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Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 23rd 2017

We are on the way from Romblon, Philippines to Papua New Guinea and stopped in Manila for a day an a half to get rid of the landscape gear that we will only need in a month we we return. We rented a locker for 33 days to store 2 medium sutcases for about US$40 a much better alternative to paying $400 at the airport for storage. Something to think about if you need to make a station to unload some weight and travel around lighter. Also I wanted to go on a little gastronomic adventure as there are a Restaurants in Manila that have made the list of Best 50 of Asia... but first, my belly hasnt been feeling well and second we didnt have fashionable clothes to go to a fancy place so I ... read more
Lemon Pepper Salmon
The Intramuros Hotel, Manila, Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita October 22nd 2017

Fortunately Super Typhoon Paolo, packing 240 km/hr and gusts reaching 296 km/hr veered away from the Philippines towards Japan and we were able to board the overnight Ferry to return from Romblon to Batangas. As the storm was approaching we got heavy rain that flooded some streets and wind that destroyed bridges in islands south from us. Luckily on the day of our departure from "The Three P" Dive Resort in Romblon, Philippines the storm started to turn away and we had a fairly smooth 8 hr overnight ride. Just in the middle of the crossing it got a little bumpy but and I heard a few people waking up but later I heard that the bumps mid way are quite normal. The ferry gets cancelled only in extreme weather conditions so hearing that it was ... read more
Last view of the area
Last dinner at The Three P Dive Resort
Super Typhoon Paolo track

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 30th 2016

Once I finished my culinary training in Ashburton school I wanted to try some of the best food in London and of course enjoy at least one of the many Michelin star restaurants in London. One of my yacht chef friends suggested to go to "Chez Bruce" Restaurant one of the restaurants that has held a Michelin star the longest...20 years I read somewhere. The food was excellent, well prepared traditional English food. Nothing crazy modern or over the top techniques it was great food and well presented and the price was right. Then I met another private chef, my dear friend Fiona and we went for my last walk in London city, watched a very controversial american play about religion and culture, then she took me to "Nopi" one of Ottolengui's restaurants and we ... read more
Gastronomy excursion in London-5
Gastronomy excursion in London-6
Gastronomy excursion in London-18

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 28th 2016

After assisting Ashburton's cookery school I made a quick stop at one of my dear friends in the UK. She lives on the south eastern side of the outer skirts of London. On a clear day in the fall we decided to go for a walk in nature. What at amazing and peaceful place, the leaves of the trees were starting to turn into fall colors. This is not really a touristic place. It is more a place that the locals to the area would visit in a Sunday afternoon.... read more
Polesden Lacey Valley, UK
Polesden Lacey Valley, UK
Polesden Lacey Valley, UK

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Portovenere September 17th 2016

I finished working the Med Season and I looked at my location (Imperia Porto Maurizio) in the map of Italy to find an interesting place to go while I wait for my training classes to start. Cinque Terre was just 3 hours away by train. I headed straight there. On my way I was texting a friend of mine that was in France and she decided to meet me there and spend a few days exploring and doing gastronomy excursion accompanied by sightseeing and wine tasting. We rented a cute little apartment in La Spezia up in a hill by a church with amazing views of the city and the marina. The buses were limited but quickly we got used to go up and down the hundreds of steps that would take us straight down to ... read more
Porto Venere -  Italy-14
Porto Venere -  Italy-15
Porto Venere -  Italy-9

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Sóller May 4th 2016

Riding the 1900's train to Soller and then transferring to the tramway from Soller to the Port of Soller is definitely very unique. From the port it is possible to take different boats around La Calobra area. The train ride by itself is a treat. Taking the round trip option on the first train and coming back on the last one was our way to go. The ride starts near Plaza de Espana in Palma Center from a picturesque train station in a private area close to the public transport train lines. The ride offers great views of the Tramuntana mountains with a short scenic stop looking down to the gorgeous town of Valldemossa. Soller is small and cute with a little bit of everything for everyone. I opted for the local produce and handcrafted ... read more
Vintage Train to Soller - Palma - Spain--39
Vintage Train to Soller - Palma - Spain--3
Vintage Train to Soller - Palma - Spain--34

Asia » Indonesia » Bali October 22nd 2015

We decided to take a break from the diving and once a week we are trying to get to know the Balinese culture a little bit better. Today it was a Balinese Dance Day. We missed the Barong Dance because it is from 9:30 to 10:30 am in Sanur which is 3 hrs from our hotel and in the same place they do the fire dance at night so we went for that one. We didn't think the show was amazing as we have seen really out of this work fire dance spectacles. But it was fun to have a day going through the island. Here are a few shots that we could rescue from very low light conditions. Later I will update this blog with info about the location of the show and more details. ... read more
Traditional Balinese Dance
Traditional Balinese Dance
Traditional Balinese Dance

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben October 16th 2015

I was very lucky to find cuttlefish eggs on my first dive here. They were undeveloped as we could still see the yolk. We were very exited and still tried to get a decent image. They are about a 15 mm in size and transparent. I just had a lot of fun watching them. If you watch close you can see them move. The current was ripping and it was hard to stay steady. We waited a few days and went back to the spot to find that there were newer eggs and the older ones were now shaping up and we could see a perfectly formed little cuttlefish. We were just settling in to take a shot of the more developed eggs...when something surprised us!!! Watch the video to see what happened next! I ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Bedugul October 15th 2015

I thought it would be a good idea to break from the diving routine once a week and go for a landscape photographic adventure and choose a different location each time. Bali has a lot of temples, some facing the mountains, some facing the sunset, some facing the sunrise, some facing the water. All sorts of people from all over the world to visit them for different reasons: to admire the Arquitecture or the gardens, tradition, spirituality...I find them energizing and peaceful, with a lot of healing powers from crossing vibes from generations and generations of visitors. We chose to go visit the water temple in Beratan Lake: Pura Ulun Danu in Danau Beratan, Tabanan Bali as its one of the most dramatic visually because of its location up in the mountains besides a lake. Beratan ... read more
Water Temple : Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
Water Temple : Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
Water Temple : Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben October 9th 2015

Today, it has been 9 days since I arrived to Bali, Indonesia. And I have decided to start blogging again to continue this photo diary and my dive log that has become my memory keeper for a long time now. Last year my blogs slowed down because I was busy working as a private chef in yachts and I only made a few posts about my experiments with food photography. It was pretty fun too but a whole different dynamic…. specially when hungry guests are expecting food I only had a few seconds to take a quick shot so the food didn’t get cold… Anyway, now Steve and I felt it is time to take a long break and do what we always dreamed of. Work half of the year and move to Asia the other ... read more
My favorite nudi: Costasiella
"White" Costasiella
Nudibranch laying eggs

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