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October 9th 2015
Published: October 10th 2015
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Two nudiesTwo nudiesTwo nudies

Some kind of behavior is going of here. If you recognize it please post ; )
Today, it has been 9 days since I arrived to Bali, Indonesia. And I have decided to start blogging again to continue this photo diary and my dive log that has become my memory keeper for a long time now. Last year my blogs slowed down because I was busy working as a private chef in yachts and I only made a few posts about my experiments with food photography. It was pretty fun too but a whole different dynamic…. specially when hungry guests are expecting food I only had a few seconds to take a quick shot so the food didn’t get cold…

Anyway, now Steve and I felt it is time to take a long break and do what we always dreamed of. Work half of the year and move to Asia the other half. We left our left our lives behind to do one of the things that we love the most: Underwater photography. Finally we are back in a loving and magical place that we call our other home: Bali, Indonesia.

Normally, when we are here our days unroll around diving activities but this time around I will try to fill in the spaces with other activities like hiking, yoga, kiteboarding and do more exploring of the beautiful sceneries. Hopefully I will slowly fill in this blog with different types of photography of the wonderful Balinese people and their customs. I hope you guys enjoy my images.

After not diving for a whole year, the ocean conditions seem difficult and my underwater photography skills are rusted. The first few days there was a surf wall at the shore line which knocked me on the way in and on the way out a few times. In one of those I lost a fin, which was later recovered by one of the locals. Another time I let go of my camera as I was getting pushed and rolled on the sand by the surf. I felt like a new diver in Tulamben. Luckily a few of the village kids where aware of the situation and while I was laying on my back a like a turtle and being unable to stand up on my own because the weight of the gear on my back I managed to signal a kid to grab my camera and take it out of the water to prevent a flood. After that one incident, I decided to take it slow and dive with no camera unless the water entry was carefully planed or if the surf was not as high. Today a week later, Steve and I have worked out a system to get in and out. A few times I have decided to do scouting dives with no camera as it is easier to move without it in the normal sideways current that I’m having trouble getting used to. As a result I don’t have many images to share but here please enjoy a few below.

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Nudibranch laying eggsNudibranch laying eggs
Nudibranch laying eggs

Its always amazing to watch them lay eggs
Harlequin ShrimpHarlequin Shrimp
Harlequin Shrimp

I'm proud I found this one by myself yesterday in Seraya at about 50 ft

11th October 2015
Two nudies

The world is smaller
Glad your dreams are coming true-- travel, diving, cooking and photography. Life is grand. Glad you are blogging again.

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