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July 4th 2007
Published: July 4th 2007
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When I arrived in Eindhoven, it was rainy and cold! What is this? It's supposed to be hot and summery! Well I didn't pack winter clothes and Nina and Wiebke told me that the weather was going to be that way for a while.

I slept at Wiebke's that night on an air mattress, woke up, and went to Nina's for an hour while Wiebke went to the university for something. Then the 3 of us hung out at Wiebke's for a while, had some lunch and then went into the city center for some shopping! First, we went to H&M (my favorite, and they don't have it in Seattle) and tried on so many things. I only spent 36 euros and got a pair of long pants, a black sweater, a funky tank top/shirt, and a striped tshirt. I was happy to have a second pair of long pants. Better pack my shorts at the bottom of my backpack for now....

We went to various other stores and then shopped for dinner. I made salad and spaghetti for me, Nina, Wiebke, and Wiebke's housemate. After dinner, we watched the movie "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg (a very good movie if you liked the Bourne Identity and types of movies like that). Then the 3 of us went back to the city to sit and talk over some coffee/beer. It was certainly a jam packed day, but among good company, it was great.

Enschede is exactly the same and it feels like I fell asleep for 4 or 5 days, woke up, and never left Enschede in the first place. The sad thing is that this time I don't live in Enschede and will only be here for 2 days. I'll definitely make the most of it!

sorry readers, I didn't take any good photos today. If you want to see pictures of Enschede, look at my early blog posts from September-January.

p.s. Happy 4th of July America, I actually didn't realize it was the holiday until halfway through the day when I realized the date!


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