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11th October 2008

OUCH !!!!
That is a hurting way to win a prize !! Your Dad sent along a great picture of you. Would like to get a full length [all of you] for a group picture grandma is doing of all the family. Have to also get a picture of your Mom standing. The latest picture we have is of you and her sitting. Glad that you are are having a great time. Love from Grandma and Grandpa B.
12th July 2007

Hiya Myia
Wow...what a wonderful present to give yourself. Congrats on your graduation. Hard to believe that time goes soooo fast. I'm in Montana teaching four (oh my god!) courses this fall. Weather is beautiful, as well as the scenery. I miss talking with you. Keep in touch. Luv...Charlie and Sam
11th July 2007

Hi Myia Your trip is sounding incredible. I'm learning so much about travelling from your and Caleb's blogs, I'm ready to go myself! I forwarded your blog address to him, as he will be in Europe for the last 3 months of his trip. I think he is in Vietnam now. He is not as faithful blogging as you are... boys! Keep up the great writing! Stay safe! ps - You have a new cousin, her name is Venice ( Ali's little one)
7th July 2007

where are all the pics??
Hi Myia: it's always great to read your blog of your travels. I wish the technology was available when I did all my travels. It's such a great way to document your travels. I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you post them. Looking forward to the 26th, and seeing your smiling, lovely face!! love ya, Abba xoxox
6th July 2007

I'm in Skagway, and it's themed...
Hello B.D., WHAT UP!? -tehehe. I love language :) I'm glad to hear you're continuing to have a stellar time on your eurotrip! My family cruise is going well, though i have to say that I've been eating a lot, and that is NOT good for our mission. Your brioche sounds a bit sinful as well...BUT DELICIOUS. I found you a great little trinket in juneau and i'll send it to your grandma's if you'll send me the address. Hope to hear from you soon!
3rd July 2007

hope to see you soon!
sounds so nice Myia! I hope that we will see each other in Israel! I am leaving on Thursday really early in the morning! Kisses
24th June 2007

everyday a new story...:)
Myia sheli! I have been reading you blog everyday trying to catch up with youer wonderfull stories! that just sounds so great! I miss you and hope to see you in Israel soon! for now enjoy your time travling in europe cuz i heard that in israel 2 days ago it was 47 i guess that what you have in Italy is nothing to compare to what we both are going to have in Israel! Neshikot
22nd June 2007

You're on your way/ Again!
Hello Myia my dear! Glad you made it to Rome and now ..recovery from jetlag!Have a grand time with Marissa, please give her a big hug and hello for me! Please try to Sit on the Spanish Steps, throw your coins in Trevi Fountain, and walk into the Pantheon-- breathtaking! Hopefully you picnic in Ostia Antica, then the Fountain, the Steps and the Pantheon during passegiatta (italiano spelling notwithstanding) in the evening. Ciao! xxoo, jw
20th June 2007

Bye for now
God's blessings as you travel. We Will be thinking of you each day and will be watching for each blog of your adventures. Always be careful as we love you so much. Grandma and Grandpa B.
From Blog: Last minute
15th March 2007

oh,today is 15th
come on
From Blog: Coming soon...
13th March 2007

the new blog?
also there are time diffrences,but not soooooo huge, today is 13th
From Blog: Coming soon...
8th March 2007

au contraire
i love traveling by myself! I've learned more about myself and meet great people in hostels. but a companion can be fun
7th March 2007

I hate travel alone, it is nothing so intriguing about self- travelling. next time, better find a mate
7th March 2007

waiting for 12th
From Blog: Coming soon...
28th February 2007

hi i m from assisi, and the all the photos about San Francesco, it is really San Francesco and not st. peter
24th February 2007

where are you?
Hi, I have been following your blog for a while. For a dutchmen it's of course fun to read comments on the dutch and the netherlands from a outsider. It makes you aware of those things you take for granted. And then suddenly the messages stops?? I hope you are well.
5th January 2007

I almost cried when I remember back those good days :-)
24th December 2006

myia sheli! wow I am so happy that you made it to Paris! hope you had an amazing time!~ will u be back to enschede for the new year? miss you!!!! kusjes and neshikot! Lea
20th December 2006

myia!!! jessi tried to call you, but i think your mobile isnt working... maybe try to call her... have fun! and myia, i think i might be in enschede on 31st and julian/jurjen might be there too.... so pleasssssssssseeeeeeeee be there... i also have to give you the beatles-cd... knuffel nina
19th December 2006

Myia! I am glad to hear you're ok :-) Est que c'est succés avec parle francais? Je espére! I already miss you. Yesterday I had the most terrible coffee my apparatus every made. I think it is because you left :-( Be safe and don't talk to strangers, you know it!
14th December 2006

Thanks for the interesting blog
It is great to hear of the many places you have gone. Brings back memories of our travels in Europe in 1990 and 2000. love you and look forward to your each new experience.
7th December 2006

Do not tell all your secrets to Jesus ,he may not be able to fulfil them all.
6th December 2006

love the pics
we love your pics, didnt have time to read the blog, as we are paying by the minute here in mexico. well read the blog when we get home, love you abba and emma
5th December 2006

like your blog
remember ,keep updating :)
3rd December 2006

We're together with friends perusing your blog. We want to be where you are!!! We feel that we are getting to know you through your travels and your blog. Enjoy your last few weeks in Europe. When are you going to try Alberta? Love, Heather and Chris (and Bob and Coralea)

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