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August 31st 2006
Published: August 31st 2006
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I've been sleeping in Agatha's (my other cousin) flat on the fourth floor. Floors are different here. A floor in the U.S. is maybe 12 steps while here it's more like 30. I'll try to take a picture of the stairs that go up to Agatha's apartment. you seriously have to hold onto the handrail or else you might fall backwards. I think it's about 100 steps to the 4th floor. No wonder everybody is skinny here (well almost everybody).

Hagar (my aunt) is the best cook ever. She cooks so healthy but everything somehow tastes good. If I were to combine pasta, tomato sauce, salmon, spinach, and soy milk together It would probably be poisionous. But that's what we had for dinner last night and it was delicious.

This morning I had something I've never seen in my life: a hairless yellow kiwi. They call it the Golden Kiwi and it's very sweet and a sunny yellow color inside unlike our tart green kiwi.

Today Leyla and I will ride our fiets (bikes) today. Hope you all are good. I'm going to IKEA today with Agatha and Eyal (my uncle) to buy a few things. One more thing before I go, it's amazing how expensive American clothing and shoes are here. I went shopping yesterday and I saw converse all-star shoes here for 60 euros (which is about 80 dollars). The puma shoes are over 100 euros and also asics shoes about 115 euros. But, the shoes that are about 130 u.s. dollars in seattle are only 50 euros here or so (particularly talking about the french shoe brand le coq sportif and also doc martins).

Anyway, Doei (pronounced "doo-ey") which is like ciao!



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