A day in Antibes and hot shot rollerbladers

Published: July 2nd 2007
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That morning I headed for Gare Routiere to take the bus to Antibes and explore alone. The old city was so relaxing and was not overrun by corporations or anything very touristy..yet.

I found myself walking along the wall of the city that bordered sharp rocks and salty ocean spray. The beach was pretty (of course) and sat in a bay that was almost protected all the way around by rocks. I kind of wished I brough my swimsuit along, but I was on the verge of getting sunburned, so it was better that I stayed out of the sun as much as possible (which is kind of impossible).

On the bus ride back, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I got back to the hostel and passed out for 30 minutes before Celeste came back just as exhausted as I was. After an early dinner, we went back to the beach and chitchatted. We also dipped our feet in the water, which felt nice and refreshing. People were still swimming in the water at 10pm because that day it was warmer than usual.

Then, as we were about to return to the hostel, the rollerbladers came back out - but not the first ones I saw - these ones were showy and wore tight jeans, tight muscle tees and gelled their hair. Eww, show offs. We laughed so hard at this older fellow who was also rollerblading around the cones at a snail's pace. I mean, good for him for doing so it just looked like he was in pain because often times he would get into an awkward position with his hips and he wasn't flexible. Celeste pointed out that the rest of the rollerbladers had a "Frenchie" twist to their appearance and mannerisms while the older man was at least a head above the rest, unflexible, and looked more like a giant English or German man. We tried to get a picture of his famous unflexible hip-breaking move as he rotated around the cones, but no luck. I loved my last night in Nice - full of weird people and constant laughing.

I also loved my hostel so much that I'd stay there again whenever I return to Nice. Those who are reading this and need a place to stay, look up Chez Patrick. cheers!

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