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September 2nd 2006
Published: September 3rd 2006
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Hagar told me that weekends are very different than from the US. Usually back in Seattle, saturday and sunday are days to go out and do everything that you couldn't during the week. I quickly found out this morning that it's the opposite here in the Netherlands. Many things are not open on Saturday and if they are open they close very early. I woke up around 10:30 and went to eat some breakfast: 2 pieces of bread with jam, a banana and a yogurt. We don't have a toaster here - that would be nice. We also don't have an oven. I don't think I've ever lived somewhere without an oven. Oh yah, and no microwave. The only way to cook is on the gas stove. The past two nights me, Arjan and Janne cooked together (the other 2 roommates went home which is very common). The first night Janne made noodles with some milk sauce and parsley or something. Tonight Arjan made boiled potatoes and corn and fried chicken. I ate the potatoes and corn and made a salad. Then he poured this stuff called Jus over the potatoes. I wasn't sure what it was but it was brown
Lamp postLamp postLamp post

All the lamps here have this on it.
and liquidy. He said there was no meat in it so I tried some. I didn't really taste anything. Today I just went with the flow. Did some Dutch on the computer, talked with Arjan on and off (he's very shy with the little English he knows).

I decided to go out and see what I could find by walking. Eyal is coming tomorrow with the bike. I walked for 20 minutes or so and came to a big park called Volkspark. There were two pretty swans in a pond and very beautiful gardens. Enschede is not a tourist town (at least the part I live in) so it's a big adjustment from being 10 minutes from the Ave where there's 30 restaurants.

I think I'll do laundry tomorrow morning since there is no dryer, I'd like to give it the whole day to dry out. Just a few last things:

I still hate Dutch toilets
Cheese here is amazing and very cheap
The Dutch people are very relaxed and don't seem stressed here
Recycling is the law! This totally makes my day. They even separate biomatter from paper, plastic, and other trash. I love it.
The ParkThe ParkThe Park

Nicely kept gardens. Bikes are not allowed in the park.



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