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Europe » Netherlands September 2nd 2006

Hagar told me that weekends are very different than from the US. Usually back in Seattle, saturday and sunday are days to go out and do everything that you couldn't during the week. I quickly found out this morning that it's the opposite here in the Netherlands. Many things are not open on Saturday and if they are open they close very early. I woke up around 10:30 and went to eat some breakfast: 2 pieces of bread with jam, a banana and a yogurt. We don't have a toaster here - that would be nice. We also don't have an oven. I don't think I've ever lived somewhere without an oven. Oh yah, and no microwave. The only way to cook is on the gas stove. The past two nights me, Arjan and Janne cooked ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands September 1st 2006

Today was a big day since I had to move my stuff from Enschede. Eyal was nice enough to skip some work and drive me 1.5 hours to eastern Nederlands. For only being here for 4 days, I have learned so much! For anybody that has travelled, you know it's almost impossible to write everything you experienced in a day. I'll give a brief summary of today and then make a little list of what I have learned so far. Driving to Enschede was beautiful - lots and lots of pastures with cows and sheep. The land is so fertile here because if you drill 2 meters into the land, you'll find water since the whole country is a swamp. My room is amazingly tiny but also very cheap. The size of my room can be ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 31st 2006

I've been sleeping in Agatha's (my other cousin) flat on the fourth floor. Floors are different here. A floor in the U.S. is maybe 12 steps while here it's more like 30. I'll try to take a picture of the stairs that go up to Agatha's apartment. you seriously have to hold onto the handrail or else you might fall backwards. I think it's about 100 steps to the 4th floor. No wonder everybody is skinny here (well almost everybody). Hagar (my aunt) is the best cook ever. She cooks so healthy but everything somehow tastes good. If I were to combine pasta, tomato sauce, salmon, spinach, and soy milk together It would probably be poisionous. But that's what we had for dinner last night and it was delicious. This morning I had something I've never ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 29th 2006

So this is my first day in Amsterdam. My flight was really great. Rode on an airbus and had my own television screen to choose movies and games to play. I watched RV - it was good, but not amazing. I also watched The Incredibles (pixar) which I hadn't seen before. I also watched some of Over the Hedge (another pixar) but then the plane landed. i slept for about 3 hours. the food was not fantastic, but you know, what can you expect from airplane food after all. I sat next to a guy that was going to study in Rome. And what do you know, he goes to UW too. No crying babies or anything. The only bad thing was when we were heading to the Amsterdam airport, we hit a big turbulent and ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Bellevue August 28th 2006

I warmly welcome to my travel journal! I plan on writing here frequently and documenting all the crazy, life-changing, memorable, and not-so-memorable experiences I will have over the next four months in The Netherlands. A warning in advance: although I am a Technical communication major and have survived 10 grueling weeks of hardcore grammar and spelling class as well as style and general English classes, my grammar, capitalization, and such will probably not be university-level...and maybe not high school level. Please, no emailing my professors with my speling mistakess. I'll post pictures and such when I can. Feel free to contact me anytime. If you have skype (which is free and you should get), my username is myiamay and message me for my email address if you don't have it. I don't want to post it ... read more

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