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Ok I am finally writing a blog! Yes I know the last 4 have been angelic bens! But I'm baaaack! And touch screen typing on my iPhone while on a 7 hour bus to Panama City! So it really is guaranteed quality. I'm mainly doing it cos after 3.5hours of homeland episodes and a dead laptop I am extremely bored and hot and annoying Ben. So I think in a way I have put myself in time out for the sake of our relationship! Hence a blog of some sort is coming your way!Ok so I am told I am in charge of describing our day at red frog beach in Bocas del toro! It was suuuuch a long time ... read more

We said farewell to San Jose, thankfully for the last time and jumped onto our public bus that would take us to Panama border. Apparently there are only 2 land borders into Panama on the west side from Costa Rica and luckily we were taking the path less traveled. We had managed to download the latest episode of Game of Thrones this morning that aired in the US only last night. As I said yesterday, amazing wifi! It was done between 5am and 5.15am when we had to leave!! So we caught up on the latest from Westeros and that took us up to the first stop. We had 10mins to stretch our legs and use the bathroom. There was a random little fresh juice shop and we thought that would be the best option for ... read more

Sorry folks, you've still got to put up with my (Ben's) rambling as I have the advantage of being able to type away whilst on the bus and we're currently snaking our way up into the Panamian mountains...but that's for a blog in a few days time. We woke up a little disgruntled given we had to leave our beach paradise and travel back to the dirty capital. We could've have easily spent another couple of days relaxing but alas, the tour must go on. It wasn't all bad though, as our public bus back to San Jose wasn't leaving until noon so we had the morning to 'chill-out'. I rose around 8.30am, chucked my running gear on and went for a jog along the beach. As soon as I opened the front door I was ... read more

We allowed ourselves a bit of a sleep in this morning given our frantic week of bussing all around the country. We wandered 3 doors up from our hotel to a hostel that did $4 'big breakfasts' – fruit platter, scrambled eggs, toast, coffee and of course, Central America's favourite dish, rice and beans. The sun was already beating down on us and it felt like 100% humidity, as even sitting down and eating would raise a sweat. We wandered up to the entrance of Manuel Antonio National Park, paid our $10 entrance fee for foreigners (if I was Costa Rican, the entrance price was about 50c), shrugged off the would-be guides who were trying to obtain our business and strolled into the park, confident of seeing the elusive sloth. The Manuel Antonio National Park is ... read more

We were on the road relatively early again as we made our departure from Monteverde, down out of the mountains and back down to sea level. The view was amazing as our little mini-bus spiralled its way along this windy gravel road. Rolling green mountains, some of which were baked in sunshine whilst others were covered by low hanging cloud. Rach tried unsuccessfully to capture the moment, the bumpiness and trees lining the road proving an obstacle. We stopped after about 2 hours and we knew we'd come down out of the mountains as the first thing that hit us was the heat! It was only about 10am by this point but whilst we waited at the little truck stop we all chatted about not being able to wait to hit the beach in Manuel Antonio. ... read more

We had a massive day today! We had to be up at 6am so Olly naturally blasted out Troublemaker again at us! Nooooo! We had breakie included in our hotel for the next 2 days which was good for saving money as we are just burning through cash in Costa Rica cos it is so expensive! It was simple – fruit, toast and some eggs but not too bad. We all piled into the van again and drove for about 20 mins into the cloud forest to meet our guide Christian. He was another super passionate guide which was funny and also really good! We walked around for about 2.5 hours spotting birds (Ben really has turned into the next bird whisperer and spotter! - who needed a guide!) and animals. We even managed to sort ... read more

We were meeting at a relatively reasonable time this morning – 8.30am. We had read that the Rainforest Cafe had the best reviews for food in La Fortuna and we only had one meal left to try it so we threw our stuff together and headed down the road to try it out. The coffee was fantastic. We are slowly getting used to having full cream milk. Its gonna be weird going back to skinny milk when we are home! Ben had fruit, granola and yogurt which was yummy but a bit too much watermelon for him as he isnt a massive fan. I got pancakes with strawberries and it was so weird. They had cut up 2 strawberries and had each one in 4 slices placed in each pancake as it was cooked! With maple ... read more

I was awake relatively early this morning as our hotel is right on a busy street and given we don't have air-con, the windows are open to let at least some cooler air in. After catching up on blogs, we went out for breakfast at the My Coffee cafe (same place we enjoyed an arvo coffee from yesterday). After tentatively ordering pancakes, Rach changed her mind when she saw the dessert menu...berry crepes (with ice-cream I might add!). I chose an omelet and was happy when it was brought out with fresh fruit and muffins too! So we broke our fast ensuring that we were well fed ahead of our massive adrenaline-rushing excursion. We were picked up at 10am and taken to our waiting 4WDs. We scrambled onto the back of the trays where they had ... read more

We said our fond farewells to San Jose (even though we'll be unfortunately back next week) and jumped into some waiting cabs at 8am. We arrived at the bus station and found our public bus that would take us the 4.5 hour journey north to La Fortuna. Looking at the map, its unfortunate that we even had to go all the way down to San Jose, to just turn around and hike back up from where we came from 2 days ago. Anyway, the public bus was ok, not a lot of leg room but the weather was kind of coolish and we could open the windows to let the fresh air flow in. It was a great opportunity for Rach and I to catch up on 2 episodes of Game of Thrones and now we ... read more

Not a great blog for me to write today as I havent been very well at all! We woke up at about 9.30 which was a really good sleep as we were asleep by 11pm also. But we really needed it especially me as we had now worked out that I have a chest infection (no need to explain why we knew!) so needed some bed time afer being awake at 4am yesterday and a long day of travelling! Ben got up and went on the short walk that Jacob did with the group around the centre of San Jose pointing out things we may need in the next day, and I went back to sleep for an hour. He came back with breakfast, antibiotics, cough medicine and throat tablets! What a keeper! So, all drugged ... read more

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