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North America » United States » Virginia » Portsmouth May 28th 2015

We stopped at Portsmouth, VA on the opposite side of Norfolk, VA. I didn't see as many navy ships as they used to be and the very few that we saw were under repair. I can probably dig back on my blog and look for old photos with tons of airplane carriers in this area. We had a great dinner at a fancy italian restaurant and we called it a night.... read more
Portsmouth- VA-3
Portsmouth- VA-4
Portsmouth- VA-5

Wrightsville is a very pictoresque and small town in the ICW. Its pretty much a mandatory stop to fuel up, have a great dinner at the local restaurant and for the crew to recharge batteries after a long day.... read more
 Writesville- NC-4
 Writesville- NC-8
 Writesville- NC-2

We are back outside its not to rough but still bumpy. Im just glad I can catch up with my photographs between meals.... read more
Beaufort- SC to Wrightsville- NC-26
Beaufort- SC to Wrightsville- NC-13
Beaufort- SC to Wrightsville- NC-4

The weather was rough so we continued going north following the intercoastal. I have forgotten how enjoyable it is to watch the scenery change as we move through, the trees and the grass around were awesome.... read more
FB-Simmons I- GA to Hilton Head- Beaufort- SC-33
FB-Simmons I- GA to Hilton Head- Beaufort- SC-30
FB-Simmons I- GA to Hilton Head- Beaufort- SC-16

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine May 24th 2015

The inlet in St Augustin is know for its high surf. We took a bitting on the way out and one of the waves was 10 ft high. Everything flew across the boat and a few things broke as we turned north into course. The ride was pretty uncomfortable and we took the next inlet in Jacksonville, Fl to go inside the waterway and be protected. We moved slowly but safer.... read more
 20150524_DSC6056 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6058 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6062 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL

North America » United States » Florida » St Augustine May 23rd 2015

To make the story short…My job was done in the Westport 112 as the owners didn’t have any more trips planned on the yacht for the rest of the summer. Luckily Fort Lauderdale is full of boats this time of the year and there is plenty of work around. The yachts are coming back from the Caribbean season and Bahamas to head to the Med, Alaska and the West Coast of US and Canada. …Or to do the traditional East coast USA. I didn’t want to waste time looking for the dream itinerary and miss the season so just grabbed the first opportunity. I got offered to join a Lazzara 116’ and chef for the owners and crew. We had a few days to get the boat ready and provision. We departure early to bit a ... read more
 20150524_DSC6052 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6125 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL
 20150524_DSC6076 Fort Lauderdale- FL to St Augustin- FL

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Exuma » Georgetown March 15th 2015

We spent a few days in Georgetown and had the chance to step off the boat and enjoy the water and a local Festival called "Junkcanoe" Carnival. Its one of the biggest in the Bahamas and vendors come from Nassau to get ready for almost a full week of food, drinks and fun. It is really about sailing but the gatherings really happen after the boats come back. We watched the "Straw' Store burn in flames. Its probably been one of the biggest fires I have ever seen. At the fest we got to eat local foods and brews. A couple of afternoons we went to a small island across the bay to relax and eat conch salad. While the crew was working in getting a buzz going I swam around the anchorage I didn't get ... read more
Exumas- Bahamas-6
Exumas- Bahamas-7
Exumas- Bahamas-29

North America » United States February 22nd 2015

Just a few pics of a crew day off... read more
St. John- USVI-3
St. John- USVI-5
St. John- USVI-6

North America » United States » Florida January 25th 2015

So my first week back from Brazil and Steve bombs me with a superoversaturated dose of…BIRDS! He took me on a sunrise nature boat ride on a lake in the middle of no-where just how we like it. Finally I got to relax and just enjoy my surroundings…after an amazing slow sunrise that we watched from the boat in the middle of a wet cypress land we moved on slowly.. looking for these birds he wanted to show me…All the sudden…there they were all awake and everywhere….very active. The Osprey mating season has started. We saw them mating, doing mating displays, guarding territory to build nests, others where already nesting and probably sitting on eggs, hunting. It was amazing. I didn’t even care about my photos…birds are so hard to photograph anyway…you need patience, skill and ... read more
 Blue Herons builinding a nest
Female bird singing

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife November 9th 2014

To make a long story short. I got a phone call to help deliver a 130ft Yacht from Rio de Janero, Brazil to Miami. I arrived in Rio on Oct 15th. I provisioned the boat for a 4 day crossing to the departure port and left a couple of days after my arrival. On the way we had different failures with the systems and now we are stock in a historic town called Recife. I will upload more details about this trip accompanied with photos. Today I went for a photo walk around historic downtown. I am loving all the colors, the art and the fisherman around me. Take a look....the photos will bring you here...... read more
Recife, Brazil. Marco Zero Historic Downtown
Recife, Brazil. Marco Zero Historic Downtown
Recife, Brazil. Marco Zero Historic Downtown

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