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November 9th 2006
Published: November 9th 2006
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I was a bit bored, so I messaged a guy I met through my friend Kristin to see if he wanted to meet for a cup of coffee. He wanted to ask me some questions about Seattle and UW because he plans to do his masters degree there starting next fall. The whole day yesterday was clear, dry, and cold but the minute he messaged me back it started to downpour. Lovelyyy. So I bundled up nice and warm: long wool jacket, long gloves, extra long scarf wound around my neck and chin about 5 times, a winter hat, and legwarmers. As I rode to the city the rain kept coming down even harder! By the time I got to the cafe De Geus, I looked like a drowned rat.

We met at 9pm and took a seat inside ordering a hot chocolate for me and a koffie for him. His name is Boudewijn...and I don't even begin to know how to pronounce that but he goes by Bro, so that's much easier. He's born and raised in Holland but has absolutely no accent! Anyway, I told him all about Seattle and sort of eased the stress that he had about finding housing and transportation. Before we knew it, it was midnight so I rode home absolutely freezing. With all my warm gear still soaking wet and of course I made the mistake of wearing my converse shoes that act like sponges when water gets near them.


I woke up at 9, ate some breakfast and met Nina at our normal meeting place: near the Abn-amro bank next to the station. Fortunately, it wasn't raining and the sun even made a presence and blinded us as the rays reflected off of the wet brick roads. Nina and I are shopping buddies and we made our rounds, first stopping at our favorite store: H&M. This time, I didn't buy anything but I tried some dress on that looked like a big tent. haha. But we went to the shop nextdoor called ONLY and there I found a nice tank top for 3 euros. I know I know, it's a tank top and here I am buying it as it's almost freezing outside - but it's called layering and yes - why do I have to explain my purchases to a virtual audience? =)

Nina is so fun to hang out with and we laugh a lot, try on ugly clothes, etc. Oh, speaking of ugly clothes I also tried on this sweater at H&M that was cream with metallic gold hearts all over it. Hideous and itchy. Reminded me of an 80s Christmas sweater gone wrong.

The rest of my day will consist of continuing to turn up the heat in the house, doing some homework due Monday, probably watching MTV or a kids show in Dutch, and daydreaming.


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