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Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede November 7th 2006

To start this blog off, I want to thank those that requested me to write more. As this is my first blog, I am new to the experiences that having a blog bring - I find some of the times, I'd rather just talk outloud and the blog will write itself, while other times I want to sit for hours and write a novel about one experience. Since I came here I've never had so many thoughts going around in my head at one time. I thought my brain was busy back in Seattle, but now it's working 24/7 even when I sleep. Last night I had a vivid dream where I went bungee jumping from a bridge over a raging river...and something to do with cats, but I forget. I find myself reading my book ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede November 3rd 2006

So, the yesterday was a much better day after a deliciously greasy dinner of patates (french fries) and a kaas souffle (something cheesy and bready and artery clogging for sure). =) Anouk and I went to the Aldi supermarket to get some wine, beer and snacks before everybody arrived. The people at the party: me, and my housemates: anouk, chiel, arjan, and janne Janne's boyfriend Jasper, Nina and her friend Kim, Wiebke, Anouk's friend Bergit and Lea (Israeli student I met here) and her boyfriend Steven. So there was quite the crowd. The MTV Europe awards show was also on that evening so we watched some performances and entertained eachother with stories, goofing off, eating a delicious hazelnut cookie coffee cream cake, etc etc. My housemates got me a really nice gift which I wasn't expecting ... read more
Balloon numbers
Celebrating in the living room
On the street

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede November 2nd 2006

Well I'm the big 2-1. Now I guess I'm considered a real adult in American terms and am responsible enough to buy a bottle of wine. =) Before I talk about today, I'll mention a bit about last night. I studied all day and by 11pm was so tired of studying so I went downstairs to watch some tv. Dr No (James, James Bond) was on, so I sat there watching it letting my brain recover. All of a sudden, Anouk yelled my name over and over again from upstairs. I wondered what on earth she wanted as Arjan had already gone to bed and she would probably wake him up. I climbed up the stairs and there was everybody in the little hallway with big smiles on their faces and a Dutch "Happy Birthday" song ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede October 31st 2006

I've conquered my cold thanks to plenty of sleep, echinacea, and good thoughts. This is perfect timing since I'll be going out on Thursday to celebrate my birthday! I can't believe it's already here! =) I've been studying as usual and making good progress - only 10 more articles to go! The articles have interesting topics, but there are a few annoying ones that discuss an amazing issue but then at the end you find out that there is not enough research to prove that factor x works at all. what a bummer! Along with reading articles, I started another book alongside the Tortilla Curtain since that one gives me weird dreams. The new book is horrible yet addicting. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I think it's a romance/chick novel. I always made fun of ... read more

Europe » Netherlands October 28th 2006

Okay, so the title is a bit dramatic, but I sparked an interest perhaps? =) The past few days have been pretty crappy. I try to keep my spirits up, but I'm sick with a runny nose, throbbing headache, and I lack the ability to call my dad and complain about my ailements. Today I went grocery shopping for some fish and stopped into a store called DA! to find a pick-me-up elixer or something. The closest I found was a bottle of echinacea and vitamin C fizz tablets. Hopefully this will get me on my feet and I can get back to....studying for my exam on Thursday. I'm about ready to book my hostel in Firenze for November, but I have some options. Do I choose a shared dorm male female mixed with 12 people ... read more

Europe » Netherlands October 26th 2006

There's nothing much to report other than exams are next week. Fortunately I only have one, but I'm still kind of nervous because I don't know what the teacher is expecting. It's on the readings (about 30 articles - some long, some longer) so I'm going back and rereading every article and taking notes about it. It's a big pain, but it's worth it. The weather is up and down here. Some days have been cold and the wind is crazy here. With no hills to block the wind, it just hits everything in it's path. I definitely have to give more time to ride to the university now. I think yesterday's ride back from my last Dutch class did me in. This morning I woke up with some pressure in my head and the sniffles. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands October 21st 2006

This weekend was great. It was actually refreshing to get out of Holland and see how different Germany is - which it is. The train there was fun and Nina and I talked, listened to music, and I entertained her by trying to read a German magazine. My Deutsch is not so good... We walked around Hannover and then on Friday, we walked around Hildesheim. I liked Hildesheim a lot better - there are older buildings, the streets are mostly cobblestone (which are kind of hard to walk on), and the feeling of the city is more relaxed. But it makes sense because Hildesheim is smaller than Enschede! So during the day, Nina got her haircut and we just browsed shops and went to a typical German supermarket. The Dutch like their cheese as the Germans ... read more
Station in Hannover
VW pride
In Hildesheim

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover October 20th 2006

So, Germany is the second country that I've ever visited in Europe. This post will be extremely short because I'm typing on a German keyboard and the z and y buttons are switched which is driving me crazy (especially when I have to write the word 'crazy') Anyway, I'm alive and so far Germany is nice - very different from Holland - the only cars on the road are BMWs, VWs, Audis, and MBenz. Everything is clean, manicured, polished and looks brand new. Nina told me Hannover is one of the cities that was rebuilt really fast after the war ended. This explains why it's pretty gray and the buildings are not as pretty and historical and the ones in Holland. Yesterday we went shopping in Hannover (Nina actually lives in a town called Hildesheim which ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 16th 2006

I had the most eventful Sunday since I arrived here. Amsterdam doesn't really stop moving on Sunday, unlike Enschede. All the shops are still open, so yesterday I decided to visit the famous Vondelpark and then go to the Leidseplein for some window shopping. I borrowed Agatha's bike again since she had to study and was on my way. I've pretty much figured out the layout of the city - if you're ever lost, just find the Amstel canal and then get on one of the main streets. As I was biking, I noticed the road blocked off and a group of police motorists directing traffic. Hm...maybe it was an accident? Nope. Every year, Amsterdam has this large marathon through the town and this Sunday just happened to be the marathon day. Great. The marathon started ... read more
A very old bridge
Day two of exploring
Colorful ivy

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 14th 2006

Hello again, Amsterdam! It's sure nice to have a change of pace from what I'm used to. Amsterdam is full of tourists, people, cars, buses, dogs, boats, you name it. I took the train from Enschede yesterday afternoon. I caught the train right on time with 2 minutes to spare, after buying a discount train pass that gives me 40% discount on any train ticket I buy in the Nederlands. It's good for a whole year, which is cool because I plan on coming back here in June after graduation. Anyway, on the train, the ticket guy came around and I showed him my ticket - he told me that I'm actually on the part of the train that goes to Schipol Airport. He told me to get off the train in Deventer (about half way ... read more

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