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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 2nd 2008

Hi Friends and Family, Today was our last day and we had a few hours before taking the trannbacki home. To Berlin. Once again walking through the city. Seeing the old with the new. We had wanted to go to the opera but we didn't make it instead we took photos outside the building of Narodni Divaldo which is the Opera House. I have many favourite places and one of them is the old French restaurant wher we had glasses of wine before we bought yummy baguette slices with all sorts of creamy toppings. Just the thing I like and bottles of Czech vodka to take home. One can't leave Prague without it! Time to go and we just managed to catch our train to Germany. See you soon!!... read more
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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague December 1st 2008

Hi Friends and Family, Today was the day of getting to grips with the Jewish Quarter. Its one of the most interesting sections of the city and we very much wanted to do it justice. First of all we left our apartment hotel and then walked to the Old Town which led directly to the Jewish Quarter and what a Quarter! But first, the Staromeska Clock and we could actually see it work its magic without the hordes of gawping tourists! We also managed to go to to the Czech Xmas without having to slide through the crowd and could actually sample some of the goodies. I showed Frank where I used to work at the uni. You could still see the classrooms but the space below was pretty precious and had been sold for dollars ... read more
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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 30th 2008

Hi Friends and Family, Prague Castle. Aha. The beauty of Bohemia and all that it stands for. Really, words don't do it justice. Its an absolute beautiful and on such a beautiful day too. Wow! I've left it too long I know but you could always check me out on Facebook!! It had been a long time since I'd been to the castle and so we took the Funicular Train and then walked through the palace gardens and via the monastory. Its a really scenic route and there's a trail that one can follow. Its hell to walk up the hill though! It's great once you get there though and they even have palace guards so we were lucky enough to see the changing of the guards. Left. Right. Left. Right. About Turn. Yes Sir!!!! Within ... read more
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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 30th 2008

Good Morning Friends and Friends! Today is the beginning of a glorious day! After a buffet continental breakfast of bread rolls, ham, cheese, fried egg, bacon, tea / coffee and juice we proceeded to check out the less popular side roads. The Czech Republic as an emerging European country has done and did enormously well. Public transport is well sorted. The underground system has just three lines and is so easy to manoeuvre and the trams are so spaced-aged and modern that they put a lot of North European countries to shame! I’m told that the use of cobbles ensures that the roads last for decades if not centuries and are much safer when it comes to speeding. As for the frequency, most trams came every few minutes so forget about pulling your hair out ‘cos ... read more
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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 29th 2008

Hi Friends and Family, We’re finally on our way to Prague! We left the house after 6 in the morning and took a taxi to the Hbf ( Main Train Station ) as our train was leaving at 06:46. It was the direct train from Berlin to Budapest and we would not be getting off it until we got to Prague. It was a Czech Railway train and I must say, very much improved! The last time I took an East European train was in the late 90’s when I missed my Eurobus and had to sleep… oh yes, sleep at the main train station in Prague. But that’s another story….! Today, was another day and we were very comfortable in our compartment. We occupied it solely and the train was pretty empty. In fact, you ... read more
On the Road to Prague
On the road to Prague
On the road to Prague

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 28th 2008

Hi Friends and Family, Its that time of year again. Prague time!! Yep! Frank and I are setting off to my favourite city of lore. We'll be leaving in the very early hours of tomorrow morning and travelling by the ever efficient and ever speedy, Deutsche Bahn! A lot has happened over the last few months, and its all good! The Financial Crisis has hit many people hard. Including yours truely. For that reason, exotic travels have been put on hold until 2010. Meanwhile, the adventures will continue, but a little closer to home. Plans are a foot for skiing in a Slavic country next February ( I'm not sure where yet! ), Spain at Easter and the Baltic Sea in Poland next summer. In between. Who knows? For now, get ready to go to Prague!! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 2nd 2008

Oops a daisy. I put the alarm on for 05.00. Woke up. Put my watch in my hand. Went back to sleep again. So unlike me! Hurry up!! We needed to be at the airport between 07.30 and 08:00 as the Easyjet Flight was to leave at 09:10. I don't like to get to the airport too early when I fly with “The Small Young Gentleman”. Its hard work!! I squashed everything and packed our suitcase and backpack to the limit. My God, the backpack was heavy. The Eurohostel was a few minutes away from Glasgow Central Station and so we took a British Rail train to Paisley Station ( just 1 stop ) and then boarded the airport bus. We made it nice and early! Sandwiches, newspapers and glossy mags and soon we we were ... read more
 Berlin Calling! 006
 Berlin Calling! 007
 Berlin Calling! 008

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow August 1st 2008

It's the first of August. Hurrah! Its still summer!! The evening before, we arrived Glasgow after 10p.m. and made our way to our last accommodation in Scotland. I had reserved two nights at the “Eurohostel Glasgow” for the special deal of ₤37.50 per night including continental breakfast. We were so exhausted the night before but it was good to be in our own bunked private double room with ( I must compliment them on this ) clean, crisp, cool, white cotton bedsheets! The plan today is: To have no plans! Nah! Just kidding!! Seriously though, today was shopping day and as promised, the opportunity to watch a children's film at the cinema which wouldn't be shown in German cinemas! Prices here are great! I was in my element. I could have shopped all day. In fact, ... read more
Back in Glasgow

Hi Friends and Family! Yes, the Isle of Skye! Of all the variety of Highland landforms, the mountain profiles of Skye create the strongest sense of awe and had drawn visitors to The Island since the days of Sir Walter Scott. Indeed, there are only 2,000 people in Portree and 10,000 people on the whole island! The Isle of Skye is joined to the mainland by the Skye Bridge at Kyle of Lochalsh and also has two mainland ferry connections from Maillag and Glenelg (summer only). The Cuillin of Skye is the island's best known feature and though their mountain peaks and places are really only for experienced climbers, many viewpoints and island locations where excellent panorama views can be enjoyed, are scattered all around. Skye also has fascinating landscapes around the Quiraing and the Storr ... read more
On The Wing Tour around The Isle of Skye 002
On The Wing Tour around The Isle of Skye 003
On The Wing Tour around The Isle of Skye 004

The Isle of Skye is a stronghold of Gaelic culture and a paradise for walkers and anyone who wants to experience The Highlands at their most majestic and atmospheric. Skye has views over the Minch and rocky islets and the Isle of Mist as Skye is known as, is soaked in romance and myth. It was with this in mind that we decided to explore, in the guise of an independent trek on Scorrybreac or the “breadbasket of Skye”. According to an old Gaelic saying all Highlanders had a “right to a deer from the hill, a tree from the wood and a fish from the river”. However, by the late 1700's / early 1800's, many Highland landlords no longer wanted the common people helping themselves to the bounty of the land!! Scorrybreac is also known ... read more
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