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10th August 2011

Lovely piggies!
You're very welcome likewise!
9th August 2011

lovely piggies !!
nice shots and fun videos ! Thanks for sharing ! I like following your trips :-) enjoy
31st March 2011

Fortunately, I had a completely different experience. This B&B was one of the best that I had been to in Scotland and the service while I was there was excellent and the owners couldn't do enough to make our stay pleasant and comfortable! 'So sorry that you had some difficulties.
4th March 2011

With Reference to the above blog, Wifi? ha what a laugh, i'm on the 1st floor less than 10metres from the WiFi and no connection, asked the landlord about the WiFi, seemed spaced out and wondering what day it was shurruged his shoulders and said he'd try and fix it, Rooms are kept in excellent order and cleaned daily, well worth staying in, apart from the WiFi situation that needs to be sorted as the sh*t telly is doing my Fecking heed in!!!!! although watching the local talent walk past every morning and night does help take the edge of what seems to be a very boring dull city.......made of concrete
6th February 2011

Hi Alex, Thanks for replying and your very nice comments! Yes, the pictures are amazing and we feel very lucky to have seen them in reality too! We had a wonderful time.
3rd February 2011

The pictures are amazing have a very good time You was a good teacher for me!smile
3rd February 2011

Grand Canyon I
Hi Florence! Thanks once again. Yes, we do like to travel independently but of course we're doing the trip as a family so you're never really alone LOL! We're so glad that we came in the winter 'cos I'm scared of the bears and I liked the fact that it would be less crowded and cooler. Let's hope Disneyland is the same!I had hoped that we would get to see an Indian Reserve but there was just no time. When we come again, we'll definately spend a minimum of 6 10 years time LOL!
3rd February 2011

Route 66.
Thanks for commenting Florence. 'Really appreciate that people are reading it! Yep. The colours ARE amazing!
2nd February 2011

wonderful and you are almost alone ! That's geat just for you ! appreciate it! usually it's full. I was there in the summer and it was really really warm. We went by car to the river passing through an Indian reserve and paying the Indian chef at the petrol station ! Fun ! Plus you are lucky, cold but sunny ! What do you want more ! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your suite :-)
1st February 2011

I liked driving in Arizona and saw Canyon de Chelly after a rain wash, it was just amazingly wonderful! with so many colors ! Thank you to share your trip and your anecdotes :-) it makes me smile ! Liebe Grüsse, Flo
1st February 2011

America is great!
Hi Daniel, Thanks for your Email & best wishes, we're really having a good time. We're in San Fransisco now but The Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon were great, Las Vegas was wow and the Yosemite National Park was exciting. I sent a few postcards to the office and hope they get there before I do LOL! We saw a coyote, a racoon and reindeer! 'Hope the weather in Berlin gets better! Greetings to everyone at school. Victoria. PS. Watch your spelling!
31st January 2011

Good to be in America …
Hi Victoria & the Gentlemen, thank you for letting us take part on your westcoast-trip. Enjoy "your" wheather because ours isn't that fine;-). - 4 degrees celsius is all that petrus wants to give to us at the moment. Nevertheless life goes on in Berlin too, we keep the school running:-). Have a great time there and then (much later…) a very happy return, Daniel (student wsti)
26th January 2011

One day soon...
I know! I know!! One day soon but not on this trip I'm afraid. We're already talking about when we're going to come back 'cos there's still lots of places that we weren't able to see. Sigh! PS. Thanx so much for reading :)
26th January 2011

Yip! Yip!!
Thaaaaaanks! :)
25th January 2011

Love you loads
Hey, hey..go ahead, break my heart and do not stop by for a visit..even if its for a day!. C'mon, might as well....Chicago is not that far. Nice to see you tho!. I think you are living a dream being able to travel the world. Love you loads
25th January 2011

enjoy the US, it is so great ! You will see amazing country sides and I like it to follow your trip this way :-)
25th January 2011

Hi Florence, Thanks for reading. Its really exciting in the USA and The Grand Canyon was and is amazing. I hope to send through the pictures tonight. Take Care! Victoria
25th January 2011

Hi Simone! Thanks for reading. Yes, we went to Hollywood but we didn't see anyone famous. At least I don't think so LOL! It was 22C in LA hot n' sunny but now we're in the Grand Canyon and its -1C and very chilly. More later. Lots of love, Victoria, Frank & "The Small Young Gentleman"
23rd January 2011

Hello to you!!
Wow, Hollywood ... have you seen a celebrity??? Enjoy your trip to the Grand Canyon and maybe you’re going to take a Chessna flight? Best wishes from Berlin (1 °C now) Lenni, Mathi, Maik & Simone
23rd January 2011

Enjoy, you will love it, these huge horizons are making you feeling very small and the nature is so nice!
13th August 2010

Hi Ramona! Long time no see!! Yes, Bristol seemed to be a very interesting city that we will definately research NEXT TIME. Unfortunately, we were only there for the night before we proceeded to Wales!
13th August 2010

Have a very good hint for you!
Hi Victoria! You endouring traveller. Yes, I made a 1-da tip to Bristol 2008. It' S A CALM AND PEACEFUL city. And -I could not believe it- one can easyly discover people beyond 55 in opposite to London. What you definitly should not miss are the Cottwoulds near Chichester with their unique bizare village houses. I have never seen such kind of buildings before. The National Express will bring you down there and another regional bus. As far as I can remember it is an approx. 2 hours ride from Bristol. Enjoy it!! Love, Ramona
29th December 2009

Indian Restaurants
Indian restaurants in London are known for keeping the Indian traditional cooking method of varieties of ingredients in choice of spices. You can choose Indian restaurants for their excellent food and services in London.
2nd August 2008

Polish community
Hi Andre, Thanks for reading my blog! I can't say that I really saw any Polish people except for domestic staff but I do know that they have more opportunities in the UK than in Germany and they are welcomed with open arms!
27th July 2008

Polish Community
Hi Victoria, thanks for your interesting travel guide about scotland.I hope you and Svetlan have a great time in Scotland Is it true,that arround 1 million Polish people are living in Scotland as "guest workers"? And they are the third biggest community in Scotland right now? Do you see some influence of the Polish people? - Greetz André

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