After my paid washroom break I went out looking for food. I found a nice ... read more
House boats
I want this building

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 16th 2010

I finally made it, silly does not seem like it but I think once I get to to Amsterdam it will sink in just a wee bit more. My departure was sad, saying good bye to Aaron and my dad was hard (Yes I did cry). My mood was lightened when every time I did something like check in, stand in line or go through security there was my dad standing some where taking a picture. I had my seat changed to a window seat which I was excited about but that excitement sure disappeared once I got to my seat though. The first thing I said when we got to the airport was "I hope I don't get seated next to any kids" I jinxed myself right then and there, because i was seated next ... read more
Close to landing in Germany
On the train
Double Decker Train

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton June 7th 2010

I had to postpone my trip due to medical issue, it was hard to deal with for awhile but I put it behind me and pushed forward. I had the surgery done and recovery went well, and then I went back to planning my trip. I booked another flight for June 15 on a charter flight which was an awesome deal. A few things have changed with me rebooking my trip. I changed my route a bit and took out a few places and add some as well. My itinary will now be: Flying into Frankfurt, Germany The Netherlands- Amsterdam Maastricht Belgium- Bruges Gent Germany- Cologne Dusseldorf St.Goar Bacharach Rothenburg Black Forest Munich Fussen Austria- Innsbuck Salzburg Hallstatt Dachstein Ice Caves Vienna Slovenia- Bled Ljubljana Skocjan Caves Piran Italy- Venice Florence Pompei Greece- Crete Santoini Bulgaria- ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton March 31st 2010

I was ready all set to go, had my big family dinner at an amazing greek resturant, said good-bye to my family members and headed home. I had my bags packed, still was scared and nervous but I was getting on the plane tomorrow and I was excited. But then my world fell apart when I had to go to Emergency just a few hours from getting back from dinner. I have been advised by my doctor to postpone my flight until I can have surgery. WHAT THE HELL!! I cried, I yelled, I was mad. Is this really happening? All my planning, preping and getting pumped up for this trip all came crashing down on me. In the morning I pulled myself together and started email everyone. I cancelled my hostel, my couchsurfing, and my ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton March 25th 2010

Well it almost time to get on that jet plane, only 3 more days and boy oh boy am I scared shitless. I know it is normal to be a bit nervous and scared before taking a trip like this but wow my stomach sure is in knots. But all will be well I just need to get there safely with my bag in hand (that's one this I would hate to happen is my bag getting lost in transit) and on my my to Brugge. I have everything I need and it's a amazing it all fits in my bag. So here is THE LIST : Frankenstien Duckie Mascot 3 pair pants (1 jeans, 1 capri, 1 cargo) 1 skirt 2 long sleeves 4 t-shirts 3 tank tops 1 swim suit 1 heavy sweather 1 ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta February 6th 2010

I have wanted to take a trip to anywhere as long as I was going somewhere. When the opportunity came for me to actually plan and prepare for sure a journey came up it still did not seem possible. With it only being 52 days left until I get on a plane and fly to Europe it defiantly is sinking in now. I have my ticket bought (flying out March 30), my euro rail pass in my possession, travel insurance is taking care of and with a few setbacks I now have my passport, not loving the picture but honestly who does. I'm pretty nervous about this trip since it is the first time I'm going anywhere alone and far from home. I'm scared that I'm expecting so much from this trip. I hope I learn ... read more

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