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4th November 2009

great blog
John - found your blog really interesting, funny and informative as I'm off to Delhi, Rajasthan in a few weeks - might read it all again soon ! Cheers Brian (Brisbane Australia)
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31st October 2009

Great Info
Hi, As a fellow travelblogger just wanted to say how impressed I am with your blogs. I'm currently planning a little excursion to rwanda, uganda and kenya and don't normally like joining the overland tours but felt like I had to go down that path as it seemed very difficult to joing a safari as liek you I will be travelling on my own. I have scoured the internet for weeks trying to find info on joining safaris on your own with no joy and stumbled across your "dull bits" and they have given me all the info I need - Many Thanks will be following the rest of your adventures with interest
28th October 2009

Great photos!
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28th October 2009

Love your photos. :)
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25th October 2009

A really enjoyable blog, thanks.
22nd October 2009

We traveled from Kampala to Masindi in central Uganda to visit Rock Foundation School which is supported by Chardon UMC. We were hosted by Christine, the person who started the school. It was a very impressive facility built in just four years time. We then headed to Fort Portal, western Uganda toward the Rwenzori Mountains. It took us 11 hours, 3 matatus, 3 flat tires, over 25 people plus luggage and packages in a 15 passenger vehicle that did not have a starter, before we arrived in Fort Portal for a few days. From there we traveled the Nkuruba Crater Lake where we stumbled upon a campsite that is owned and operated by a pastor who is also responsible for over 140 orphans in his village. The campsite food, lodging, and recreation fees help to fund the orphanage, clinic, and church. It was a great Rosemark stop to see and talk to the pastor about his mission and goals. We participated in swimming lessons and were entertained by the orphans performing traditional dance. The campsite is often surrounded by troops of black and white colombus monkeys. We took photos at a time when there we over 10 of them in the trees beside our banda! This continues to be a very amazing adventure! Kathy helping the littlest child get comfortable in the water. A child carrying more than his own weight on his head. A troop of Colombus Monkeys! Posted by Alison at 6:14 PM 0 comments
19th October 2009

good job at enfuzi campsite
I was once at Enfuzi Community campsite and i found Pastor John Bosco who manages both the campsite, Church and orphanage to be a hard working man who has put things on the ground.I slept in the Bandas and it was really good, it is what I liked. I come from USA and a lecturer at the University. I promise the next time to visit Uganda I'll come with the package for the orphans as my self witnessed what the children are going through.I even got children friends who I taught the computer skills. I learned that Pastor John cares for more than 150 orphans in different schools. That is a good job. There people who can talk against this orphanage but their words are not true. Many volunteers visit and work at this orphanage both from UK and USA. That is a good job Keep it up and for sure God will reward you. I ready also to show my commitment and give in my donation to help the disadvantaged children in Uganda. Dear Brethren don't follow what you here from other people. Yourselves should reach on the ground to prove if what is being said is true. Those words to discourage Pastor John Bosco are said by the people who are not even willing to help a dying orphan. we as christians should take a step to help the children are really there. I was able to see most of them as those were holidays. by Barry Pell
19th October 2009

I studied abroad in Ronda 4 years ago and this is an excellent photographic representation. Kudos to you.
18th October 2009

Thank you so much for such a helpful blog. Im hoping to head off to Buj at the end of the week, also from Huye, so thank you for the useful info. Happy travelling!
17th October 2009

"Tour de Laos support vehicle" That´s a good one! I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks
13th October 2009

Re: The advertisement, in the first photo of your blog - I'd sooner be interested in bestowing curses, I hope they offer that, too! :D
6th October 2009

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6th October 2009

Hippo Campus!! haha you're very funny - discovered your african blogs a couple of weeks ago and have followed you all the way around teh world now! Loving then - you really are a fantastic writer and also some beautiful photos. Would you recommend the Canon Powershot S3 IS on safari.. have just bought a cheap one off ebay going to Africa next year - don't want to spend much... Cheers - keep bloggin! :)
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26th September 2009

Great blog!! If you like, come back and visit mine: albumdeestampillas blogspot com Thanks, Pablo from Argentina
25th September 2009

Great photo captions! :D Is that photo of Queen Vic supposed to show there are no hard feelings, or is it to make you feel at home or what. We would never hang that thing in a hostel in Ireland.
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24th September 2009

this page is not so helpful in studies .we want the main buildings made or constructed by akbar these are the description or unwanted photographs. i am not saying that is is useless it is not so useful.
23rd September 2009

Covering your underpants
Very enjoyable. And nice to have practical information, too.
7th September 2009

Thanks for your posts
John, I follow your travels down our dark continent with interest - and enjoy your rather polite descriptions of what can not always be a very pleasant journey. It is also obvious that you enjoy this journey. There is a beer waiting on you here in Cape Town. Faure
2nd September 2009

Just saying, "Hi"
I've been reading your blogs for a while now and just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy them. Great descriptions, beautiful photos, and I love the honesty.
2nd September 2009

:) I like 'buffalo on the inside' ....heeeee. that tummy looks so full indeed. I can relate to 'getting stuck in waters' , we did too in my last trip (Aug08)....we actually jumped out from the windows into knee deep marsh to make the 4X4 lighter, and then pulled it up. great exp though. :) what made it even more thrilling was the the male-lion growling from behind a near by bush (and we didnt know which direction), the guide said that was a mating call for it's grilfriend. I'm going back in Aug 2010 to witness the migration.... my previous-trip pics in here ...checkout.
1st September 2009

forearm shaking
In Malawi, if someone offers their forearm, it's usually because their hands are dirty and they don't want you to dirty yours. But, as we have discussed, Malawians are different than Tanzanians, so I don't know if it applies there, too.
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23rd August 2009

Serengeti brought me here
And now, I am reading all your trips. It is so awesome to see someone make a trip to see the world. Happy traveling!
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21st August 2009

sunnier climes
Hi John, despite your cold, glad you are enjoying travels more now you have reached Tanzania. Glancing at this blog, I thought you had found a tourist paradise for obese hippies... my mistake, hippoes. Looking forward to your photos of South Africa.
21st August 2009

jiggling breasts to jogging beasts - excellent!
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18th August 2009

golden s's
needless to say, I was disappointed that the content of this post didn't match the high expectations I got from reading its title. nonetheless, it was interesting. and I have a few other URLs to visit now to match said expectations.
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