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August 2nd 2011
Published: August 10th 2011
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Hi Friends & Family!

Today, we decided to go cycling locally and for your information I have just learnt HOW to ride a bike!!!!

I undertook a two-week adult intensive course in Berlin which consisted of 5 people and cost just under 200 Euros and well worth it I thought.

Anyway, one of the reasons for this was to cycle in the Polish countryside which I did but I learnt a few valuable lessons too thus:

1. Never rent a bike without a bell

2. Stay on the bicycle path

3. Just because you can ride a bike doesn't mean that you can ride a bike

4. If in doubt stop the bike and get off it.

4. I do much better cycling where people are not actually present!

I learnt the hard way and it was so bad that I can't actually tell you what happened as I am very ashamed and utterly embarrassed. All I can say is that for a while I didn't want to ride the bike further at all and that no bones were broken of either myself or anybody else and not only that but it was actually "The Small Young Gentleman" who gave me words of advice!!

Right back to where we were.

We wanted to cycle to the National Park nearby but it proved difficult as the cycling path was absolutely crowded with pedestrians and other cylists as the road had been reduced to two lanes. In years previous, horses, carts, bikes and buggies could ALL go on the road at the same time with no problems whatsoever but now you can't and it shows!

We did go to the new constructions though as the area has opened up with new development.

What was previously marshland now has a mini-motorway and a really brilliant and a hardly-used bicycle path which leads out of Leba and around the town so we went on that. It was liberating enough to make me feel that I wouldn't be a disturbance or a worry and that both "The Small Young Gentleman" and I could ride freely and in the open and still be able to see each other on "the road".

After a while, we went on the edge of the beach and to where the sailing boats and yachts were anchored too before going back into Leba for dinner and certainly NOT before having a huge double-chocolate-vanilla-ice-cream which was as big as "The Small Young Gentlemans" head!

See ya!

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