Hi there! My name is Victoria Ade-Genschow. I'm British but I live in Germany. I've been living in one of the greatest cities in the world - Berlin. I've been a traveller for years now but never quite got around to sharing "the fun" with all and sundry and my friends n' family in Good 'Ol Blighty until now. I'll be travelling to various places and letting you all know all about it and it really IS about time, so here goes.....!

P.S. At the end of 2013, I opened up a lifestyle, expat & travel blog. If you want to look me up you can find me on:


Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 31st 2013

Hi Friends & Family, It's been a long time since I've updated this travelblog. Whoops! It's not that I didn't want to but rather, so many things have happened since the summer of 2011 when I last updated this travelblog..... After coming from Poland, we went on a trip to Brandenburg and then to London. That was an exciting trip 'cos that was the first time that "The Small Young Gentleman" had ever been to London and he was so ready for it! I decided that I wanted to do a Phd, so since it's been years since I actually did my first degree, I decided to register for a Masters. In England! That basically meant that I commuted between England and Germany, every six weeks in order to do my classes. I hope to finish ... read more
Bryce Canyon
Yosemite National Park
September 2012

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 3rd 2011

Hi friends and family, Today was just walking around and planning things to do in the next couple of days and also sampling and trying various yummy things to eat and drink. We're at the sea-side so obviously seafood was practically being given away the prices were so cheap! We so wanted to go to eat at each and every restaurant but one only has one head and one mouth so one sitting per day would have to suffice. Nevertheless, we managed to have a good dose of no-frills fish and chips without the fancy stuff and where the local people patronise. Its important to buy from local people and not only the more expensive establishments although we went to those too! We also went to this river-side cafe where you could people-watch as you sat ... read more
Where we had dinner
We had scrummy cake and a lovely pot of tea on the riverside
Photo 3

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 2nd 2011

Hi Friends & Family! Today, we decided to go cycling locally and for your information I have just learnt HOW to ride a bike!!!! I undertook a two-week adult intensive course in Berlin which consisted of 5 people and cost just under 200 Euros and well worth it I thought. Anyway, one of the reasons for this was to cycle in the Polish countryside which I did but I learnt a few valuable lessons too thus: 1. Never rent a bike without a bell 2. Stay on the bicycle path 3. Just because you can ride a bike doesn't mean that you can ride a bike 4. If in doubt stop the bike and get off it. 4. I do much better cycling where people are not actually present! I learnt the hard way and it ... read more
Photo 15
Local fishers
Photo 3

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 1st 2011

Hi friends and family! We've finally settled in after a bumpy start the day before and so to the day itself - Monday 1st August, 2011. Gosh! I can't believe that half a year has flown by already. We decided to rent out a buggy bike so that we could check out the town to see the similarities of old and if there are any changes and indeed, there are, albeit subtle. We started off by having a breakfast of scrambled egg and bacon pieces with Polish brown bread and also revisited what we call " the gingerbread house". The landlord of our hotel and his family own the establishment with four restaurants serving hotel guests and the public either classier stuff at the hotel itself or ice-cream and waffles at the dairy shop, fast food ... read more
here he comes!
Photo 19
Shall we come closer or not?

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba July 31st 2011

Hi Friends & Family, Its the summer holidays once again and because our previous holiday this year was all glitz, glamour and spare-no-expense to the USA our summer hols had to be somewhere cheaper 'cos money doesn't grow on trees you know, so to Eastern Europe we came i.e. A two week beach-forest-lake holiday in POLAND at a little fishing hamlet and beach resort called Leba on the Baltic Sea. 'Got up at 05:45 and after throwing the last bits and pieces together and force-closing the suitcase ( didn't know we had so much stuff! ) 'decided to give "The Small Young Gentleman" the suitcase ( filled with all-weather clothes, "Horrible History" books and computer games ) whilst I put all my stuff into my backpack of lore. We left home at about 07:14 in order ... read more
Photo 11
Photo 10
Photo 14

