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July 8th 2010
Published: July 14th 2010
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The Canadians were all heading out today so once again I was on my own. I had no idea what to do today and paragliding was alot more expensive in Salzburg. I decided to get my drink on before noon and headed to the local brewery Stiegl for a tour. The brewery was pretty empty so I pretty much had the place to mysef. There was this tall Beiramide of all the beers in Austria which is 350 different kinds. At the end of the tour I got to pick 3 different types of Stiegl to try. I picked Stiegl-Weizrngold Hefefein, Stiegl Pils and Paracelsuzickel. For lunch I found a popluar lunch spot in Salzburg which single pieces of sushi, it has been to long.
I wanded around the shops again which turned out bad for my wallet. I found these really cute pair of shoes that I had been admiring since yesterday, I went in and tied them on and could not leace the shop without them, but at least they were on sale. They are camo with white toes and buckles up the sides, and if people ask where I got them I can say "Europe" or "Austria" now

how many people can say that. I also bought a leather wide black bracelet from this really neat street lady. I went to the hostel to dump my bags off and ended up having a short nap.
I had a cheap pizza at the hostel and meet an Irish girl named Cathy who is a art teather and spends her summers travelling around and this year she picked Europe. She sure is Irish since everything is "Brilliant" and "Fabulous" and says things like "bits and bobs". we watched The Sound of Music together(the hostel plays it every night) and decided to spend tomorrow together.

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14th July 2010

"Bits and Bobs".. That's awesome..
14th July 2010

hey lorriann those beers you tried at the brewery I bet you had to write the names off the bottle when you were there, and my goodness how do you pronounce them
15th July 2010

Actaully off the menu

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