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13th December 2005

I was once in Jodhpur that told the anointing by the birds is a good luck sigh.
11th December 2005

enjoying the blog
I am enjoying the photos of Jodhpur (city I've lived in), boy is it growing as a place! Is the great big crocodile still in the zoo in the city park?
6th December 2005

Strike lucky!
Did lightening strike again?
2nd December 2005

Wow, looks like you are in for an amazing time
Hi John, looks like you are going to see a lot of the world and then some! Definitely very jealous as I sit here in boring old little England. Have great fun and write more blogs :)
2nd December 2005

Oh jesus the picture of the rats around the bowl of milk is awful. Is your accomodation rat infested ? These little guys carry many diseases...not good.
From Blog: Rat tales
2nd December 2005

Seem like you are actually helping the local economy with all the Aloe production. Take good care. Try "Vicks" vaporub - you could either rub it over your chest and nose (with your hands) and put some in a bucket of hotwater and let the steam from it go around (by putting a towel around to cover your head over the bucket)
2nd December 2005

Mr. X
Seems like you are having good fun there Bull!! Fantastic details, tho' it does leave me with lot of questions like how long was it before they took away the dog,x=?. Btw - the host of that "Who wants to be a millionaire?" is a demi-god - it is usually not just the dogs that is attracted to him.
29th November 2005

Entertaining and Informative
I learned about this site from a NY Times article on Sunday, and your blog was the first one I stumbled across. I leave for India in 2 weeks, starting off in Delhi, then Varanasi, Rajasthan, and Goa. Your blog made me very excited for my journey. Enjoy the rest of yours!
28th November 2005

Hi , Thanks for the Blog. Very interesting. I am an Indian residing in the US . I am sorry to see people harassing you constantly. I dont know if you plan to be in Kerala during your trip , but South India is a lot more decent compared to North India that even south indians have a culture shock coming to North india.
28th November 2005

Sagrarse Familia
Look, it was a hot and sticky Barcelona summer's day and my lower regions needed an airing. At least my tinky remained in camera during that particular trip unlike another's.
23rd November 2005

Seems like you are out to experience all the scam in New Delhi. Am really enjoying the description of all the failed attempt from the hustlers! Score for Hugh Grant!
23rd November 2005

Penelosheep on Two Wheel Drive
Jabe - I can see the expression of your face when you were describing your reaction to the beggars and hustlers... One of those talk to the hand face.. I have to agree with the locals about your experience with the English Call Girls... you just have one of those face.
22nd November 2005

DM - am enjoying your interesting descriptions. Please post more blog. Would like to know when you get your hair braided. PP

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