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28th November 2006

Venice with Myia
30 years ago Myia's mother and I hitchhiked by Venice twice without stopping. In our youth we were in a mad dash to get to Greece via what was then Yugoslavia. Politics being what they were in 1976 Myia's mother wasn't allowed into Yugoslavia, but we did make it to Greece-the long way around- and managed to travel much of the rest of the world together. So it was a special treat that now, 30 years later on my first visit to Venice, my dear friend and traveling companion's daughter joined me to share the beauty of Venice. Isn't life funny!
27th November 2006

Oh Myia, I absolutely LOVE your observations in Italy. Also, the photos were fabulous. I've been traveling with you in spirit!
21st November 2006

how to pronounce baci? like English?
19th November 2006

Lucky girl!
Myia! Have a wonderful holiday; it sounds enchanting already. There are more pieces of art in Florence than anywhere else in Europe! I loved your observations so far and you're in my mind every step of the way. Give my best to Marissa... Caio bella! -jw
17th November 2006

Hi Myia, I'm so glad you're having a good time in Florence, and I hope you meet some interesting travelers. best wishes, lost of love and peace.
17th November 2006

how the keyboards look like there? waiting for you posts. :-)
17th November 2006

Hi Myia It was soooooo good to here from you via skype and blog. I love you for ever. Be safe and have fun emma
14th November 2006

why not actress?
14th November 2006

so you can ride a bike in dutch way
14th November 2006

why greek? the dog is funny haha
From Blog: It's Greek to Me
14th November 2006

6' or a little bit taller?
14th November 2006

14th November 2006

I thought everyone speak English there too
14th November 2006

sounds intersting
really like that
31st October 2006

no worries
i won't be going to thailand anytime soon unfortunately. =)
31st October 2006

Salt in your wounds. This was hilarious; Myia you are wildly funny when you are sick. Not that I don't want you to get well, but you are fabulous when pitiful, dahlink. Now get well and ace that test...get your nose OUT of the novel, it is HALLOWEEN! aND NO MORE DETOURS TO THAILAND BY WAY OF ITALY. booooo!
20th September 2006

Hi again. I am catching up on your news. Did you know that Beatrix is Eyal's girlfriend?? Ask him about her. Some more love and kisses Meow
From Blog: A special day
20th September 2006

Dear Myia I eat these sick "kisses" when I was a kid. Not my kind of good staff. Any time you need a big hug, I am giving it to you together with kisses(the original kind) love and Peace Fifi
20th September 2006

none and all
hi Myia I sure love the music episode. Sounds very european!! Also, I must see the dog!! Love and miss you Fifi
10th September 2006

trying to skype you
Hi Myia: I have been trying to skype you but am unable to get through. Not sure why? I'll keep trying. love ya Abba xo
7th September 2006

Me above
Thats me above, I wasnt logged in. Sorry
6th September 2006

Tall people
Sounds like I would fit in just fine over there... I am 6'5". I just subscribed to your blogs and have enjoyed what you have written so far. Keep it up!
5th September 2006

great pics
Hi Myia: sounds like you've landed on your feet and took of running without any problems. I knew you would do just fine. I'm sure glad that you took the camera, keep taking the photos. Ciao Abba xo
4th September 2006

Reading my way through your last few days
Well, it looks like your making the best of your trip thus far. That sucks that your school stuff hasn't been sorted out yet but really, did you really go there to spend all your time pounding back beers in a classroom? The group of people you've talked about (The birthday party, walks and rides) seem to be awesome and that makes being in another country all the much more easier I would think. Your room looks to be the same size as my room in Grande Prairie... well, maybe a little bigger. They have Ikea there? Is like our stores here or is it different? I love enviroments where everyone can just sit down and enjoy each others company... something that North America should began to adopt. But alas, I hope to speak to you soon sweety and good writing so far... almost make me feel like I'm there.
3rd September 2006

I would like to see a picture of the Dutch toilet!! love meow

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