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North America » United States » Florida September 15th 2014

Back in town and promoting my photography business while other things start moving. Children Photography "Mini" Sessions are now available at a very affordable price. Find on Facebook and please look for our promo-flyers. We are shooting in different locations at set dates. Back to back. Here is a Sneak Peek or our first "Mini-Session" in the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun not only for the kids but also for Us. We loved the challenge of trying to capture who this kids really are...and their personalities through their facial expressions and we would love to know if you get that message when you look at our images... We hope you enjoy!... read more
Children Photography in West Palm Beach and Loxahatchee
Children Photography in West Palm Beach and Loxahatchee

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai August 22nd 2014

Elephants have been an important part of Thai culture for many centuries. Apart from their use in logging, they were use as cavalry in battle. In the many wars with Burma both the Thai and Burmese kings rode on battle elephants. Thousands of battle elephants were employed by both sides during the 300 years of intermittent war. White elephants were traditionally an important symbol of royal power in Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia. The number of white elephants held by a king was a symbol of his power and prowess. A white elephant was on the flag of Siam until 1916. In 1989 logging was banned in Thailand. Huge floods had been exasperated by soil erosion and deforestation caused by the logging industry. This lead to unemployment for the elephants and their mahouts (keepers), leaving them ... read more
Elephant Camp-30
Elephant Camp-41
Elephant Camp-46

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai August 21st 2014

Chiang Rai province covers some 11,678 square kilometres with a population of 1.23 million at an average elevation of 580 metres above sea level, it is the northernmost large city in Thailand. The provincial capital is 785 kilometres north of Bangkok. About 13hr driving, 10 hrs by bus and 1hour and 20 minutes by plane. My last minute ticket from Bangkok to Chaing Rai was $80USD but if you book with time it is a lot cheaper. Chiang Rai was founded in 1262 and was conquered by Burma and remained under Burmese rule for several hundred years. The province contains Thailand's northernmost point at Mae Sai, is well known for its crisp mountain scenery, and hilltribes, and falls within the region known as the Golden Triangle, the area where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos ... read more
Chiang Rai, Thailand

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete August 20th 2014

I had a long journey leaving Dumaguete in the Philippines and a very sentimental one. I was sad to leave my friends. Bill and Ivy had taken me into their home like a sister and we made a really strong bond. I certainly will have them in a very special place in my heart if I don’t get to come back but I know that I will soon. Bill’s car finally took the shit and the transmission sounded like it cracked when they were going to take me to the bus station. The situation sucked but we had a mission, I had to cross the water into the next island to catch a 5hr bus to get to the airport. Ivy went in her motorbike to fish a trike for P30 to take me and my ... read more
20140823-Leaving Dumaguete-5
20140823-Leaving Dumaguete-12
20140823-Leaving Dumaguete-15

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental August 19th 2014

Mr Hoon invited me to a coffee and I had Chae’s delish quinoa salad for lunch really quick. Then I swap batteries and gear and went for my second dive pretty late about 5:30 maybe…I have to double ck with computer. I headed straight for the area that I saw the dragonets with the pointy tail the night before diving with Bill. I bet they are rare or the very list hard to find because I have never seen pictures of them. I had to go to the basket area and backtrack about 40 ft at 46ft. Tide was lower so I went higher. All I saw was sand and the sun was going down quick. I thought there is not a chance that I will see them again. I stopped and looked down and bam ... read more
Mating Dance-Pointy tail dragonete
Female-Pointy tail dragonete
Male-Pointy tail dragonete-Close up to face details

Asia » Philippines » Siquijor August 8th 2014

Going to Siguijor from Dumaguete is really easy by ferry. There is a slow ferry that takes about 1hr and a half and the fast ferry about 45min. The fast is 140PHP per person and the slow 100PHP. We took the fast ferry on the way there and the slow on the way back. The last ferry to return to the island is at 5:30 but its never on time. Tourist would rent a bike and go around for the day. They island has hikes, waterfalls and white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water. Bill and Ivy rented a bike for 500P to go see her dad for her birthday and they sent me in another bike to go explore Tabut Sanctuary of Coco Grove Resort which is a high end Dive Resort that cators ... read more
Our trip to Siquijor-3
Our trip to Siquijor-4
Our trip to Siquijor-5

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete August 1st 2014

I had an amazing day with the girls. We exchanged millenary culinary secrets and I had a very special “Bentusa” Massage Class: One of Ivy’s friends is a Professional Philippino Massause that has learn this technique from her ancesters and today I was passed on to me. Ventosa Massage Therapy is performed by placing glass on specific accupoints on your back. In order to create a vacuum effect, a flame from a burning cotton ball is placed in an inverted cup. We used two types of tourches: cotton wrapped around a coin called candle and cotton on fresh ginger slices. The practitioner then moves the cup toward the outside parts of the body sucking the air away. The cups used are made of different materials depending on the culture. Traditional Chinese practitioners use strong glass to ... read more
Preparing for Ventosa Massage Class
Preparing for Ventosa Massage Class-3
Preparing for Ventosa Massage Class-2

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dauin July 26th 2014

Dive 1 Ph- Dauin Sanctuary. I dove with Bills tech gear and a back plate im not used to. But it was ok because it was our gear test dive. The equipment eventhough is in great shape has never been used. We entered the water in front of Harold’s shack. There is a small shop with compressors and tanks for rent, a well-built concrete camera and gear buckets. A few good pressure showers and nice clean bathrooms. I saw a few small pick up trucks for transporting divers back and forward from the site to downtown. We could see Apo Island right across the water and that was our navigational mark straight south. The bottom of the area is volcanic sand dark not gray but brown and silty. We swam south passed the buoys where the ... read more
Dive boat anchored off Mike's Dive Resort
Mike's Dive Resort at Dauin's Marine Sanctuary
Mike's Dive Resort at Dauin's Marine Sanctuary

Asia » Philippines » Negros Oriental » Dumaguete July 23rd 2014

After Krabi I had a flight back to Bangkok late afternoon on Sunday. I arrived around 8 pm. The cheapest and fastest way to get to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airpot is to take a cab to Chatuchak MRT Station for 180THB and then the MRT to where ever you are going. I was tired to start packing that night for the Philippines so I just had a large Singha beer to relax, knowing that the next 2 days where going to be very busy for me. I had 2 days of classes left at my Thai culinary school, I had to pack one of my trunks and find a place to store it during the time that I was going to be abroad and I had to figure out how to travel with just 30 kg ... read more
Line to get Rice-Dumaguette
Seek and Hide-Dumaguette-32

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 21st 2014

Monday night was my packing night. I divided my belongings in 2: half was going to stay in Thailand in storage and the other half was going to be with me in the next leg of my trip: the Philippines. Once I had 2/3 of my stuff sorted I had to take a break. I sent a quick message to my classmates to go celebrate my last night in Thailand. Last minute decision and I was thinking to repeat one of the rooftop bars I had already been to. Scott suggested to go to an Sky bar called Lebua…but he worn me, one of his friends told him it was expensive. I googled it really quick and found that it was the Sky Bar where the movie “Hangover 2” was filmed at. I was sold. “Let’s ... read more
Lebua Sky Bar at State Tower Hotel-18
Lebua Sky Bar at State Tower Hotel-4
Lebua Sky Bar at State Tower Hotel-2

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