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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 31st 2014

I only slept a few hours and at 8:30 am in the morning I quite awake again. I tried to force my self to sleep but it didn’t work. Also I had a bit of a headache because of the strong AC in my room. I decided to go out for some breakfast and have a chill day and maybe walk the Lumphini park after 4 pm when the sun is not so strong. I was about to go out when I run into my roommate. We had a cup of coffee and went over the maps and places to visit. Lumpini Park: After our chat, I changed plans and decided just to go out and force my self to stay awake until the nighttime to correct my sleeping schedule. I left just before noon ... read more
Bangkok, Thailand
Lumphini Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Therminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 30th 2014

My passport finally arrived with my new visa the week previous to my departure. The process was pretty fast an uneventful except for the fact that the Thailand embassy called me to have me explain in writing why I wanted 2 entries. I got nervous for a couple of days and thought I wasn’t going to get my passport on time. Anyway, I got my passport; but my head didn’t really sink in the fact that I was moving to Thailand for 3 months until the day before of my departure day: when I had to pack and decided to bring all my scuba gear in case I decided to do some diving and maybe a quick trip scape to the Phillipines and use up that trip I won in LAUPS. I also brought an ... read more
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Sky Train - Bangkok

North America » United States » Florida May 11th 2014

Wakodahatchee, in Delray Beach, Florida, is one of the main recreation wetlands for bird lovers around our area: 50 acres of land with a three-quarter mile boardwalk that crosses natural bird habitats providing incredible opportunities to observe birds. Our friends visit the area often and the world travels quick when something special is found. This Spring there a lot of nests and new chicks everywhere. Diane, the "video" specialist in the group showed us a pretty interesting behavior that she was filming that afternoon. Nature never cease to impress and we decided to have a bird day, wake up at a decent time in the morning and go a take some fun photos of the new babies. "Red Wind Blackbirds are one of the most abundant birds across North America, and one of the m... read more
Redwing Blackbird chicks feeding- By Ximena Olds
Redwing Blackbird chicks feeding- By Ximena Olds
Male Redwing Blackbird-By Steven Kovacs

North America » United States » Florida April 27th 2014

One of my favorite locations for Photography and to get away from home, is the Florida Springs. We travel often to enjoy the trees and the fresh water and this time we found wild flowers that were growing on the side of the fields.....They had beautiful colors, purple, pink, yellow. I couldn't resist to stop and play with the flowers and take a few shots. While at it we saw 3 beautiful horses on the other side of a fence in a huge property. We pulled out a bag of apples that we had for the road trip and called them over. Madi quickly slipped into a pretty dress and I grabbed my camera out of the front seat. We fed the horses and pet them. One of them was very friendly and delicate. Obviously used ... read more

North America » United States » Florida April 14th 2014 www.immersion-photography.NET presents "MerPrincess Casidy" Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire in Florida By Ximena Olds Music By: Mika "Kick Ass" and Katy Perry "Roar" Make-Up Artist (MUA) Ande Alvarez Photographer: Ximena Olds This video shows a collection of amazing underwater images taken during MerPrincess Casidy Underwater Photo-Shoot Session, immersed in a special liquid environment. If you are interested in getting your own underwater portrait like seen here, please email us to for information Hire your own underwater photo-shoot, relax and let us do all the work. We will guide you through the entire process and make it as fun as the final product. Anyone can do it regardless of size, height, gender or age and you will be surprised with the results. The photographers have... read more

North America » United States » Florida April 9th 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Christomer Starfish and his daugther MerPrincess Casidy. Christomer is know as Mer-"King" an is celebrity in the Mermaid world, he is not only one of the very few "Real Mermen" but he is available to do public appereances as an enternainer!!! ChristoMer Starfish is also head organizer of MerFest in Florida and North Carolina, that grows bigger and bigger year after year. Pretty much all the mermaid community assist to his events. For info about NCMerfest please click here: and don't forget to like their Facebook page ; ) MerPrincess and MerKing started a family road trip in North Carolina for spring break to South Carolina and... ended up in Florida. Along the way they visited dear mer-friends in different locations and each stop was unique in ... read more
MerPrincess and MerKing
MerPrincess and MerKing
MerPrincess and MerKing

North America » United States » Florida March 28th 2014

Video Editing Services in Florida. Have your been shooting a lot of video clips and want to make a real cool video? Edit, trim the parts you don’t like, keep the parts that you love and join them together with a transition or special effect, insert photos, add credits and captions, throw in your music and much more. Please send me a message I will do it for you! I can keep it simple or take a little more control applying a few other options but always producing good quality movies. I will save the results as a video file ready to upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook and many other sites. While this sounds basic, there are lots of options and fine controls to help make sure everything goes as you expect, the process ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville March 26th 2014

We wanted to get out of town and organized a last minute get away to one of my favorite spots in the planet. The Fresh Water Florida Springs. I announced a post on FB that we were going to be shooting in different locations if anyone wanted to show up to come an join us. It was hard for most people to pull it together last minute but I wanted to give my models the opportunity to at least try to make it. The post is below. Like any other last minute get-aways we didn't really check on weather and we only did when we were already on the road. Ha. rain was coming for saturday. Oh well lets get long as there wasn't any lighting we could still shoot. We loaded the truck on ... read more
Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire By
Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire By Ximena Olds

North America » United States » Florida February 22nd 2014

SCUBASirens just uploaded a blog about my latest work!! ..................................................................................................................Check out the video! AWESOME CLIPS that show how much fun we have in our Underwater-Photoshoots! ....Like +♥+Share their page to stay tuned with all the cool stuff the sirens do! ................................................................................................................... Check out underwater images of the SCUBASirens Here!! read more
ScubaSirens-Siren Jess
ScubaSirens-Siren Erin
ScubaSirens-Sirens Nikole and Lindsay

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach February 2nd 2014

Steve left yesterday to Bonaire for a last minute diving trip. My dad was in town and we had a late night. I forced myself to wake up and go diving. I had trouble getting out of bed and getting out of the house on time. Luckily I found parking space just in front of the playground. I went in the water with no plan just to relax and to tke a photo of whatever…. I run into Judy and Diane and since they knew Steve was out of town and I was alone they invited my to join them. I’m glad they did because they showed me my favorite subject of today’s dive! Thanx girlz!!. On my own, I found a very uncooperative black sponge bob and showed it to Judy. But I think they ... read more
Black sponge bob
Ceramic Crab

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