Day 52: Sunbaking with sealions on Santa Fe

Published: May 31st 2013
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en route to santa fe
Today we had to be up and ready to be picked up at 7am for our adventure day to Santa Fe! We were both super excited cos we read that we would be seeing sea lions!! They picked us up at the hotel and took us to the dock where we had to split into 2 groups of 8 and hop in a lil inflatable boat about 15m to our yacht! We climbed up to the top to get the best view and hopefully get the least seasick! We had a 2 hour trip to get to Santa Fe and it wasn't as bumpy as we all expected thankfully! I had had a motion sickness tablet just incase cos we had been told it could be quite bumpy!

We pulled into Santa Fe and I was just blown away! It was a lil Bay Area and even from far away we could just see rows and rows of sea lions all lined up sun baking on the beach! We pulled up to the rocks and saw our first blue footed boobies up close. They literally look like they are wearing blue toe socks! It's brilliant! We captured the moment and then all piled into our lil boat again and got driven to shore. As we were approaching the shore, we could see white-tipped sharks lurking in the shallows waiting for an unsuspecting baby sea lion to venture a little too far into the water (sentence added by Ben). First we visited the bay on the left that had the most sea lions! Omg it was seriously the coolest thing ever! Everyone was standing around our guide listening to info about them and Ben and I didn't even notice he was speaking! We were told to stay 2m away from them but we thought meh wel be right! We spent about 20 mins lying down with them and taking pics of the lil babies and dominant males who at times looked like they were about to charge us down! So so incredibly cool!

After about 20 mins we started off on our 30 min walk up and around the island to the other bay. We had just started making our way up the path and this sea lion comes waddling past us and plonks himself in the trail so we couldn't pass! Was really funny! We waited for about 5 mins and our guide taught us about the land iguanas in Galapagos that are a cream colour and on most islands but predominantly this one. The sea lion then got noted and waddled off again allowing us to pass! We didn't have to walk far before seeing our first land iguana! It was pretty big but did absolutely nothing as we all ducked around it taking pics! We wandered through the track stopping for some info about the island and all the pear cactus trees famous in the Galapagos! I am fascinated by cacti so was loving it! We took plenty of pics and before we knew it we were back down on the second bag with more amazingly cool sea lions! We took some more pics to add to our sea lion collection of about 1000 pics!! And again missed anything our guide was telling us about them! So so cool!

We then hopped back into our lil boats back to our yacht and got ready for some snorkeling! We were hoping to be swimming with the baby sea lions we could see in the water at the bay and on the rocks near our boat but unfortunately we didn't see any after half an hour snorkeling round! But it was still fun and we saw lotsa colourful fish!

After snorkeling we settled down to a really yummy lunch of fresh fish and veges! And then made our way back to Santa Cruz. Ben and I sat on the front of the boat in the sun and fell asleep for an hour. It was a really smooth, nice trip back 😊

We were shattered when we got back after a heat and sun fun filled day! So we showered a d headed out for an early dinner, we looked in trip advisor and decided to head to the number 1 choice called Galapagos deli. And it was a solid choice! We shared a pizza, got yummy fresh juices (I was stoked to see that we didn't leave them behind in Central America!) and topped off with yummy homemade ice cream for dessert! They even offered half and half scoops for those of us who can't eat alot and can't make decisions! Highly recommend this place! Satisfied we wandered the souvenir shops adding to our collection of Galapagos animal figurines! Such a good day! This place is seriously outta this world!! Come here on your next trip!!!

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blue footed booby fishing

blue footed booby

grey hawk
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sea lions and more sea lions!

high 5

31st May 2013

Photos are quite incredible...and I love your little blue sundress! x

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