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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba September 17th 2014

Kartuzy and Leba in northern Poland on 14 September 2014 Kartuzy was only 30 kms west of Gdansk so we arrived around mid morning. It was Sunday morning so the mall and streets were very quiet....except the areas in front of the 2 large churches in the town. We learned from our host Darek that there was a high church attendance rate in Poland. We saw 1st hand evidence of this in Kartuzy as there were so many people attending church, there were people outside the churches, praying and kneeling as the inside was full.....something we would never see in Australia except on special occasions. We also saw that the town had gone for the largest scrambled eggs to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records. The town had a great 'feel', being of high ... read more
Kartuzy in northern Poland - church and cemetery the latter which is very frequently visited (2)
Kartuzy in northern Poland - church and cemetery the latter which is very frequently visited (3)
Kartuzy in northern Poland - great icecreams

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba June 10th 2014

We just completed a 31 hour crossing from the town of Stralsund in Germany to Leba, Poland. When you leave Stralsund you must wait for a bridge opening so we left the harbor about 8AM for an 8:20AM opening time. It reminded us of the many bridge openings we had waited for on our trip down the East coast going through the ICW back in 2010. We looked like ducklings all in a row as we waited patiently (and some not quite so patiently) for the opening and then “marched through” so we could continue our journey. You then enter a very large lake which we crossed before going out to the Baltic again. Using this route saves quite a bit of time and keeps you in more protected waters. It is a lovely large shallow ... read more
At 1AM It Is Still Light Enough
2 AM It Is Even Lighter
2:30AM Was Much Brighter

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 3rd 2011

Hi friends and family, Today was just walking around and planning things to do in the next couple of days and also sampling and trying various yummy things to eat and drink. We're at the sea-side so obviously seafood was practically being given away the prices were so cheap! We so wanted to go to eat at each and every restaurant but one only has one head and one mouth so one sitting per day would have to suffice. Nevertheless, we managed to have a good dose of no-frills fish and chips without the fancy stuff and where the local people patronise. Its important to buy from local people and not only the more expensive establishments although we went to those too! We also went to this river-side cafe where you could people-watch as you sat ... read more
Where we had dinner
We had scrummy cake and a lovely pot of tea on the riverside
Photo 3

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 2nd 2011

Hi Friends & Family! Today, we decided to go cycling locally and for your information I have just learnt HOW to ride a bike!!!! I undertook a two-week adult intensive course in Berlin which consisted of 5 people and cost just under 200 Euros and well worth it I thought. Anyway, one of the reasons for this was to cycle in the Polish countryside which I did but I learnt a few valuable lessons too thus: 1. Never rent a bike without a bell 2. Stay on the bicycle path 3. Just because you can ride a bike doesn't mean that you can ride a bike 4. If in doubt stop the bike and get off it. 4. I do much better cycling where people are not actually present! I learnt the hard way and it ... read more
Photo 15
Local fishers
Photo 3

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba August 1st 2011

Hi friends and family! We've finally settled in after a bumpy start the day before and so to the day itself - Monday 1st August, 2011. Gosh! I can't believe that half a year has flown by already. We decided to rent out a buggy bike so that we could check out the town to see the similarities of old and if there are any changes and indeed, there are, albeit subtle. We started off by having a breakfast of scrambled egg and bacon pieces with Polish brown bread and also revisited what we call " the gingerbread house". The landlord of our hotel and his family own the establishment with four restaurants serving hotel guests and the public either classier stuff at the hotel itself or ice-cream and waffles at the dairy shop, fast food ... read more
here he comes!
Photo 19
Shall we come closer or not?

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba July 31st 2011

Hi Friends & Family, Its the summer holidays once again and because our previous holiday this year was all glitz, glamour and spare-no-expense to the USA our summer hols had to be somewhere cheaper 'cos money doesn't grow on trees you know, so to Eastern Europe we came i.e. A two week beach-forest-lake holiday in POLAND at a little fishing hamlet and beach resort called Leba on the Baltic Sea. 'Got up at 05:45 and after throwing the last bits and pieces together and force-closing the suitcase ( didn't know we had so much stuff! ) 'decided to give "The Small Young Gentleman" the suitcase ( filled with all-weather clothes, "Horrible History" books and computer games ) whilst I put all my stuff into my backpack of lore. We left home at about 07:14 in order ... read more
Photo 11
Photo 10
Photo 14

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba June 26th 2011

What a stunning location in the north of Poland! When you're there - you simply MUST visit the moving dunes in the Slowinski National Park - just breathtaking! ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 4
Photo 5

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