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6th November 2013

Great post
Hey, Liked your story on Bruges. Unfortunately it rained... But, apparently you had a good time ! I'm studying to become city guide in Bruges, so I read on what people look for in Bruges. Questions, favorite places,... And for that reason, I started a blog on my experiences. If you have friends coming over, tell them about my blog maybe, there are some nice tips and tricks on it. And you get it from a city guide, what more can you want? to check it out ! Hope to see you again in Bruges one day ! Greets, Andy B.
30th June 2013

Surely the chick, avo and tomato sandwich wasn't 'the best lunch ever'. after all, Rach needs to be comparing it to Keith's lunch on the Eiffel tower! Loved this bit 'we walked through admiring nature. Well, I was, Rach had her head down msging everyone on her phone telling how amazing it was to have free wi-fi while walking through a park', and to be is pretty bloody amazing that there is free wifi in a park! Really looking forward to reading the Trip Home Awards ceremony blog! Sounds great! Thanks heaps for keeping the blogs so up to date, and for making them so chatty...we have really LOVED them. You are both AWESOME! Love to you
30th June 2013

Love the blogs Rach...I can really visualise being there...reliving the 'near-death' experience and eating all the delicious, and not so delicious food! can't wait to see you in 3 weeks1
29th June 2013

Wishing To Visit Machu Picchu
Thanks to your blog. It increased my enthusiasm to visit it someday. Great job.
28th June 2013

Love the jump shot Ben! And love the writing in the sand! Must admit...I share your feeling about mountain bike riding Rach! X
27th June 2013

I think the Panaramic photo would look good on your lounge room wall. All the scenery on your drive is really beautiful. You did a great job driving Rach especially on that road with all that snow. Mum would have been freaking out if she was there. ( you should have given Ben some driving lessons with the manual car while you had the chance !!!!!! )
27th June 2013

Ps. Rapa Nui looks like my kinda shop! And the raspberry and caramel crepe looked delicious! Not long to go now...less than a week. X
27th June 2013

Wow what stunning photos! They're amazing! Very impressed that you drive Rach...esp in such tricky conditions with all that snow...go girl! X
27th June 2013

Ben you have become very skilled at they self taken photos... I usually get most of my arm and only bits of our faces!
25th June 2013

I cant see my loving daughter wearing only a thong to brekkie maybe you mean she jandals bloody aussie slang love to both pater
24th June 2013

I FINISHED that book last week, yes is a good book and being based in Venice and Florence made it morenjoyable .I even recognised some of the places .Enjoying your blogs Love Dad
21st June 2013

Musta been a bloody good daiquiri if it was up there with the Santorini ones!! Meal sounds yum...and you are both looking good! Love the blogs
20th June 2013
Is it a it a, its Ben!

Nice photo
Interesting perspective
12th June 2013

Well you had a very exciting day driving your buggy around. You did well to get your money back from the first bloke, lucky there was another operator close by. That certainly was a massive waterfall and to be able to get in behind it as well. Loved the photos of your days adventures. The buggies are ideal for the tourist to see the sights. Stay safe and hear again from you soon. Ps one more night before we make it to Hervey Bay.
12th June 2013

you look like you are having a fun time buggerr about the buggy though I have had a really busy time at work actually didnt get home until 5 oclock tonight love to you both .Dad
12th June 2013

Thank you so much for all the work you have done to keep us on board. I especially enjoyed your time on the Amazon - or its upper tributary. It reminded me of John Grisham's book "The testament" which as well as being a good yarn also takes seriously the plight of the local Indians. Love . Gramps
10th June 2013

50 deg!!!! Our guests here complain if our spa temp is 40 deg! Hey Rach your mum paid us a suprise visit yesterday!!! We were SOOOOO THRILLED TO SEE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have \"been everywhere man\" - it\'s amazing the places you have been & things you have done!! When we get a break from the motel we will sit down & read all the detail - meantime we are thrilled to follow you by reading the \"headlines\" & imagining what on earth you will get uo to next!!!!!!!!!! Love - Al & Dawnie xxx.
9th June 2013

Love the detail, love the pics, love the humour! x
8th June 2013

Keep blogs Coming
We've just read your latest group of Blogs and it made us feel like we were there with, plenty of details and fantastic photos. I guess there's not too many people that can say they have been to the Galapagos Is. and been into the Amazon jungle and mingled with the natives. We just watch a Doco on S. America and they were in Peru at the ruins that you are going to ( I can't spell the name with looking it up ) There was some magnificent scenery on the train ride to the ruins and of course the ruins probably equalled the pyramids in its grandeur. Looking forward to the next edition of blogs Stay save, Love Mum and Dad
31st May 2013

Photos are quite incredible...and I love your little blue sundress! x
31st May 2013

Gee, you are having a great time on this Island, you wont want to leave. It certainly is an adventure of a life time. Great photos of all the wildlife, you were lucky to see the Killer Whales and get pics of them. Take care and we'll talk soon.
30th May 2013

Love the photos! Hard to believe that they are actually real! Looking brown and skinny Rach! x
28th May 2013

Eating raw plantain sounds REVOLTING!
28th May 2013

Panama Canal
You got some great photos of the Panama Canal. Its no wonder they are making it wider, it must be a great money spinner for the Gov. Theres a bit of trick photography with the panoramic shot of the canal which put a bend in the canal. I think not !!!!
23rd May 2013

Great hammock well worth the long wait I would like a photo with you both in it love dad

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