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November 12th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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The great thing about being flexible with your travel plans is that sometimes original plans don't work out and in the end, your Plan B turns out to be the much better option. But you wouldn't have realised that unless the first plan fell through. That's what happened to me. Luckily, I have a good network of people in the UK and my aunt's sister (whom I consider my auntie anyway) lives in Manchester. Before setting off on my trip I had originally wanted to visit her, my uncle, and my cousin Emma, but didn't have enough time.

Back in Whistler, I bought several bottles of Canadian maple syrup to give as tokens of my appreciation to those I couch surfed with along my adventure. I was at the tourist shop in town and saw a dream catcher I bought for one of my friends and then right next to the counter, I saw a cute wooden moose keyring. For some reason I bought it without anyone in mind, but I knew it was for somebody and I'd just have to meet them along the way.

Well, the little moose turned out to be for Emma because that first night I arrived in Manchester we were talking about all the animals in Canada and she said, "if there's one animal I want to see if I ever go to Canada, it would be a moose". I love how little things like that work out. Yay for Plan B!

I met Simon (my uncle) and Miri (my auntie) at the tram station. I took a tram from the train station because driving in the centre of any city is a nightmare. We got home and just chatted in the kitchen over a couple cups of coffee. I was still jet lagged so it was nice not to be all gung-ho about exploring that evening.

It was Friday, so Miri made a really nice dinner and Emma and her classmate came from school and all of us had a peaceful dinner chatting about everything under the sun.

We watched a bit of British tv (just as bad as American and Canadian tv) and went to sleep. I still seem to be waking up between 4 and 6 in the morning but luckily can still fall back asleep.

Tomorrow there's a full day of shopping and city centre exploring!


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