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Ebby told us about a pair of froggies one green and one yellow on a green sponge at 40ft off the dock of the dive friends location. We found the location but no froggies they must have mated and moved away. We searched the area for stuff happening. We saw butterflies mating, schools of snappers, a few cleaning stations… I photographed a white porcelain crab on a seaurchin one more time. I couldn’t see the eyes of the crab on my photos from the day before so I wanted another chance to better the shot. It was bright white on a dark yellow urchin very challenging to calibrate the proper exposure but it was fun. I watched Steve photographing the butterflies mating and then I gave it a go. He also photographed a secretary blenny inside ... read more
Butterfly Love Dance

North America » United States July 23rd 2013

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The girlz were raving about the mustache jawfish found by the Casey's close to the west wall and Steve's juv spotted bumble bee. Talk about cool things to look for!! It has been raining a lot and we skipped yesterday to run errands plus the battery of my truck took a pooh. I started the dive with Steve and then felt behind. The nudis that like in the algae that looks like a thick fishing line in a ball are back. They were everywhere and all sizes. I tried a couple of ID shots but I wanted something more colorful. It's hard to find them isolated from that ball. I guess I passed the dip because I saw a boat going in top of me. I found the dip and photographed a baby lobster and I ... read more

I took a POL ("Proof of Life" photograph, not necessarily a good image) of a super small type of flounder a pretty Catena and a baby scorpion fish. I love their cute faces. Log 638 11ft 131min... read more
Super good looking scorpion fish
size idea....
Very small flounder or sole fish

Asia » Indonesia » Bali June 7th 2013

Bali 83 Secret Bay Am At breakfast I change my idea of doing my last 2 dives in Puri Jati and last minute I decided to go to Secret Bay and try to get a better shot of that baby dragonet/mandarine and to look for the cute blenny instead of trying to look for something new. On the way we stopped at a resort with WiFi and the owner ended up being friends with Mr Yono and they let me take photos of their facilities which were very nice, clean and within the budget. When we arrived at Secret Bay the water was flat like a plate it was perfect to do some top side wide angle and it was high tide. Lucky me!! I headed under the pier straight to the baby mandarin/dragonet ... read more
Another kind of Blenny

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Pemuteran June 6th 2013

The run off rain in Tulamben had ruined the visibilitly and I made a last minute turn and decided to explore the West side of Bali. Komang my new driver arrived early and was super nice. Ricky complaint to much. But my main issue with Ricky was that he was pressuring me to decide what to do and when. I want to decide..Its my trip. He wants to force me to do what he wants and some how everytime he manages to talk me out of doing what I want ending up very convenient for him. This time Wayan helped me get another diver and encourage me to try the west side and if I didn’t like it I could always come back. We pulled a map, threw in some dive site names and made a ... read more
Beach View
Mountains + Ocean

Asia » Indonesia » Bali June 6th 2013

Dilema: What to do on my last night dive? Go get a better shot of something I have already seen (almost for sure: mating dragonnetes) or go see something I have never seen (Not for sure: Mating mandarin)…I switched back and fwd when I think half of the island or more think there are no mandarine fish in Bali… 06 06 2013 Bali 80 Secret Bay am I didn’t really care much for going back to secret bay but I really really wanted a potrait, award winner shot of that cute blenny with puffy cheejs I saw earlier during the week. So I decided to at least do one more dive there. It was raining all morning, Mr Yono stopped at an Internet place in Gilimanuk while waiting for the ... read more
Another view of the special find

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Pemuteran June 6th 2013

I have 6349 images taken in 84 dives in Bali 2013. 2953 of them are already marked as Rejected ready to be deleted when I am in a cleaning mood. I learn to wait a a few weeks and keep them in the freezer in case I change my mind. 2599 I haven’t looked at because they are mostly boring. I have flagged only 88 to look at and only 4 that I am really happy with so far. My first night at the airport in Taiwan I was playing taking photos of my computer screen at low light and I set my ISo at 3200. Then I did about 30 dives with my camera like that. A complete Amateur mistake. Unforgettable! I was concentrated in playing with snoots and finding a hairy shrimp and doing ... read more
My first Harlequin!
 Can't skip a Tiger Shrimp
 Typical Shrimp

North America May 3rd 2013

05 04 2013 Octo with Bumble bee. Watching this behavior is what actually made me start thinking about video. One of the last dives before our quick departure to Indo, I dove the left over 2500 psi from the day before and I was diving in a different way checking for something unusual on common subjects diving slow and carefully. I saw a playful octo that grabbed my tickle stick and I noticed clear shrimp around it. There were a bunch of these clear shrimp jumping off and on the octo. When I was trying to take some pics of the clear shrimp I noticed onebumblebee shrimp and then another one and another one jumping on the octo and picking on its sucklers… so cool. The octo was completely surrounded by bumblebee shrimp that would pick ... read more
Bumble Bee Shrimp playing with an the sucklers of an Octopus
Bumble Bee jumping on Octo

North America » United States » Florida » Loxahatchee April 30th 2013

…what a busy week! I will take photos of all the trees we planted …in the meantime please check out some of my closest neighbors ;) Paul's ashes were thrown at sea during a simple japanese ceremony in Hawaii on Thursday…It should have been done from a plane but a canoe was just fine..... read more
Purselane flower
A lady bug for luck
I saw at least a couple and hopefully they will make more

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