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August 1st 2011
Published: August 8th 2011
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1: Walking with pigs 58 secs
2: A close encounter with others! 87 secs
3: Feet-nibbling pigs! 42 secs
Hi friends and family!

We've finally settled in after a bumpy start the day before and so to the day itself - Monday 1st August, 2011. Gosh! I can't believe that half a year has flown by already.

We decided to rent out a buggy bike so that we could check out the town to see the similarities of old and if there are any changes and indeed, there are, albeit subtle.

We started off by having a breakfast of scrambled egg and bacon pieces with Polish brown bread and also revisited what we call " the gingerbread house". The landlord of our hotel and his family own the establishment with four restaurants serving hotel guests and the public either classier stuff at the hotel itself or ice-cream and waffles at the dairy shop, fast food and huge 60cm pizza at the pizzeria, fried and smoked seafood at the fish shop and cake and pasties at the gingerbread house. The 3 star family-owned hotel is called "Arriba" on ul Turystyczna 5d, Leba.

A lot of the spare land had been developed and turned into holiday homes for tourists so we decided to go exploring. Not five minutes away from our hotel was a forest path in which I thought I saw a huge pack of dogs but they seemed to be behaving in a strange manner and on closer inspection, we discovered that they weren't dogs but pigs! Wild pigs who were rapidly becoming domestic pigs 'cos a crowd of people were "handing out" food and titbits and these pigs were getting closer and closer.

You can actually see how tame they were getting as they weren't afraid of people and at one point were eating from peoples' hands. Yuck!

I was a bit anxious about the boar and sow as they can be quite aggressive when it comes to their litter so we took a few videos, got as close as we could and then took off!

After this we got hungry and found another cake shop that was selling the creamier variety. Huge chunks for just 10 zloty for basically 2.5 Euros!

Thereafter, we went to the pier and poked our noses into nooks and crannies.

See ya!

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9th August 2011

lovely piggies !!
nice shots and fun videos ! Thanks for sharing ! I like following your trips :-) enjoy
10th August 2011

Lovely piggies!
You're very welcome likewise!

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