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We woke up this morning after an amazing sleep in our super comfy bed! Our lil apartment here is really cute with a kitchen and everything! Would be great if we were here more than one night so we could actually cook ourselves a meal instead of going out! It feels like coming home is getting closer! And it is! Unfortunately I was disappointed as I stepped into the shower as it was tepid at best! Grr cold showers in a cold place is not ideal! Anyway enough moaning, we got changed into our travel attire for yet another full day of travelling and got out packs to head downstairs and pay our bill. ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago June 19th 2013

We allowed ourselves a little sleep-in, then rugged up in all our winter gear again and trundled down to the coldest breakfast room ever. Telling you what, Hotel Sol Inka really needs to invest in some heaters cos we basically breathe frost each time we try take a bite! We got ourselves all packed up and dumped our stuff down at the hotel reception and took a quick wander up town for an early lunch. We settled on the little bakery we had lunch at the first day we were in Cusco before the Jungle Trail. Before we knew it, it was approaching noon and we had to get back to our hotel, grab our bags and flagged down the nearest cab, a shady looking little hatchback; the boot only big enough for Rach's bag with ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 18th 2013

We woke up today ready for a chilled out, relaxing day to re-coup after our last full on days trekking! I actually was surprised how un-sore I was except my calves and knees! I must be getting fitter – yus! But we were both knackered. Thankfully our hotel – Hotel Sol Inka was really quiet and had fantastic showers so at least we were now clean! Unfortunately our room was on the 3rd floor which required climbing up a lot of stairs to get there. You should have seen us after each flight! So out of breath and buggered! Get us out of altitude! We very slowly fell down the stairs to breakfast which was literally in an ice box! We were freeeezing! It wasnt the greatest breakie. A yoghurt drink, some honeydew melon and scrambled ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu June 17th 2013

Today had some high points and low points, literally and emotionally as we tackled our biggest hiking day yet up to Machu Picchu. Olly broke out in song the second earliest all trip, 3:55am!! I sprang out of bed in anticipation for the adventures ahead. Rach on the other hand didn't share my excitement, moving about the hotel room like a Galapagos tortoise. We had a carbo loaded breakie of muesli bars, bananas and a yoghurt drink and met the rest of our tour group at the hotel reception at 4.30am. We walked down through the town and along the river, joining fellow trekkers in the dark as we walked towards the entrance point. It was pitch black so we were guided by ... read more
The only way is up

South America » Peru » Cusco » Aguas Calientes June 16th 2013

We were all a lil annoyed this am as we had been told we needed to be up at 6am even though we had an 'easy' day! But up we got and met each othe all down at the local restaurant we had dinner at, at 6.30am. Everyone was pretty tired and sore after yesterday's super long and strenuous day but also very excited/nervous for some, about ziplining this morning, We got given pancakes with chocolate sauce and a banana wrapped in it, with white rolls and juice for breakie. Average at best but could be worse. We stocked up on some snacks for the day and then all piled into the van and met our guide for ziplining. A few people in our group hadnt ziplined before so were pretty nervous but it was such ... read more
The main street of Santa Teresa
Our luxury accommodation!

South America » Peru » Cusco June 15th 2013

We were awoken by heavy footsteps pounding away on the floor above us at 5am. Together with everything Rach mentioned last night, this would have to be our worst accommodation so far this trip. We didn't sleep too bad considering except I woke up a bit stuffed up and with a sore throat. Think the Canadians have kindly given me their cold. We met for breakie at 630am, cold pancakes with banana and bread rolls with jam. It was ok and we carbo-loaded for our big day of trekking. We jumped onto a waiting minibus that drove us down to the river and through the 'old town' of Santa ... read more
beautiful clear morning

South America » Peru » Cusco June 14th 2013

We both woke to olly at 5.20am after having a really good sleep!! It was pretty hard to get up cos we were both dead to the world! But Ben got the ball rolling while I stayed out to it for about ten mins. Our usual early morning routine. We went down and cheekily asked where we could leave our luggage for the next 4 days, knowing full well we wouldn't be staying at this place again! But meh they let us! Our van arrived just after 6am to pick us up on this absolutely freezing cold morning in cusco! I had so many clothes on and was still bitterly cold! Edinburgh all over again! Another Canadian couple also from our hostel were on our tour. We drove around and picked up 4 more so we ... read more
Geared up and ready to go...

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 13th 2013

We were awoken by a group of drunks getting home at 5.30am. Whilst I have no problem with fellow hostelers staggering back at all hours, they could at least not sit down right outside our bedroom door and chatter at the top of their lungs. To make matters worse, they were American...typical. Thankfully the 24 hour receptionist moved them on before I started yelling abuse like an old man telling the neighbours' kids to get off the lawn. We rose for breaky at 9am and braved the 'breakfast included' option that our hostel provides. We went for yoghurt, fruit and cereal. 2 out of 3 wasn't bad, except the cereal tasted a bit funny. It filled us up though and at least it was free (have to get something out of this crap hostel). We ventured ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 12th 2013

We woke up this am by ppl coming back from being out at 4am, running and yelling through the main area of our hostel, which unfortunately we happen to be right beside. Thankfully after shoving my earplugs in even deeper I fell back asleep and woke up at 8am when they open the front door to the hostel and there is no chance of any more sleep. Ben got up really quickly and showered and changed like his life depended on it! He claimed he was really hungry and that cos I had a massive headache from the altitude we should get up and eat then get to a pharmacy to get some altitude pills. I was planning on lying in for a bit but seeing as though he was wanting to help me I obliged, ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 11th 2013

Olly strikes his cord at 4.21am (cos Rach needed that extra minute) and we stubble out of bed, shove some clothes on for our travel day to Cusco. Our shuttle driver is waiting for us at 4.45am and we head off to the Aeroporto. It was a good idea staying out in Tababela near the airport cos exactly 8 minutes later we had arrived and were strolling into the departures area. We got ourselves checked and went through to security and then onto find some breakfast. Although the Quito International Airport is brand new, they certainly know how to charge exorbitant prices for things. We settled on getting fruit and yogurt, a bagel and couple of coffees for breakfast and we didn't get much change from our last USD$20. It filled us up though and Rach ... read more
Coffee in a Beer Stein

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