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30th August 2010
Camelthorn trees

Great photo!
Just popped up on the front page - inspiring me to visit Namibia :)
27th August 2010
Jagannath temple entrance

about lord jagannath
please sent me recent lord jagannath photo
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18th August 2010

Dear Jabe, Thanks so much for your honest evaluation of your long journey. I will miss traveling with you. Carolyn( gunga)
11th August 2010
Wadi Halfa at sunset

A splendid picture. May we uase it to illustrate on line notes on a visit by Rudyard Kipling to Wadi Halfa in 1913 ? We will be most gratefuf if tis is possible.
From Blog: Into the black
3rd August 2010

Dhow Safaris
The town is not up to much but the islands are very special. i went to Magaruque Island with Dolphin Dhows, I was not too impressed when i arrived at the office I think it was the owner who was screaming at the crew, he was quite unpleasant when we arrived at his office, however the trip was wonderful, but the snorkelling equipment was dirty and I wished I had brought my own. Another time I would have checked out what other companies had to offer, it was a disappointing experience. In all my years of travelling I have never met someone so rude as Junior of Dolphin Dhows.
1st August 2010

well, m frm patna n hv bn helpin foreigners on their trip here. it started wd me helpin my australian friends, bt nw i hv bn helpin others so dat they can hv fond memories of my city n hence d image of patna is not spoiled..
From Blog: Oh Magadh
6th July 2010

Enjoyable blog
An end to an inspiring journey, I discovered your blog late but I was hooked from the first to the last blog. Thank you for the enjoyable read.
28th June 2010
Fine-looking building

i like it, keep it up.
you done well.
From Blog: New flower
12th June 2010
Kung fu boys

kung fu
why their'r doing kung fu grip?-their bruce lee and jackie chan
12th June 2010

From Blog: Beira necessity
11th June 2010

Nice pics man. I wish you were less tired during the last leg of your trip. You sound real moody and grumpy against RSA and the place. Guess that gives new meaning to things when you say you are "beyond the end of my travel energy ".
3rd June 2010

Bribery & Corruption
I loved the following comment: "They apparently have some special arrangement with the police and parks authority that means they can camp on Bangue Island in defiance of the law." Being wilfully naive can always get you places, I suppose...
16th May 2010

Camping gear
Yes, it was indeed a blue 4 person tent! Happy times.
From Blog: Frog man
14th May 2010

Thanks for the ride
Cheers John, I've read all of your blogs through and they have helped numb the pain of being in a dull IT/Banking job. Healthy bit of escapism. I enjoyed your style and honesty and some of your photo's are teriffic. p.s. If you were at GS I think our paths may have crossed briefly, your name certainly rings a bell anyway.
9th May 2010

Life goes on
As someone who had a similar experience as you, I can really appreciate how you felt about your travel experience. Though my travels was not as extensive as yours, but as somebody who relocated to another country at the conclusion of my travels I know that the biggest impact that the entire experience had was it gave me ability to see things from perspectives that I would have never had in my fortress in NYC. Especially when I watch Lloyd struggle to explain our former firm's purpose in front of Congress ;> I hope this experience has enlightened you and will set a path in your life where you find fulfillment that was apparently missing before.
2nd May 2010

Oh My
I'm sad to see the end of your blog as I enjoyed following your trip! Funny enough, I find this post to be one of the best. You've summed up a lot thoughts that I have as well. Thanks for sharing.
20th April 2010

A great blog with lots of information
I have followed your travel blogs for the last 2 years. They contain well written info and would be helpful for people making similar trips. Thanks for sharing and congratulation on your accomplishement. I have one question: Would you mind letting me know how much you rougly spent for this 4 year adventure? Thanks.
16th April 2010

Thank you for sharing
Jabe, I've followed your blog on and off for nearly three years... thank you for sharing your stories and perspectives and photos. Most of us will never be able to do what you've done and it's awesome to be able to at least read about it! You are truly inspiring. All the best to you and your future!
14th April 2010

Malawian Travel Photos?
I do like your photos really.Ay but whre are your photos from Malawi? I do guess you enjoyed your travels. CHEERS. You can email me if u wish.
6th April 2010

You don't know me and I only know you through your blog entries. But I'd just like to say thanks. It's been enjoyable reading.
5th April 2010

Thank you
I've enjoyed reading your blogs over the years and have loved your photos! Thanks for a glimpse into your travel life... from Miche in New Zealand...
3rd April 2010

Tremendous Blog
Congratulations Jabe on this amazing blog and welcome back to the UK. Just wanted to thank you for all the advice and inspiration you have given to me and fellow blog readers. I wish you all the best with your future career whatever it may be.
1st April 2010

Thanks ...
... for all the comments, on this entry and previous ones. Kevin - there's a smiling photo in "First glimpses of a glorious past". Anu - a DCM is a Double Chocolate Milano, a biscuit produced by Pepperidge Farm that's one of my favourites. It's not a common abbreviation. I would've written quite differently if my intended target audience hadn't been my family and friends (many of whom would know what a DCM is) - one reason why I had to laugh at one of the other comments opining that writing style says something about the writer. Carolyn - I'll be sure to look you up if I'm ever in Memphis. A long US road trip is on the cards for some point in the future.
31st March 2010

Interesting. Life is a journey...
30th March 2010

But did you get a photo of you smiling?
Impressive work, this 4-year long collection of blog entries. I mostly skimmed (but also read in detail some of) your blogs. It's definitely interesting to see your observations on this summary post, and the wrap up of a rather epic trip. My only question (which I believe I asked on an earlier entry): Did you manage to get one photo of yourself from the trip with a smile? :)

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