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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben October 9th 2015

Today, it has been 9 days since I arrived to Bali, Indonesia. And I have decided to start blogging again to continue this photo diary and my dive log that has become my memory keeper for a long time now. Last year my blogs slowed down because I was busy working as a private chef in yachts and I only made a few posts about my experiments with food photography. It was pretty fun too but a whole different dynamic…. specially when hungry guests are expecting food I only had a few seconds to take a quick shot so the food didn’t get cold… Anyway, now Steve and I felt it is time to take a long break and do what we always dreamed of. Work half of the year and move to Asia the other ... read more
My favorite nudi: Costasiella
"White" Costasiella
Nudibranch laying eggs

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston July 3rd 2015

The main reason for the boat and crew to be up in Boston, MA was to be there for the 4th of July. The Boss thought it would be fun to watch a Red Sox game the day before and he booked a private perch and took the family and included the crew. We got a tour of the stadium, a historic run, every one got a had lunch box and alcoholic drinks. It was $2000 for 10 people plus $200 per extra person to hire the perch with a personal bartender for 4 hr and a half. We were really there for the atmosphere and to have fun not really to watch the game. Personally, I don’t know anything about American games, never the less “Baseball”. But I anticipated the fun to catching some action ... read more
Boston- MA-16
Boston- MA-46
Boston- MA-2

I went for my traditional photo walk around the tip of the bay towards a cute lighthouse to look for a quite place to call my family. While I was on the phone I noticed a seagull diving into the water catching something and flying away. As it flew away it dropped whatever it caught on the dock and then it flew down and cought it afain just to drop it once more. Very quickly I figured out that it was cracking the shell to eat the animal inside it. I thought it was fun to try to photgraph the behaviour and I just put my phone in the pocket while I spent some time watching two seagulls going around in loops diving down for shells, cracking them on the dock eating them and doing it ... read more
 Seagulls-Nantucket- MA-3
 Seagulls-Nantucket- MA-4
 Seagulls-Nantucket- MA-5

We left Martha’s Vineyard a day early to bit a storm and make it to Nantucket. Everyone was very exited to get there. Much more more to do (Martha’s Vineyard is a “Dry town” with not to many restaurants and bars to go to). One of the daughters of the boss and a couple friends of theirs were going to be onboard for almost a week and of course we were looking forward to our Sunday Funday. I went for a couple of morning walks but not many because the storm was strong and it was rainy, cold and foggy during our time there. One of the biggest yachts even got in trouble and lost their starboard anchor and got pushed into the dock against their million and a half dollar tender. All the crews on ... read more
Nantucket- MA-3
Nantucket- MA-19
Nantucket- MA-4

Weather was going to turn on us to get to the next destination so our Captain decided to leave Newport early to bit the storm. The boss drove the rental car and took the ferry while we took the yacht (Pretty odd!!). They got in to a little adventure that we had to rescue them from. Anyway, the next day the crew and I prepared a very special surprise for Father’s day. I cooked eggwhite shrimp tacos and Amber did a tshirt napkin setting which pleased our boss very much. The town is real cute and I loved the gardens and the flowers around Main Street. We had our “Sunday Fun day” during the week and rented an island jeep to drive around. The island is 87 square miles and has just a few towns. It ... read more
Martha's Vineyard- Massachusets_-33
Martha's Vineyard- Massachusets_-14
Martha's Vineyard- Massachusets_-15

North America » United States » Rhode Island » Newport June 17th 2015

Crew "Escape"... we had a few hrs to burn off before guest arrived and tried to fit in as much as we could. I wanted to take a helicopter ride (Only $75 pp btw) but my idea was quickly turned off by the rest of the group. Instead, we walked the "Cliff Walk" which took us to a petty scenic view of the mansions...lots of photo opps... read more
Newport- RI-4
Newport- RI-31
Newport- RI-59

North America » United States » New York » Sag Harbor June 16th 2015

We got the day off for Sunday funday. We rented a car and headed out of town away from the fancy and wealthy environment. We drove straight to the outer tip of Long Island to a natural park where the Montauk lighthouse is located. We did a photo stop and then we headed to the beach. It was about 80 degrees and sunny. The crewon my boat is young and like to party and they wanted to go to a bar to get tipsy. We found a bar next to the beach where amazing band from Charleston, SC “David Higgins” was playing. I couldn’t take the heat and the outdoors bar scene and walked to town to get an umbrella and a couple of surrongs to lay on the beach. When I returned with the items ... read more
Sag Harbor- NY-4
Sag Harbor- NY-35
Sag Harbor- NY-25

North America » United States » Maryland » Annapolis June 15th 2015

Annapolis is still one of my favorite spots with all the signaturne facades and cute flower on the street. These images are the result of a photo walks early in the mornings...... read more
Annapolis- MD-3
Annapolis- MD-4
Annapolis- MD-5

We spent 4 days in Atlantic City and it was windy must of the time and we couldn’t do our usual morning walks. There was nothing of my interest around the marina and we were isolated from the beach. The last couple of days we discovered that we could take a $2.50 pp jitney that would do a round trip to the beach. It is a gambling destination and unless you are here to gamble there is not much more. I wasn’t allowed to photograph the gambling tables and intentionally there was no Wifi ANYWHERE around the casino to force everyone to do nothing else but eat, drink and gamble. Guest invited themselves to over stay and didn’t even say "Thank You" but our boss treated us to massage, a limousine ride, a fancy dinner and ... read more
Atlantic city- NJ-4
Atlantic city- NJ-11
Atlantic city- NJ-20

North America » United States » New Jersey June 3rd 2015

Cape May is a city at the southern tip of Cape May Peninsula in Cape May County, New Jersey, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. One of the country's oldest vacation resort destinations. In the summer, Cape May's population is expanded by as many as 40,000 to 50,000 visitors. The entire city of Cape May is designated the Cape May Historic District, a National Historic Landmark due to its concentration of url=https://en.wikiped... read more
Cape May- NJ-8
Cape May- NJ-11
Cape May- NJ-26

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