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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Floreana Island May 31st 2013

Ok, so it may appear that we are getting a little behind on our blogs but its only because we've been isolated deep in the amazon rainforest, lucky to have running water let alone wi-fi! So I'm writing this blog in our private transport on our way to Shell on the iPhone.We wandered down and met our tour agent at 7.45am who took us down to the dock to catch our boat down to Floreana Island. While waiting for our boat, we noticed a sea-lion getting some early morning suntanning in, resting on the little floating dock. Unfortunately it was quite overcast and cold this morning so he wasn't catching ... read more
Floreana Island (grey and gloomy)

Another amazing day today! We had a bit more of a sleep in today as we werent getting picked up till 8am! I am starting to get used to these early starts! Not that I am really functioning much better! Thankfully we just have to get up and put clothes on then go sit on a bus and then boat for a few hours! We woke up and opened the curtains to a gorgeous morning! Clear skies and sunny! Wahhoo! Good start! Up we got, had breakie down in the restaurant and waited out the front for our pick up. There was about 7 people from our tour yesterday so that was nice cos we all knew each other, and a few other older ladies. We had a 50 min drive on the bus to get ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santiago Island May 29th 2013

Wowza! What a day it was today. I'm currently sitting on the top deck of our boat sailing back from Santiago Island. The afternoon swells have arrived and its a little choppy so hopefully I don't make too many typing errors let alone get sea-sick!! Unfortunately its been quite overcast here today and after our little snorkling trip, Rach is huddled next to me wrapped in anything available to keep her warm! Our day started with a 5.30am wake up call. The bus collected us right on 6am and after making a few more stops at various hotels to pick up our fellow gringos, we travelled north to the boat dock that will take us out for the day. After an hour, we arrived at the boat dock, swapped wheels for waterproof jackets and took the ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Fe Island May 28th 2013

Today we had to be up and ready to be picked up at 7am for our adventure day to Santa Fe! We were both super excited cos we read that we would be seeing sea lions!! They picked us up at the hotel and took us to the dock where we had to split into 2 groups of 8 and hop in a lil inflatable boat about 15m to our yacht! We climbed up to the top to get the best view and hopefully get the least seasick! We had a 2 hour trip to get to Santa Fe and it wasn't as bumpy as we all expected thankfully! I had had a motion sickness tablet just incase cos we had been told it could be quite bumpy! We pulled into Santa Fe and I was ... read more

South America » Ecuador May 27th 2013

We woke up and caught our airport transfer at 6.45am. We grabbed some breakie at the airport, and excitedly waited for our 9.10am to the Galapagos. It was a beautiful clear day as we flew in over the archipelago. I could see a number of small islands and rocks sticking up out of the ocean. We landed onto Baltra Island, paid our $100ea entrance fee into the national park and hoped that someone would be on the other side from Grey Line to pick us up. Thankfully there was a lady on the other side holding up a sign for us. She informed us that we would have to wait around until 12 o'clock as we had to wait for another couple to arrive on a later flight. It was a bit annoying as we had ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil May 26th 2013

We had a pretty reasonable timed flight this am – 11.40am which meant we had to organise a 9am transfer to the airport. We were up at 7.30, packed up and had breakie and went and visited my pharmacist Peter for his left over antibiotics as he is heading home and they will expire in a few months. Just in case we need them in the next 6 weeks! :) We had a bit of a sad goodbye with Peter and John who had got up and come downstairs to see us off and say bye! Both of who we had been travelling with for a month now. John is from Melbourne so we will catch up with him for sure when we are all back in Aus which will be good. Our transfer never arrived ... read more

Today is officially our final day of our month-long tour through Central America. Over the past 28 days we have been through 5 countries, seeing and doing some amazing things including swimming with the dolphins, peering into an active volcano full of lava, canyoneering down cliffs and zip-lining across valleys. Its been an amazing 4 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed every minute and the people we've met along the way. Our final day begun with a sleep-in, whooop!! No Olly Murrs 'Troublemaker' would wake us up this morning. We had a free day in Panama City and we thought we'd get our 'chores' over and done with first. We had breakie at the hotel, I put on the biggest load of washing ever in preparation for our summer gear hibination as we would be travelling south to ... read more

Once again Olly woke us up early as today as we had an 11 hour travel day to Panama City! Unfortunately so early that no breakie places were even open so we packed some muesli bars and what we thought were bananas! We met the group at 7am and make our way to the public bus stop to board a chicken bus again. We managed to get seats together this time which was good but we did not have a good start! When Ben got on the bus I noticed that there was a GIANT red ant crawling on the rim of his cap. I was sitting next to the wide open window and he was in the aisle seat. It was the largest ant I have EVER seen and I was like “OMG Ben...” and ... read more

We were awake nice and early for our big day on the rapidos (god my Spanish is getting good). Well, it wasn't because we were so excited/nervous that we couldn't sleep. It was because (1) the curtains in our hotel room were basically a sheet that didn't stop any morning light coming through; (2) the bed was so uncomfortable that Rach and I both found ourselves sinking down into the middle; and (3) the hotel backs onto a supermarket delivery dock and a bloody big semi decided to rock up at 5am, and keep the engine running as the entire thing was unloaded. It sounded as though it was backing back right into our hotel room! Anyway, so wasn't a great start but we had to be up anyway. We grabbed a quick breakie at the ... read more

I'm on a roll on this bus trip!! Second blog in a row on my phone! :) I just tried getting Ben to entertain me but it failed he "just wants to read" - boooringg!! I hope we are there soon! day...Today was a very unexciting day as it was pretty much all travel! Thankfully we could sleep til 8am and shared some fresh fruit and pancakes with jam for breakie and a decent latte actually from the hotel :) very good start! We had a 10 min walk in very high humidity with our packs to the boat dock so collapsed in a heap when we got there and had about a half hour wait till the boat ... read more

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