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16th January 2010

No - travelling has made vegetarianism more and more appealing.
16th January 2010

Re Chile
Unfortunately I haven't been to northern Chile but it's on the list for some point in the future.
16th January 2010

Not heard of Taga, I'm afraid. I booked my tour to Sossusvlei through Chameleon Backpackers, one of umpteen travel agents in Windhoek.
From Blog: Windy corner
16th January 2010

It's funny how Wimpy's show up in places you least expect them to...we wonder, is this the strangest place someone has found a Wimpy?! The last one we found was in Delhi, we got all excited only to discover the Wimpy burgers were chicken (not surprising really!)
16th January 2010

Did you eat any of the creatures and animals that you photographed?
16th January 2010

Have You Been?
Did you visit San Pedro and the Atacama in Chile? It is the driest desert in the world, according to desert-ologists.
16th January 2010

Great Photos
Sounds very interesting. Did you go to Pucon in Chile?
14th January 2010

Awesome posting man! You are a great blogger. I like your work. Truly you are a genius. Keep up the good work Man!! Webroyalty
14th January 2010

Love it
I love that first picture man...well done!!
13th January 2010

Been following your blog. Planing a little side trip to Namibia in september. Seems I'll have to go with the "animal viewing" part too....my top priority on my list is Sossusvlei and Skeletons...but doesn't seems easy or cheap to go to Squeletons, so seems I found a nice company, Taga...ever heard of them? Thanks to share you advise. My next African encounter is in March...Uganda!
From Blog: Windy corner
13th January 2010

Great photos
Excellent landscape shots, very impressive!
11th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009 in the Africa/adventure category
Check this out, :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/22180-1.html
From Blog: Trucking hell
10th January 2010

Fantastic blogs
Hi Jabe, I have followed your travel since you were in China! They are always full of interesting details as well as good overall views - personal but also informative. I really admire how you can keep up your writing travelling through Africa, with all the difficulties you describe. I am looking forward to your blogs from Botswana, a country I woul like to visit myself. It would be nice if you could do a "conclusion" blog on Africa, which countries are the best and which to avoid, although I already guess the answers from your blogs. I hope you will keep travelling and keep writing! Best Inga
9th January 2010

It looks like you're finally done travelling. I've really enjoyed reading your posts-actually, I linked to your travelogue from my blog. I wish you the best on the next step of your journey. The bigger life journey, I mean. -Anu
From Blog: Big bad Joburg
8th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009, for the Africa/writing cathegory
Check this out :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/22180-1.html
8th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009, for the Africa/writing cathegory
Check this out :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/22180-1.html
7th January 2010

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24th December 2009

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23rd December 2009

You get around.
Hey McCabe - I just stumbled across your post from your first night in Delhi while searching Google for images of the Namaskar Guest House. Your posts are very helpful as the GF & I are traversing Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh at the same time of year as you were in 2005 (We land Jan 3, '10). But I just couldn't stop reading - or laughing, so I made an afternoon of it and bookmarked it in my browser when I had to go to work. Now here I am again catching up, but only now do I realize that YOU HAVE BEEN ON THE ROAD FOR 4 YEARS. Not everyone can do that, physically & mentally. My hat is off to you sir.
From Blog: Big bad Joburg
22nd December 2009

Thank you for sharing this. I had such a wonderful time myself traveling and performing in there and this bought back so many memories
18th December 2009

Looks like the Top Chef and Tiger Woods have something in common! Why do the thieves always pick on the gringos?!
From Blog: Big bad Joburg
3rd December 2009

Love the photos. I can't say I've ever been to Africa, but in a weird sort of way, your piece reminded me of our neighborhood here in the Republic of Panama. Of course, the architecture and landscapes are different, but there seems from your shots to be a sense of contrast about Madagascar the same as we have here in Casco Viejo. We bought a little boutique hotel here (http://www.loscuatrotulipanes.com) and appreciate the same plants-growing-from-buildings, architectural diversity, and historical significants. That being said, Madagascar has a FAR COOLER NAME! LOL.
From Blog: This is Africa?
26th November 2009

That is a very interesting blog; must put it on my places to visit. I've seen rhinos in Masai mara and since I am from India, they are common in many national parks here.
25th November 2009

scarcity of jobs
un employement among the youth in fortpotal town
5th November 2009

Yes, I'm ecuadorian and it angers me that these people do this to 'all' people, specially turists. I can only hope that the public wakes up and begin cleaning house since this reduces the potential visitors. Cheers.

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