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Europe » Netherlands September 16th 2020

Have you been to one of the coolest and weirdest cities in the world – the Dutch capital? Did you know that Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris? You can spend one day in Amsterdam or one month and still discover a ton of things to do and places to explore. But for first-timers, let’s concentrate just on these 5 cool things that you can only experience in Amsterdam. 1. Visit the Unique Coffee Shops Amsterdam features three kinds of establishments. The typical Dutch koffiehuis is where you can get your caffeine dose. Then there are the cafés, which in the Netherlands are more similar to restaurants or bistros. And last but not least, the infamous coffee shops. That’s where you can try different cannabis and hash strains. It can get ... read more
Dutch Cheese
Amsterdam Canal
Amsterdam Canals

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Heerlen July 24th 2020

After well over 30 ferry trips and a cruise you would think /expect/hope that we were pretty ok with boats and how they work. Apparently not. First school boy error was not counting floors and having to walk up 16 flights of stairs, in masks, carrying a very heavy suitcase (technically error 1 was not packing a capsule teeny lightweight overnight bag for the ferry but hey ho) by the time we got to the top, all three of us were ever so slightly tired. As per usual our room was the furthest from the car but there was a free mini bar and water in a can! We all slept well until we were woken at dawn by the loudest burst of (randomly) I love your smile, bird noises and an announcement about breakfast. Yeah, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden April 26th 2020

Mijn eerste blog vanuit Leiden! In dit tijdperk van Covid19 met iets minder bewegingsvrijheid dan we gewend zijn, leek het mij leuk eens terug te kijken op al die bijzondere voettochten die ik heb gedaan. (Je moet toch wat als die tocht van deze week niet doorgaat) Vier keer een top 10 (in willekeurige volgorde), die de vooral hoogte-, maar soms ook dieptepunten aardig opsommen. Voor meer leesvoer en alle details bij deze momenten verwijs ik jullie graag naar alle eerder verschenen blogs. Ideaal als je in gedachten mooie voettochten door Europa wilt maken. :) Daarnaast wil ik zeggen dat zonder Martine, Inge, Peter, Daphne, Marianne, Tibor, Henri, Astrid, Aafke, Marie-Jetta, Martijn, Peter, Baukje, Irma, Judit, Esmee, Judith en Brigitta deze herinneringen zeker minder rijk waren geweest! (missen jullie nog iets in onderstaande lijstjes? Zet het ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Leiden March 30th 2020

Hello again, Entering week three of working from home and schooling our kids from home, sort of. Definitely a full home feeling. Our dinning table is ‘shape shifting’ once breakfast is had it is converted to a four person work station! Just like that books and laptops ready for the readiness of work. Sean has his office in the back yard/garden though WiFi can be less reliable at times. Thankful our eldest two are able to get on independently while our young'n isn’t so keen. That said as you may be experiencing yourselves the novelty is wearing off, we each miss our routine. Mostly we miss, you, friend. On the plus side we have all our meals, mostly, together. No one is late to the office. The to and fro pace of life is slowed to ... read more
Walking in the stad (city)
working from home
push ups

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht January 16th 2020

This is a very ambitious trip. 15 countries, 16 flights + a cruise and many, many opportunities for plans to go awry. The first came when South African Airlines cancelled our flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg with no warning, resulting in a missed connection and hotel booking in Cape Town. But following a 3 hour rest stop in Cape Town we got back on schedule. This 1st installment takes us to Amsterdam then on into South Africa. From here we move on to Hermanus, on the coast, to spend some time with Gaye & Jonathan, daughter-in-law Claire’s parents. Panoramas: It takes 5-6 seconds to move to the next pic. 1. Lambert’s Bay 2. Sunset from our accommodation, Lambert’s Bay. 3. Vineyard view, Paarl 4. The beautiful Franschhoek Valley.... read more
Sloten, Amsterdam
Classic Dutch
Rijks Museum

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland December 26th 2019

After a great visit to the Spoorweg Museum on a sunny day; I had to see more as my time was limited in Utrecht. It was a very short walk from Spoorweg to the very nice free Lepenburg Park. I interacted with some nice Hollanders and enjoyed my own nature experience here in this nice city. I sat for a break for hydro and a munch. I continued walking towards the City Center. Walking down a (unknown) Straat, I had a quick chat with some nice local passer-byers. I visited a nice canal. I was pooped out for the day; and started to have a nice walk back to my hotel.. I did pause a while to enjoy Lepenburg Park again. (Everywhere in Nederland the people were very friendly; and I enjoyed the positive "vibes" in ... read more
Lepenburg Park sign
Lepenburg Park
Lepenburg Park

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland December 21st 2019

While planning my full month of may in wonderful Nederland, I had only time to stay in eight small cities in Holland. Since I had a friend from a de-funked social travel site, I decided to make a three day visit to his town of 's-Hertogenbosch. Well, this worked out better then I thought possible. My friend (and free guide) met me in front of my hotel on my second day in Den Bosch. He drove me in his car slowly so I could make field notes with exact directions with the Dutch "straats" so I could find my nearest bus station. Then he drove me to a good parking spot near Den Bosch Station. This started my free walking tour of beautiful 's-Hertogenbosch. In front of the station was a tall statue-monument thing that was ... read more
walk to Den Bosch Station
walk to Den Bosch Station
Den Bosch Station

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland December 20th 2019

I just arrived by train in 's-Hertogenbosch and got my free city map. Unfortunately my hotel was off the city map. I took a taxi to my hotel and settled in. With only four days to see Den Bosch I had much to see while in town. The nice young lady working at the hotel knew enough English to perform her hotel duties well; but she could not tell me how to get to the nearest bus stop. I enjoyed sitting on my roof-top benches looking at a nice neighborhood. I did not want to get lost especially while staying off the city map. I got my nerve up and had a nice long walk down Quirijn van Amelsfoortstraat, checking out the nice newer buildings and the nice planted flowers. then I had an easy day ... read more
hotel roof
hotel roof
hotel roof

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht December 12th 2019

I only had one month to explore the Southern Netherlands. Leaving Haarlem I took a morning train to Utrecht Centraal (with only four days and nights in beautiful Utrecht), then rode a taxi to my B&B hotel. My hotel window had a great view of the Spoorweg (train) Museum; and the unused RR tracks ran right behind my hotel. I opened my large upstairs window and got a good breeze; and wondered if I should take a nap or explore Utrecht. It was quickly time for me to see some beautiful neat old trains. I think the admission price was sixteen Euros, and well worth it. This was the most wonderful train museum this old country boy has ever seen! They had expensive neat trash cans everywhere with a train on the front of each can. ... read more
view from my B&B window sycamore trees
Maliebaan Station
Maliebaan Station

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Sittard October 14th 2019

Aaaaand we're almost off. I've been looking forward to this trip for what seems like forever! Now that it's finally here I feel surprisingly calm. 😊 Suitcases are almost packed, trains are booked, and lovely Chris is picking us up tomorrow morning to take us to Geilenkirchen station, for which we are forever grateful. Thought it might be nice to do a blog again, let's see how far we get. Now, how to add photo's.... 🤔... read more

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