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North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach January 9th 2014

I had to go get the material to start my Divemaster training and I decided to get all my gear ready and check out the conditions at the bridge. If it was fine I was going in. I run into Sandra when I got there and we walked over the bridge to look at the water from there. It actually looked ok. We decided to join forces and go in together to look for the pipe horses since they are actually really hard to find. I swam on the surface to the spot and dropped from there. Sandra followed. I landed right on the spot next to the male pipehorse. I was so exited. I signaled Sandra to shoot it while I look for the female so each of us could have one. Instead I found ... read more
Yellow sponge bob with blue spots
Male Pipehorse

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach January 7th 2014

Last night had been announced to be the coldest night of the year: 50 degrees. Maximum temperature during the day: 62 degrees. How cold could the water be? I went outside and it was not windy. I set up my camera but I had some trouble with the primary strobe. It would fire but the image would come out dark even opening the aperture. I changed cords, 3 batteries and the strobe. Finally I noticed that it was position between full and ttl. Changed it and bam it worked. I looked at the watch and I could still be on time. I loaded my truck up and decided to go and get a feel for it and decide to dive or not at the location. I figure I wont do a long dive just like an ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach January 5th 2014

It has been cold and raining and we skipped the dive the day before. But on Sunday I thought it was a good opportunity to use my new custom made wetsuit I had made in Bali and go for a dive. I really wanted to get photos of the Costasiellas that a couple of the girls have been photographing. I got to the general area and noticed that one of my strobes wasn’t on. I had to get out of the water and change battery. I didn not check it before I got in the water. Pretty basic mistake. I was wearing several new additions to my rig. It was a good time to test it all. The reg is uncomfortable; the airsource drags on the side stiring the sand around me, not sure if I ... read more
colorful critter
Juvenile black seahorse

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau December 7th 2013

Mantis Shrimp with eggs David Sanchez had found a mantis shrimp with eggs and shared with Steve the day before. Steve took me to it today but the mantis was very shy in the hole. I moved on and run into Diane who showed me a different color garden eel. I spent some time with them. There was one red one within the yellow ones. Diane told me later that it was not mating colors that it could be a different species. I saw 2 with holes very close to each other and I saw them touching faces. My photo is not so good but I got proof of life. As I got close the smaller one went into the hole and never went out again..and I didn’t feel like waiting for it to go back ... read more
NassauNew Providence

North America September 5th 2013

HighTide was in the morning. We arrived just on time. The water was cold but clear it actually felt like fresh water. Steve went ahead of me to shoot the Molly Blennies and found a third one with eggs. I left him behind to go look for seahares in the grass but then I thought to look for my weight pocket and got distracted with flabellinas and other common nudis under our bridge. The Steve showed me a couple of male dragonets practicing fight behavior but they didn’t really get into it, maybe they were too young. Then I shot a sailfin blenny that was hunting. I think It got small brittle stars but not sure because that happens so fast. I wish Diane were around to catch it on video. I was cold. On ... read more
Milly Molly Blenny With Eggs
Sail Fin Blenny hunting
Sail Fin Blenny hunting 2

North America » United States » Florida » Riviera Beach September 4th 2013

Steve showed me a pretty orange sponge bob, I don’t know the real name, it’s a juvenile fish that is very cute. They are the size of the pinky nail and move in zig-zag really quick. Log 637 17ft 106min... read more

North America » United States » Florida August 27th 2013

Here is the link to our Mermaid Video: It is also available for viewing on my website: When my partner and I, came back from Bonaire I really needed a project to free my creativity from my macro routine. I didn't think about it at all. I grabbed my phone made a couple of phone calls to the right people, send a few texts, emails and threw all my gear (and the one that is not mine) in the back of my truck. I made sure I had extra batteries charged and headed to one of my favorite locations. Lance Borsellino, an amazing freediver and very good all friend drove from Jacksonville to meet me. Lance goes down to 154 ft on one single breath and when relaxed can hold h... read more

North America » United States » Florida August 11th 2013

I just arrived from Bonaire and needed to refresh my creativity and do something different. Merpaloza was going on the following weekend in Tampa and I really wanted to mingle with Mermaids. One of the tail tailors contacted me to participate as the part of the team of photographers. The last day of the convention the mermaids moved away from the city looking for a water and a shooting location while I was working my way up to meet them. It took real careful planning to sycronize the timing for me to get there just before sunset. The girlz got access to a private property by the Rainbow River and jumped in the water to check it out. The current was ripping. Inmediately the got on the phone and called me to move the location. A ... read more
Who said mermaids don't exist
72oF water
Make yourself at home

For first time in a long time I was actually glad that the trip was coming to an end. My ear was hurting and my head was hurting in every dive. I felt like catching a cold but didn’t skip any dive. I couldn’t concentrate underwater with a headache. The last subject that I actually pulled tru my pain and tried to photograph was a blenny that lives under the private dock north of Something Special. This guy was a very special one because it lives inside orange cup soft coral that makes a colorful background. I didn’t have an amazing photo trip but it was nice to go somewhere. We chose to dive the same location over an over so we could go back to specific subjects and watch their behaviour. It was also nice ... read more
Playing on the other side of the camera
Chasing Pink Flamingos

Bon dive 16. Carl’s Beach (next to town pier). We went in the water around 1 pm. I checked the shallows and found 2 white mantis shrimp in holes and a falbellina. I turned some rocks around hoping to find cling fish, bumble bee shrimp or nudis. I didn’t find much and I moved on towards the reef. There was a mooring block on the way that looked interesting. Of course I saw steve’s fins poking out of there. He signaled me to 2 sponge bob’s of course I only saw one. It looked that I could get some negative space out of it so I plopped down and dedicated to it. In the meantime I saw redlip blennies sitting on fire coral, 2 very active Pederson cleaner shrimp claning small butterflies, damselfish and another type ... read more

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