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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 13th 2007

Hi Friends and Family, Local time is 03:14. I ought to get up at about 06:00. I haven't been to bed yet. Oops! What HAVE I been doing? Packing and Re-packing. I am so last-minute! I also spent the evening tidying the house. I don't want to come back to chaos, but rather some sort of karma. Meanwhile, how did I forget a shelf full of fresh vegetables? I haven't a clue. 'Hopefully, my neighbours will make soup out of them! I'm pretty excited and so were my students. Quite a few of them wished me well. In a couple of hours time, my companion and I will be on our way to the airport and then onto Moscow. Right now, I'm going to lay my weary head and stuff my bed with a hot-water bottle, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 12th 2007

Hi Family and Friends, Its the Morning Before the Morning Before and 24 hours before the adventure begins. Yesterday, I bought some essential items - ear-plugs! I also got basic toiletries for the next couple of days. One of my girlfriends came back from London and brought me one of the most important-don't travel-without-'em-basics. What did she bring? Newspapers people. British newspapers. At last! I love reading and I need to read. Sadly, I'm also a fast reader so half the time, I end up with nothing to do but stare at the ceiling or read crappy, boring advertisements. And for this journey, there's a lot of hanging around! Moreover, British papers are sooo expensive in Germany AND you don't even get ALL the extra bits! So I was practically in heaven. I'm not going to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 10th 2007

Hi Family and Friends. Its Monday and I'm still in the office. Not right now, but you know what I mean. Oh to be away on the sandy shore..... Sandy shore!? Yesterday, SHOULD have been pack-everything-up-day but all I did was fling all my stuff on the sofa and put the washing out! Today, it rained and rained and the washing was still out. Aaah! Today, was my last Monday in the office. I work for an international English Language Corporate School. Once upon a time, I was a Branch-Manager/Head-Teacher for a very long time, but due to the evils of divorce and all the horrible bits, it was time to step back, take a cut in salary and turn to the more important things in life. Loved Ones. Close ones. Family and Friends. Travel. Time. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 9th 2007

Hi Family and Friends, Today is the last Sunday Before...... Its pretty sunny in Berlin right now which is a vast improvement on the weather we've had during the week. It was windy with an edge. My goodness, anyone would have thought we were in Ol' Blighty (that's England people!) except the weather wasn't drab it was well, cold! At this time of year, Berlin is usually filled with the golden glow of summer and the many glasses of wine that one can still have in the garden or the numerous wonderful bars dotted all over the city. Indeed, this time last year, we were on a family holiday in the Austrian hills of Tirol and it was hot! hot!! hot!!! Anyway, yesterday I did some last minute shopping. I bought another backpack as I felt ... read more
Sunny Days

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 8th 2007

Hi there! At long last, my travel companion and I will be leaving Germany to go to SE Asia on September 13th, 2007. For me, it’s a Thank-God-I'm- Off-To-My-Favourite-Continent-Again and for my German family friend (hereafter referred to as my companion), it’s his first adventure to the lush green continent. At the moment, as this is our last weekend, we're packing and doing last minute stuff like returning books back to the library (us), seeing our friends (us), doing our last minute shopping (Ha! Ha!! Me), and basically being foolish (that will be me again!). This is the route that we will be taking in September 2007. Berlin-Moscow-Hanoi-Saigon-Hanoi-Bangkok-Moscow-Berlin We'll be flying with that most robust of airlines- Aeroflot. Gulp! It should prove interesting as we've never been to Moscow or Russia at all....yet. The plan is ... read more

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