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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam May 1st 2023

According to Traveler's Elixir: ... read more
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happy travel

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Roermond March 15th 2023

Neatly put Netherlands. - Piprey on wheels One of the nicest things we can do in life is to visit an old friend. Easy Travel to Netherlands via Germany I planned a trip from London to Herkenbosch (small village in Limburg, Netherlands on the border of Germany) via Dusseldorf. When I started to pack, I realised that my basic fare allowed only one bag. So it was tossing everything into a single large handbag (Not the best way to impress people but I was visiting an old friend).I took local bus with the usual morning panic for Eurowings boarding from London Heathrow to Dusseldorf. No fuss. Reaching Dusseldorf, I thought my connecting bus from Dusseldorf to Roermond was 11.30 instead of 11.50. This meant that I missed buying those appetizing large, brown, lovely pretzels in Dusseldorf ... read more
When will it flower?
Dinner at CitizenM

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam December 9th 2022

1. Mombasa I began what felt like the longest day of my life (no night sleeps, but several naps) in Mombasa, Kenya. It was 4am on Wednesday and I'd had less than 4 hours of sleep because--well, you know how it is when you're about to travel. The last day in town is always the busiest, and then I'm a last-minute packer anyways, so I was up until midnight packing. Thought I'd sleep, but noisy neighbors and late-night drunks had other ideas. My tuk-tuk was there at 4:30 to take me to the bus station. There I boarded a Tawakal bus to Dar Es Salaam. Slept a bit on the bus and arrived in Dar around 6pm. I'm skipping a lot there. The bus ride from Dar was far from uneventful. After sleeping most of the ... read more
Tawakal bus
We started before dawn
Tanzania countryside

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam November 12th 2022

We’re off again! On another epic trip to Africa. Now that I am resurrecting this travel blog, I believe you all deserve an update on the whole big picture of me and my family in 2022. I married Chelly Yes, the girl in the blogs from Thailand, India, and Kenya. The two of us were married in January, 2008, to the lamentations of many sad girls in the USA and disappointed boys in Kenya, I am sure. We moved to Kenya In the fall of 2009, we decided to relocate to Kenya. The Almighty had other plans. Things did not work out quite so well for us there, and we returned to Seattle in 2010. We had a son Our first son, Javan Ndaiya Nakis, was born in Seattle, WA on March 2nd, 2011. It was ... read more
Window 2

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 14th 2022

And so it begins....with a wild ride to JFK by kamikaze driver. Had my eyes shut all the way and shivered under the air conditioning. Exited the car guessed it..... managed to fall flat on my back. Hopefully I got that out of the way. I was trying to wrestle the suitcase, carryon, handbag, jacket and cane. Did I ask for help? Once on the ground I gathered myself, asked for my wheelchair, checked in and headed to the gate. My wheelchair driver did not take me to the TSA pre check at first and the checkin line was very, very long. My advice is to get TSA Precheck or plan for three hours to check in. Once on the right line I breezed through, enjoyed my security massage and settled down in the lounge. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Dordrecht October 7th 2022

This morning we had to vacate our rental at !0am, and we just made it. There has been some comment about the energy levels of the more senior cohort of this touring party, but maybe the body clocks fire up at different times. I was ready early. Enough said. Gouda was our first point of interest for the day, en route to Dordrecht. We arrived here at dusk, and it is a black brick hotel, located next to the local McDonalds. It normally caters for travelling businessmen and has a humble conference centre and ‘work point’ attached. The rooms are OK and suit our intransit status. Just don’t pick it as a honeymoon destination; it won’t kick the marriage off at a high point. It’s 9.15, my mates are relaxing with a chilled refresher in their ... read more
Tiny Houses, Gouda
The Old Weigh House, 16th Century, Gouda
Choices.. Gouda

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft October 6th 2022

This morning I was up early to catch the morning light. It was a soft pale blue fading into a pastel pink. Two guys were craning a long timber boat onto the slipway opposite us, and pretty soon were scraping and power cleaning the hull before lowering it back into its mooring. An hour later and the lake was glistening. The water mirrors the shoreline, as large black birds glide across the sky, occasionally swooping downwards towards the water. The only sound is the young T-shirt clad workman getting an early start across the lake, and the hum of our refrigerator. Looking around our compact house, I’ve noticed subtle differences between the lights and furniture compared to home, and while we all might go to IKEA, and like their products or not, here we are virtually ... read more
The Church Tower, Utrecht
The Hash Cookie Shop

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Gouda October 5th 2022

Well, today isn’t yesterday. After a shower, I walked barefoot outside, and the hard ridges on the grey weathered timber deck dug into my feet and transmitted an instant message to my brain; it was cold. The rest of my body soon caught on, so I’m now sitting outside, wearing all the warm clothes that I brought, drinking coffee that has gone cold sooner than it normally would, and eating that old Netherlander breakfast favourite , muesli. I’m pretty sure they’d really start the day with a cooked breakfast. The cold breeze coming off the lake has done a 180 degree turn, and is now at my side, creeping down the neck of my jacket. I’m not freezing, but I’m not cozy. Still, I will stay out here, because watching the shimmer of light on the ... read more
De Lichtfabriek Restaurant
Canals In Gouda By Night

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Gouda October 4th 2022

Today we are driving to the land of channels and dykes, The Netherlands. I buried my head in some online courses and podcasts on the way here, as until you get close to the Netherlands , it’s all pretty much the same as what we’ve seen in France. The drive took 4 hours, including a toilet/ snacks break at a Service Station. The system with the toilets is practical. You pay 80 cents at a turnstile , receive a receipt and the green light, and when you return to the shop, your receipt is a discount card for any purchases. No pulling in for a Free-Wee; its a pretty fair system. The landscape is covered with corn crops, and the usual low lying green salad crops, but extensive glass houses are also prevalent due to the ... read more
There’s wind power everywhere
This Truck Makes A Sydney To Melbourne Run Look Mild
The Lake House, Reeuwijk

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem September 22nd 2022

We boarded the tiny tram again and set off along the tracks which followed the woods. In the distance we could see a windmill or a bakehouse and yet another farmhouse . Sometimes people got off the tram and wandered around before catching the next one . At other times they sat there going round and round . On our way round we were busy reading the literature which told us we were passing the Tower Mill saved from demolition in Delft . We alighted at Lint- Tuinen as did a number of other families . There was in this part of the park quite a number of different dwellings. A tin chapel rescued from Heerenhoek, a prefabricated bungalow donated by Norway . Inside of the prefab along with other houses felt like a trip to ... read more
Windmills in the open air museum
What a shame the sails were not going round
Typical bridge that would be seen anywhere in the Netherlands

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