North America » United States » California » Death Valley January 28th 2011

Hi Friends and Family, This was the day that we were leaving and again, we had to decide where to have breakfast as breakfast was not included in the cost of the hotel and hotel prices were OK but for two adults and one growing child would amount to nothing less than $50.00 and I'm not doin' it! No way! So back to the internet / local tourist magazine for up-to-date info and I found something. In one of the magazine, there was a small advert about a "real" restaurant in the locality that was so good, it was given an award for "best service" in 2010 and is known to have one of the best breakfasts in town. I checked it up via a consumer website called "Yelp" on the internet and it seemed to ... read more
On the way to Death Valley 003
On the way to Death Valley 012
On the way to Death Valley 018

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 27th 2011

OK the Excalibur. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip and is owned and operated by MGM Resorts International. Excalibur, named for the mythical sword of King Arthur, uses the Arthurian theme in several ways. Its facade is a stylized image of a castle and until 2007, a wizard-like figure representing Merlin looked out from a high turret. It now advertises some sort of toilet-humour event called "Dick's Last Resort: The Shame of the Strip". (looks a bit yucky but whatever pushes your buttons and all that! Excalibur is situated at the Tropicana - Las Vegas Boulevard intersection and the hotel is linked by overhead pedestrian bridges to neighbouring casinos to the north ("New York-New York", across Tropicana Avenue) and to the east ("Tropicana", across the Strip). ... read more
Las Vegas 175
Las Vegas 162
Las Vegas 190

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 27th 2011

Hi Friends and Family, Good Morning All! We woke up and it came to us that we were finally in Las Vegas. We were no longer in Utah but Nevada. What a thrill! Its funny to see that in the end, Vegas is just a block of sand and in the daytime, it just looked, well, sandy! So, time for a little stroll and breakfast. I had done some research on buffet meals regarding the quality of said meals, location, crowd possibilities and cost. Bellagio came up trumps as the best place to be for brunch-lunch! But first, do the walk. There was still a bit of a nip in the air and so we took our scarves and jackets and walked along the Strip in albeit, a bit of sunshine. The daylight showed us that ... read more
Las Vegas 014
Las Vegas
Las Vegas 065

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 26th 2011

Hi Friends and Family, I'm back and its been such a silly, long time. Sorry! Sorry!! Sorry!!! What can I say? Anyway, Las Vegas. Whoop-whoop. Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas baby!!!!!! But the lights. The lights. We know we were a few feet away 'cos of the lovely, astonishing, glaring light. Or perhaps I should say: LIGHTS. Our hotel was called "The Platinum Suites Hotel & Spa". A brilliant, high quality hotel that provided the Las Vegas lifestyle without the noise and smoking pollution of 24 hour casino-ing. It was slightly off-strip (like 2 minutes!) and totally family-friendly, safe and weirdo-free! We were astonished that our $102 per night brought us a HUGE fully -equipped suite which if I were still an undergraduate/ uni. student, I would move into ASAP! Our "Solitaire" suite had ... read more
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Las Vegas

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon January 26th 2011

Hi Friends and Family, We arrived at Bryce Canyon at a pretty decent time (20:45) and checked in! Bryce Canyon was pretty easy to find in the ‘ol Bryce Town and the hotel was quite easy to identify too. It was a Best Western (Plus) Hotel and before you roll your eyes, it was one of the best hotels on the trip when it came to luxury and comfort. Suuuuurprise!!! We’re in Utah baby! The “BW Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel” was located just one mile from the entrance to the Bryce Canyon National Park. I had heard so many wonderful things about the hotel and it was all good. Again, it’s low season so we were pretty much not more than four families of tourists and a complimentary buffet breakfast was included, fridge and microwave in ... read more
Bryce Canyon 064
Bryce Canyon 068
Bryce Canyon 070

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