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July 5th 2007
Published: July 5th 2007
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Nina came over in the morning to say goodbye because she was leaving for her home in Hildesheim, Germany. It was sad to know that I wouldn't see her for probably more than 6 months. Thank goodness for Skype and webcams! I called Lea, but she was already at the airport ready to fly to Israel, so we will meet there! I then called my friend and past classmate, Andra, and we decided to meet at 1:00 to catch up.

It was SO good to see her and talk about all sorts of things, laugh, and be in each other's company. I missed her so much, but when I think about it, we didn't hang out all the time when I was living in Enschede. Our personalities just clicked and have a lot of the same morals and ideas. Andra and I went to a "cafeteria" sort of buffet-style place that had really fresh sandwiches. After that, we walked around town. I sadly only spent 3 hours with her, but we had planned on meeting later that night for a movie or for dancing.

I don't know what Enschede did to me but I was completely drained from all my energy and my body shut down. I think it was because of the weather - flat light with only overcast grey clouds, light wind, and on and off rain. Wait...this sounds like Seattle weather. The reaction my body had to the weather signaled that I wasn't ready to go back to Seattle yet and that I needed to soak in lots of Israeli sun! =) I felt so rejuvinated in the sun in Nice and very relaxed.

Instead of going out dancing, Wiebke and I went to the videostore adn rented The Departed (excellent movie, by the way). It's definitely a movie I would like to see again. Andra came over for about half an hour to officially say goodbye to me. I really hate goodbyes so sometimes I wonder why I travel and live in different countries where I'm bound to make connections with people. Side note: I also think I'm low on energy because typically I eat a lot of veggies and I haven't been (the Dutch like to eat a lot of veggies from cans or least the ones I know). I'm loving the idea of getting to Israel and eating salad and heaps of watermelon. And sun! Wonderful.

After The Departed, we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It wasn't realistic at all but very funny. By then I was super exhausted and we slept only 7 hours before waking up and getting ready for our road trip to Hamburg. From Hamburg, we drive to Wiebke's house about an hour from Hamburg, then Copenhagen.

Once again, not too many photos taken in Enschede, sorry!


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