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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Münster December 3rd 2006

This morning I woke up around 8, got a good breakfast in and regrettably left my umbrella at home as I ran out the door and headed for the train station. I'm off to Münster, Germany! This is the second SMIT (student exchange office) excursion. The first one was in Utrecht and I had such a great time and met some lovely Spanish girls. Since then, I actually had a dinner night with them and I was glad to see Clara and Laia waiting at the train station when I arrived. This time, the trip was only 7 euros which included the train ticket and a nice walking tour. I met two other Spanish guys named Israel and Jesús (pronounced the Spanish way: "hey-soos"). Now that I write their names together I think it's kind of ... read more
Silly sign
First sights of Münster
Near Münster University

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Assisi November 21st 2006

I took the bus to the train station and bought my ticket to Assisi for 1.60 euros. Now, I didn't know much about this city besides that fact that everybody said I should go and check it out. Also, there's many churches including a very large one for San Francesco, a noble man (I forget what he really did...oops). The train ride was about 20-25 minutes. I walked out of the train station and up to a bus stop sign. The route map and schedule was the hardest thing to understand! I stared at the map for about 10 minutes and couldn't figure out where the train station was on the map in relation to the bus route. Fortunately, a lady was standing next to the stop as well and I asked her if she poke ... read more
Assisi landscape
It's San Francesco!

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Perugia November 20th 2006

Okay, so it's about time I blog about my last few days in Perugia, Italy - it didn't end in Venice! Day 1 It was so great to finally hug Marissa and catch up with her. A little background for the readers: Marissa and I worked at The Daily newspaper at my university as classified ad reps. She left in June and the whole office was sad to see her go but excited for her new adventures. She is studying at the university in Perugia for a whole year! That night I arrived I basically just collapsed...that is, before exploring the city a bit. Yep, I just had to find out what Perugia had to offer so around 11:30 at night after one heck of a day, Marissa and I went on a walk around the ... read more
Night walk

Europe » Italy November 18th 2006

Sleep Deprived So I woke up to my cell phone alarm violently buzzing and beeping in my locker. I was so disoriented because basically I only had a 2 hour nap after such a long day with Rob and Ally and David, of course. I took a quick shower and noticed that my 1 euro leather bracelet I bought the day before was gone. It probably broke off during dancing or who knows. Oh well, I enjoyed it's worth for a day. After my shower, I woke up Ally and she quickly showered. We met for breakfast and then realized that we only had 20 minutes to eat, check out of our hostel, go to the trainstation, and buy our ticket. This was definitely not enough time! We seriously inhaled two pieces of toast and scrambled ... read more
Fighting the hangover
Fighting the hangover
Hello Pisa station!

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence November 17th 2006

Hello all, I really had the most fabulous time here in Florence. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay longer, but I know now what it has to offer and I'll definitely return, hopefully more than once. It's so much to tell you all. Where do I begin? Oh, David So as I was going to bed Thursday night, I introduced myself to another girl sleeping in the same big room. Her name was Ally and she said she was from Adelaide, Australia. We did the normal backpacker questions: how long have you been here, where are you from, where are you going next, etc etc. She too had just arrived that day and said she was going the next day to the Uffizi Gallery and to see Michaelangelo's David. She said I was welcome to come and that ... read more
Hostel Archi Rossi
More of the terrace
The market

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence November 17th 2006 a gigantic hostel dorm room with a high vaulted ceiling - probably about 30 feet at least. So a quick update: after posting, I didn't know what to do so I sat in the kitchen/tv room with about 20 other people and started watching a pretty poor movie. I don't know the name of the movie but i wasn't very interested. Then, a guy came up to me and said, "you're the seattle girl, right?" Apparently he heard me introduce myself to the Brazilian in the bunk under me. "Yeah, I'm from Seattle. My name is Myia, yours?" He introduced himself as Louis and he said he was from Argentina. Then he said "hey, I'm going to take some night shots of the city, wanna join?" Of course I did - I'd much rather explore ... read more
In blue
Hostel Archi Rossi
My first Italian dinner

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence November 16th 2006

Hello all, This is a quick, not so detailed blog, but I just want to let you all know that I'm safe and sound in Florence. I left this morning around 8:20 to catch the bus. I was really worried because Chiel told me that there were constructions on the road and that the bus was going to take a detour...which means it'll be late to the station. Not good. So i was pretty antsy on the bus. When it arrived at the station, I bolted out of the door along with 3 other people also wanting to catch the same train as me. I had to buy my ticket to Eindhoven and to make the story short, I made the train with one minute to spare. The train headed to Utrecht Centraal and then I ... read more
NL pride
My plane
Incase of emergency....

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede November 15th 2006

So the past few days I've been a bit stressed over the draft of a paper that is due tomorrow. I'm working on it with a classmate, but for some reason I can't get motivated to start writing - maybe it's the month long break from classes? Perhaps. It's an interesting subject, so at least that's going for me. I'm also thinking a lot about my trip to Italy; I'm very excited and anxious. So I couldn't write more than 2 paragraphs all day yesterday. I don't know what I did the rest of the day, I was sort of in a daze. This morning I woke up at 7:45am (the earliest I've had to wake up since I got here) and headed to the University on foot. That's right, I had to walk and take ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht November 12th 2006

Yesterday morning I woke up around 9am, bundled up and headed to the train station to meet a group of fellow international students to embark on a day trip to Utrecht. A little bit of history/facts thanks to wikipedia and me asking questions: Utrecht... is the 4th largest city in The Netherlands has a major central train station that goes pretty much anywhere in the country has about 280,000 inhabitants is older than Amsterdam. Utrecht was first built by the Romans in 47 A.D.! one of the windiest cities in The Netherlands The facts go on and on since this beautiful city is submerged in history. Pre-Utrecht Of course, it was raining so when I got to the train station, I was soaking wet. I locked my bike at the station and as I walked away ... read more
Fellow Foreigners
Look out kayakers!
MMmm.. indian food

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Enschede November 9th 2006

Yesterday- I was a bit bored, so I messaged a guy I met through my friend Kristin to see if he wanted to meet for a cup of coffee. He wanted to ask me some questions about Seattle and UW because he plans to do his masters degree there starting next fall. The whole day yesterday was clear, dry, and cold but the minute he messaged me back it started to downpour. Lovelyyy. So I bundled up nice and warm: long wool jacket, long gloves, extra long scarf wound around my neck and chin about 5 times, a winter hat, and legwarmers. As I rode to the city the rain kept coming down even harder! By the time I got to the cafe De Geus, I looked like a drowned rat. We met at 9pm and ... read more

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