Myia B.


Myia B.

Hello travel readers! I'm exploring the world and living in Whistler, British Columbia Canada. I've been in Whistler since November 2007 and love this place so much!

My adventuring continues this November as I backpack my way around England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Scotland. I'll be meeting people along the way that I've known for years and some that used to live with me in Canada. I'll try to update this blog as much as I can; wherever there's an internet point and when I need some sitting time from my normally non-stop travel routine.


Thanks for reading and commenting and feel free to also read about my past trip (summer 2007) where I travelled solo through:
-Italy: Rome, Milan
-France: Nice, Marseille, + small towns in Cote D'Azur
-The Netherlands: Eindhoven, Enschede, Amsterdam
-Germany: Hamburg, small village outside Hamburg, Northern Germany, Munich
-Denmark: Road trip through Denmark to Copenhagen
-Sweden: Southern Swedish town of Malmo for the day
-Israel: Tel Aviv, Nahariyah, Kibbutz Saar, and all over (didn't get to transferring a lot of my writing from my paper journal when I was in Israel)

My favorite quotes: "Do not travel to escape life, but travel so that life does not escape you"
"It's hard to wait around for something, that you know might not happen, but it's even harder to give up, when you know it might be everything you ever wanted"

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York November 13th 2010

*Still in Manchester for the morning* Woke up around 8 and Emma, Miri and I sat at the kitchen table with some coffee and breakfast. A quick shower and bag packing and we were on the bus to the centre to go shopping and see the city a bit. The bus that picked us up was a double decker so now I can say I've ridden a proper double decker bus in England! We sat up top right at the front which was a bit of a mind trip because the bus is on the other side of the street to begin with and then when it goes around the round-a-bout it looks like it can take out the flowers in the centre of the round-a-bout. So weird! First we went to Marks & Spencer, a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England November 12th 2010

The great thing about being flexible with your travel plans is that sometimes original plans don't work out and in the end, your Plan B turns out to be the much better option. But you wouldn't have realised that unless the first plan fell through. That's what happened to me. Luckily, I have a good network of people in the UK and my aunt's sister (whom I consider my auntie anyway) lives in Manchester. Before setting off on my trip I had originally wanted to visit her, my uncle, and my cousin Emma, but didn't have enough time. Back in Whistler, I bought several bottles of Canadian maple syrup to give as tokens of my appreciation to those I couch surfed with along my adventure. I was at the tourist shop in town and saw a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City November 11th 2010

Hello all, It doesn't take long to figure out the underground tube and how to get from A to B - it's so easy to use! The thing that really baffled me was how packed every cabin/traincar is and the amount of people squashed into each one. The tube comes every 3 minutes or so for each line...I don't even want to do the math but it's amazing to think that it's like this the majority of the day. Just goes to show how many people live and travel in London. Now dare I ask the question about how they're going to host the Olympics and fit more people into the underground? Having survived living in an Olympic town, the amount of people is scary. Good Luck London! =) I slept okay and woke up pretty ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Westminster November 10th 2010

Pleasant greetings to you all from deep in the heart of London - what a gigantic city! Having come from Whistler, a town of about 10,000 - London feels like I'm on one of Earth's moons it's so large. My journey here was long but surprisingly I'm still awake aside from the couple times I did one of those head-whip things while sitting on the Tube. The flight to Houston was packed but luckily I had an aisle seat and slept most of the way. I had about 40 minutes connection before the London flight started to board but it gave me enough time to wash my face and breathe some non-recycled air before boarding the Boeing 777. Can I say that my flight to London was the BEST flight I've ever had in all my ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Bellevue November 9th 2010

I'm leaving tomorrow on a 3 week backpacking trip around the UK and Ireland! I'll try to keep my blogging up whenever I can find some internet which I doubt will be hard. Keep checking back to see what I've been up to - that's one of the best parts of traveling - you never know what to expect! Life's an adventure and I'm loving it. My itinerary: England: London, Bournemouth + surrounding, Cambridge, York Scotland: Edinburgh, Inverness, Fort William, Oban, Glasgow Northern Ireland: Bangor, Belfast Ireland: Dublin, Galway, and...haven't made anymore plans yet. Hopefully Cork County area too! My next blog will be from London after a very long flight. Let's hope they have a good in-flight movie and my seat neighbor stays within his/her armrest boundaries. =) -myia... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler July 12th 2008

So I've decided to try and keep a travel blog again. I had a solid one going when I was studying uni abroad in the Netherlands and travelling through Europe and Israel this past summer (2007). After returning to Seattle (where I used to live) in September 2007, I felt like I was in a rut and decided to move to Whistler, British Columbia for a winter season. For 2 months, I worked 65 hours a week at an Italian restaurant and made enough money to survive in Whistler, at least until I received my first pay cheque. Whistler is amazing. There's no other explanation for it except for that. As a local, you get to see Whistler in a different light -- thousands of people from all over the world come and visit Whistler for ... read more
yay and ouch at the same time
scraped shoulder with dirt
close up

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede July 5th 2007

Nina came over in the morning to say goodbye because she was leaving for her home in Hildesheim, Germany. It was sad to know that I wouldn't see her for probably more than 6 months. Thank goodness for Skype and webcams! I called Lea, but she was already at the airport ready to fly to Israel, so we will meet there! I then called my friend and past classmate, Andra, and we decided to meet at 1:00 to catch up. It was SO good to see her and talk about all sorts of things, laugh, and be in each other's company. I missed her so much, but when I think about it, we didn't hang out all the time when I was living in Enschede. Our personalities just clicked and have a lot of the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede July 4th 2007

When I arrived in Eindhoven, it was rainy and cold! What is this? It's supposed to be hot and summery! Well I didn't pack winter clothes and Nina and Wiebke told me that the weather was going to be that way for a while. I slept at Wiebke's that night on an air mattress, woke up, and went to Nina's for an hour while Wiebke went to the university for something. Then the 3 of us hung out at Wiebke's for a while, had some lunch and then went into the city center for some shopping! First, we went to H&M (my favorite, and they don't have it in Seattle) and tried on so many things. I only spent 36 euros and got a pair of long pants, a black sweater, a funky tank top/shirt, and ... read more

Breakfast with Celeste was quiet and tasty - as a treat, I went with her across the street and bought myself another brioche aux raisins for my last day in Nice. She was leaving the next day. We said goodbye, I checked out, and went to the Nice train station to buy my ticket to Marseille. Ideally, I should have done this yesterday to avoid the crazy morning lines, but c'est la vie. I didn't have cash on me (risky) so I tried to pay with my visa card but it didn't work. I tried to convince the man behind the counter that it wasn't my card, so he called over a supervisor. By then the nervous sweat had started and I pulled on my shirt thinking "why is this room 10x hotter now than ... read more

That morning I headed for Gare Routiere to take the bus to Antibes and explore alone. The old city was so relaxing and was not overrun by corporations or anything very touristy..yet. I found myself walking along the wall of the city that bordered sharp rocks and salty ocean spray. The beach was pretty (of course) and sat in a bay that was almost protected all the way around by rocks. I kind of wished I brough my swimsuit along, but I was on the verge of getting sunburned, so it was better that I stayed out of the sun as much as possible (which is kind of impossible). On the bus ride back, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I got back to the hostel and passed out for 30 minutes before Celeste came ... read more

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